1. The platform is 10 years free up-to-date Microsoft promises Windows 10 over the next 10 years - until October 14, 2025 - without providing additional cost of patches and functional improvements. That means you can continue to use long 10 years to create a completely up-to-date operating system. The device on which you use will die earlier than your copy of Windows 10.
  2. Speed: Windows 10 starts much faster than Windows 7. This benefits user of Windows 8.1, but Windows 8.1 is of course relatively few users (approximately 16 percent of PCs). Who likes to play computer games, can take advantage of DirectX12, the new engine to generate 3D images. This would be up to 2 times as powerful as its predecessor, version 11.
  3. Enhanced Security: Microsoft's secure boot feature in Windows 8 improved: you can Secure Boot now set the obligation to allow at startup only code signed by Microsoft or the PC vendor, can not be circumvented. In the form of Passport Windows 10 introduces a method to secure log into websites without passwords need to be changed; verify that you have the device in your possession by entering suffice pin or biometric identification. That not only makes remembering passwords unnecessary, it also prevents your password is captured in a hack of a website you visit regularly. That is if the website operator Passport supports. Windows Hello Microsoft introduces biometric authentication for unlocking your hardware. Either via face recognition or fingerprint scanner. That does require special hardware that is not present on most existing systems (yet).
  4. A browser that can compete with the competition: Microsoft Windows 10 also provides a new browser, Edge. The first tests show that Edge performs well, much better than Internet Explorer. Microsoft's new browser equals competition or overrides this off even when it comes to the handling of JavaScripts. On the other hand allows the processing speed to HTML 5 still something to be desired, though Microsoft has also made progress in this area in recent months. Edge would be more secure than Internet Explorer, though that pulled the time being questioned by some security companies.
  5. An intelligent voice assistant: The voice assistant Cortana Microsoft sets a new standard. Reviews have praised the quality, particularly in terms of integration with the operating system. Cortana is in development for Apple's Siri and Google Now, many believe.
  6. One system for all your devices: Windows 10 was developed as a universal system. It runs so well on PC, smartphone, and tablet. This has the advantage that you can develop applications that interact seamlessly across all platforms. Thanks to "Continuum" while Windows 10 automatically switches to the appropriate mode. With a two-in-one Windows 10 works automatically with touch screen (if no mouse and keyboard are present). The layout of the screen is automatically adjusted to simplify the finger operation. The start screen and apps start over in full screen. Detects Windows 10 keyboard and mouse, the user receives a pop-up asking if he wants to work in desktop mode. Get your mouse and keyboard away, you get the choice to go for the tablet mode.
  7. Easy to work with your smartphone and tablet: By Phone Companion app, Windows 10 is very easy to connect your iOS or Android device to your Windows 10 machine. This makes it possible to view photos directly on your smartphone or tablet to your PC, listen to music from other devices via OneDrive, OneNote material to view or work on Office files - if you have the right apps - and Cortana to use.
  8. Virtual desktops: It can be very useful to be able to switch between different worksheets; it seems as if your system has more screens, without having to physically screens need to have on your desk. Windows 10 provides that opportunity with a click or press the taskbar.
  9. Improved apps: The Windows apps have been improved across the board compared to Windows 8. The functions are made accessible, and the windows in which they are now open to adapt their shape. In particular the improvements in mail, calendar function and Maps are speaking reviewers. The Mail app now supports POP-based mail, makes email better manage and provides more support in drafting and editing your message, including spell checking. On a tablet, the mail app can be operated with the fingers. The calendar function is clearer and is easy to integrate with Google calendar or an iCloud calendar. The Maps app is better designed and more convenient to use, with improved search for hotels, shops etc. Maps offers in the form of 3D cities the option of virtual visits to cities, and also has a Street View-like mode. Maps can now download maps for offline use. And the app can be operated optionally with Cortana.