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    OUTLOOK 2019

    Microsoft Outlook 2019 lets you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.

    Only compatible with Windows 10

    Category: SKU: 0731944706344

    Outlook 2019: discover the benefits

    Microsoft Outlook 2019 contains everything you need in a professional e-mail application. Keep a simple overview on your e-mail, calendar and contacts thanks to countless new features. At the same time, you experience the user-friendliness that you are used to from other Outlook versions. In the following (business) areas, Microsoft Outlook 2019 offers the perfect solution:

    • Manage and send e-mails
    • Manage calendar & schedule meetings
    • Track, reach and share contacts
    • Take notes
    • Create and update to-do lists

    New features of Outlook 2019

    Within Outlook 2019 numerous new features have been implemented that make this application even better than its predecessors. For example, the Accessibility Checker has been added that shows suggestions that make it easier to store and edit files. Or use the Focused Inbox that allows you to focus on e-mails that have priority at the time.

    Also new is the possibility to add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to documents and worksheets within Outlook 2019. Once added to the document, you can reshape, rotate, increase or decrease the size without loss of quality. Also useful is the option to add time zones within the calendars of Outlook 2019. Now you will never have any problems if you when plan meetings with people from different time zones.

    Use all functionalities with an Outlook 2019 product key

    Multitasking has become simple thanks to the new voice function: Read Aloud. Let Outlook 2019 read aloud your e-mails aloud while you get started with other activities. Have you scheduled an appointment? Then set up a pop-up so that Outlook 2019 always notifies you when the appointment (almost) starts.

    The sorting options are now better visible above your message list. This allows you to work even more efficiently within Outlook 2019. Within the application you can now also easily see which people are present at a meeting.

    Reliable and cheap Outlook 2019 licenses

    Do you want to get started quickly with all the new features of Outlook 2019? Then buy a 100% original Outlook 2019 license at SoftwareLicense4U! We offer all software with a huge discount. You will receive the product key + digital download via e-mail within 5 minutes!



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    SKU 0731944706344

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