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Adobe Lightroom 6

Adobe Lightroom, also called Photoshop Lightroom, is a convenient tool for organizing and bulk editing your photo library. You can use it in tandem with Photoshop. With Photoshop you can edit and improve individual photos, and you can use Lightroom for bulk editing, such as improving lighting or removing the red eye effect from photos. Adobe Lightroom 6, available for PC and Mac, is the latest stand-alone version of this powerful software product by Adobe.

SoftwareLicense4U offers this version at a large discount, unlikely to be found at retail stores or other webstores. This has the added benefit of no Creative Cloud subscription being necessary. You won’t pay monthly subscription costs. Only a modest one-time investment is required to be able to use Adobe Lightroom 6 for as long as you’d like.

Save time and effort with Adobe Lightroom 6

As you know, the possibilities of Photoshop are almost endless when it comes to photo editing. We probably don’t need to explain what you can do with Photoshop. It’s the best bitmap image editing program on the market. However, it’s not very suitable for the bulk editing of photos. Suppose you want to remove the red eye effect from a certain selection of photos. Or the photos turned out a little too dark or they don’t have enough contrast. In Photoshop, you’d have to edit the photos one by one.

Adobe Lightroom 6 however offers bulk editing of your photos. You can remove the aforementioned red eye effect from all your photos at once. Or you can make all the photos a little lighter or give them some more contrast. While this can be done with Photoshop on each photo individually, doing it at once with Adobe Lightroom 6 will save you much time and effort.

Non-destructive editing keeps the original quality intact

Adobe Lightroom 6 can work with raw camera formats and with the popular JPEG format. The downside of JPEG is that you lose quality every time you save. Photoshop bypasses this by saving in the lossless PSD format. When the image is used for the internet, only the final image is once again exported to the JPEG format.

Lightroom does a similar thing. The editing process in Adobe Lightroom 6 is non-destructive. This means the edits are saved separately from the JPEG image. The JPEG image is not saved over and over again when you make new edits. This keeps the original quality completely intact, no matter how many editing steps have been performed. This is an important reason why so many professional photographers prefer to use Adobe Lightroom 6. It’s the best way to edit your photos without any drop in image quality.

Adobe Lightroom 6 is expensive, but not at SoftwareLicense4U

Adobe Lightroom 6 is a professional software product, and the price is correspondingly high. It’s possible to get Lightroom through the Creative Cloud licensing model. There’s a reasonable chance you might need Photoshop as well, for individual image editing, and maybe you need other Adobe programs too. The Creative Cloud subscription costs you’d have to pay every month might be substantial. Even if the monthly costs aren’t that high, the fact that you have to pay that amount of money each month quickly makes the total amount spent increase.

SoftwareLicense4U provides the best way to get a stand-alone license to use Adobe Lightroom 6. Not only that, we have attractive deals on such licenses. With the costs of a Creative Cloud subscription being as high as they are, the price of one of our licenses is quickly earned back. When you purchase a Lightroom license, you make a one-time investment. After that, you’re able to use Adobe Lightroom 6 for as long as you need it.

Our low pricing level explained

You’re probably noticing that we keep talking about the large discount we offer on Adobe Lightroom 6. Our other deals on Adobe software come with similar discounts. By now you might be wondering how we’re even able to offer professional software like Lightroom at a discount. Aren’t we bound by the standard prices, determined by Adobe?

We would be bound to those prices if we bought our licenses directly at Adobe or at retail stores and webstores. However, SoftwareLicense4U has found another way to get a hold of legal Adobe licenses. We’re always looking to find unused licenses to purchase. These can be bought by individuals or companies, who proceeded not to use them. Sometimes companies buy multiple licenses at once and don’t end up using them all. Or they could be stand-alone licenses from companies who have since made the switch to the Creative Cloud.

When we find such an unused license for an Adobe program, and the original owner is willing to sell it, we don’t pay the standard retail price for that license. Instead, we purchase it at a far lower price. This enables us to offer our customers a large discount as well. You can buy a cheap license for Adobe Lightroom 6, while we still make a profit on the exchange as well.

Our unused licenses are fully legal and recognized by Adobe

There’s no need to worry about the legal aspects of buying a license at SoftwareLicense4U. Reselling a license is legally allowed, as long as the original owner isn’t using the license. You’ll avoid trouble with anti-piracy organizations. Also, you’ll avoid the risk of malware infections, which can be the result of illegally downloading Adobe products.

Adobe itself will also see that the license is not being used when you try to activate it. Your license will activate without any problems. Furthermore, you’ll receive all the updates to Adobe Lightroom 6. There have been several minor point releases since version 6.0, which fix bugs and add support for certain cameras. When illegally downloading Adobe products, you often won’t receive these updates.

PC and Mac versions of Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom 6 has been released for Windows and Apple’s OSX/MacOS operating system. It must be noted that for the latest point release, 6.10, you need to have at least OSX 10.10 installed on your Mac. On PC, Adobe Lightroom 6 supports only 64 bit versions of Windows, and Windows 7 is the earliest supported Windows version. So you’ll need to have a 64 bit processor and a 64 bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 10 installed.

The availability of licenses at SoftwareLicense4U might be limited from time to time. We ourselves are limited by the amount of licenses we’re able to buy. If you see the version of Lightroom you’d like to buy and you like our discount offer, be sure to buy a license while it’s there. The same is true for other Adobe software products.

Check out our other deals

Adobe Lightroom 6 is not the only Adobe product for which we provide licenses. Other cheap Adobe licenses we sell are for Illustrator, Photoshop and various versions of CS6, for both PC and Mac. When you’re looking to use multiple Adobe programs, buying a version of CS6 can be cheaper than buying multiple individual programs. The discounts being offered on all our Adobe licenses are similar. In all cases, the cost will be far less than virtually anywhere else.

Adobe software aside, do you also need Microsoft software? For example, would you like to upgrade to Windows 10? Or would you like to buy Microsoft Office as cheaply as possible? SoftwareLicense4U has an attractive offer for you. Multiple versions of Windows and Office are for sale at prices not found anywhere else. As with our Adobe licenses, you’ll receive an unused, completely legal license.

You can use your license right away

SoftwareLicense4U offers a digital online service. We don’t send a DVD with Adobe Lightroom 6 to you by mail. Instead, you can download Lightroom, from a location specified by us. After we’ve received payment, the license key is e-mailed to you within 5 minutes. You can immediately start downloading, installing and activating Lightroom.

Most of our customers don’t experience any problems when activating one of our licenses. But because we aim for complete customer satisfaction, we provide free support to those customers who are experiencing any kind of problem. We’ll solve the issue for you and provide you with a working, correctly activated copy of Adobe Lightroom 6.

After that, it’s up to you to realize the full potential of this useful software product. Adobe and the users of their products provide many video and text tutorials, available online. Before you know it, you’re a Lightroom expert.

Summary of our offer

When you take advantage of our cheap Adobe Lightroom 6 deals, you can expect the following:

  • Lightroom 6 is the latest stand-alone version
  • Offered at a very large discount
  • A stand-alone version to be used for as long as you like
  • No need to subscribe to the Creative Cloud
  • Mac and PC versions offered
  • A fully legal, unused license
  • Validity of license recognized by Adobe
  • Download Lightroom online and start using it immediately
  • Free support if there’s a problem
  • Many other Adobe products for sale at a low cost
  • Also attractive deals on Microsoft software

Profit from our offer now and get an Adobe Lightroom 6 license at SoftwareLicense4U! You won’t find such a discount anywhere else. Here’s your chance to work with professional Adobe software at the lowest financial cost possible.

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