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Adobe Lightroom for students

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are the photo editing tools by Adobe, and have become the industry standard. Buying Lightroom as a student usually involves joining the Creative Cloud. You pay monthly subscription costs to be able to use this program. The price for a single month isn’t necessarily that high, as long as you only use Lightroom. However, remember that you have to pay these costs every month. In addition, you might also need other Adobe products, and you’ll have to pay for them each month as well. SoftwareLicense4U provides an easier solution to get Adobe Lightroom for students. We offer a version of Lightroom separated from the Creative Cloud, at a large discount. Nevertheless, this edition is completely legal.

Adobe Lightroom for students doesn’t have to cost much

If your teacher teaches his course using Lightroom, you’ll also need to use this program on your own computer. Alternative programs often won’t suffice to pass the course. This doesn’t mean you have to be stuck paying for Lightroom every month. Our version requires only a one-time investment, which is attractively priced. Especially when you think you’ll be using Lightroom for longer than a single course, you’ll save quite a lot of money in the long run.

You can start using Lightroom immediately

When doing business with SoftwareLicense4U, there’s no need to wait for a DVD containing Lightroom in the mail. We’ll provide you with a download location and license key by e-mail, immediately after purchasing Adobe Lightroom for students. This means you can download, install and activate your edition of Lightroom right away. This process is just as easy and quick as subscribing to the Creative Cloud. In the rare case of a problem, we offer free support to solve the issue.

SoftwareLicense4U guarantees you a working, legal version of Adobe Lightroom for students at a discount not found elsewhere!

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