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Adobe Photoshop CS6

Photo editing software comes in many shapes and forms. Some programs are popular because they’re free, and others are popular because people are used to the way they work. There is also photo editing software with limited functionality, which is used because it’s easy to understand. The uncontested standard in photo editing software is without a doubt Photoshop. In the professional world there are no other serious contenders. Everyone who has learned to work with Adobe Photoshop CS6 or another version of Photoshop doesn’t want to use other, inferior photo editing software anymore.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and the other versions would be even more popular than they are now, if it weren’t for the high purchasing cost. This is also the reason that some people stick with free software like Gimp, even though they’d rather work with Photoshop. For Adobe Photoshop CS6 you’ll have to spend a large amount of money, or you’d have to pay monthly for the Creative Cloud. These monthly payments quickly add up over the years, especially when you’re also using other Adobe programs.

Where to buy Photoshop then? SoftwareLicense4U offers you another option. You can purchase Adobe Photoshop CS6 at a fraction of the standard retail price. Despite our high discount, we have completely legal licenses for sale, which you can use for as long as you’d like. Please keep reading to find out more about our attractive offer.

Adobe Photoshop is the standard for a reason

When you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to find a place where Adobe Photoshop CS6 is offered for sale. Then this program needs no further introduction. The magic wand tool, the various blur and sharpen filters, new features like the content aware fill, these concepts have become famous in the photo editing world. Other software, free or otherwise, often tries to imitate Photoshop’s key features, with mixed results. For the hobby photo editor, or a person making funny pictures for the internet, software like Gimp or Corel Photo Paint might be sufficient. But even most hobbyists prefer to work with Adobe Photoshop CS6 or another version of Photoshop. For the professional photographer or graphic designer there’s hardly a way around Photoshop.

Are you working in a creative field, or do you have aspirations towards such a job? For your career opportunities it’s sensible to switch from an alternative program to Adobe Photoshop CS6 as soon as possible. Learning to work with Photoshop is a wise career move in all cases. Photoshop has a certain learning curve, but after a while it becomes second nature. Once you’ve used Photoshop for an extended time, you’ll want nothing else.

The purchasing cost of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and other versions

Until a couple of years ago, Adobe released versions of the Creative Suite. You’d pay a hefty sum of money for a certain collection of Adobe programs. Creative Suite 6 was the latest version. For people working in the graphic design industry, the package with Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator and InDesign was very popular. Other packages contained for example Premiere and AfterEffects, software to edit videos.

A limited package was already quite costly. This caused hobbyists to use alternative programs, or they proceeded to download Adobe Photoshop CS6 illegally.

Adobe has since made the switch to the Creative Cloud. People pay monthly for the programs they want to use. This has the advantage of not having to pay for programs you’re not using. You’ll also always have the newest versions of your programs. But the downside is that these monthly payments can quickly add up. People using multiple Adobe programs spend quite a bit of money each month.

If you’re willing to pay monthly to use Photoshop, you’re free to do so. Where to get Photoshop otherwise? Consider the attractive offer by SoftwareLicense4U. You can save a substantial amount of money this way. You’ll make a one-time investment on an Adobe Photoshop CS6 license, which you can use for an extended time, for as long as you’d like in fact. And the cost of this stand-alone license is much lower than the price charged by other vendors.

Illegal downloading is unwise and unsafe

Let’s talk about the alternative of illegally downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6, which is attractive to some people. Editing photos and creating images, and putting them online, is a very popular pastime. People are looking to do this with their favorite program, Photoshop, but they think a license costs too much. This frequently causes Photoshop to be downloaded illegally.

Aside from moral objections, there are some very real risks involved here. People and companies often don’t know how much they’re at risk. For example, you might find yourself in the crosshairs of copyright enforcement agencies. This is already a possibility for individuals, but far more so for companies. Companies are actively being checked on whether they own legal software licenses. There’s a significant chance your company is up for auditing at a certain time. If they see you’re working with Adobe Photoshop CS6, they’ll check whether you have a legal right to use this software. Companies working with illegal versions can face severe penalties. In the most extreme cases, this can lead to bankruptcy.

Prevent malware infections

Another downside of illegally downloading software are the downloads themselves. First of all, they’re acquired at shady sites. You’ll have to search for the real download link, hidden among multiple fake download buttons. These fake download buttons often lead to spam sites, or even sites which try to infect you with malware.

If you’re downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6, you’re not out of the woods yet. From time to time it occurs that malicious software is added to the download. Photoshop itself might work correctly, but you have no idea what else has been installed in the background. Or the malware is hidden in the little program used to crack Adobe Photoshop CS6. Malware, ransomware, viruses, your PC or Mac becoming part of a botnet, all these things are possible.

Also you often won’t get any software updates from Adobe with an illegal version of Photoshop you downloaded online. You’ll miss the bug fixes and critical security updates. This means your PC or Mac becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Our way of operating

Suppose you’re choosing to buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 at SoftwareLicense4U. How does this work? And how is it even possible that we’re able to offer this software at such cheap prices?

Let’s start with the last question, because it’s an understandable one. SoftwareLicense4U is always looking to buy unused software licenses. These can be licenses which were bundled with purchased hardware. Or the licenses were bought by individuals or companies, who didn’t end up using them. Our Adobe Photoshop CS6 licenses can also be bought by companies which have since switched to the Creative Cloud. Anyhow, we purchase such unused licenses and sell them to our customers. We pay a lot less than the retail price for such a license, so we’re able to offer our customers cheap licenses too.

In all cases these are unused licenses. When you’re activating your Adobe Photoshop CS6 license, Adobe will recognize it as unused, and therefore valid. This means you’ll also receive all the updates. Furthermore, reselling an unused license is legally allowed. You’ll avoid problems with anti-piracy organizations.

You can download, install and activate Adobe Photoshop CS6 immediately

How does buying Adobe Photoshop CS6 at SoftwareLicense4U work? First you choose a version, either PC or Mac. Availability of licenses might be limited, because we’re dependent on the licenses we’re able to acquire. Did you find the right version, either PC or Mac? SoftwareLicense4U offers safe and convenient payment methods.

After payment is received, you’ll receive a link to the online location where you can download Adobe Photoshop CS6. This download is hosted on a reliable server, not on some obscure torrent site. We do this to ensure the reliability of the download.

You’ll also receive the unique license key by e-mail, directly after payment. When you enter this code at the correct time, it will be registered at Adobe. The risky procedure of cracking the software will not be necessary. Usually the updates to Adobe Photoshop CS6 will automatically download shortly after installation.

The process usually completes without a problem. But SoftwareLicense4U aims for a hundred percent customer satisfaction. This means we offer free support, if you have any problem. We will certainly solve the issue for you.

Our offer summarized

SoftwareLicense4U provides Adobe Photoshop CS6 licenses at the most attractive price. Summarized you can expect the following:

  • Benefit from using Adobe Photoshop CS6, the standard in photo editing
  • You don’t have to settle for an inferior alternative
  • Working with Photoshop benefits your career
  • A cheap license - you’ll pay far less than elsewhere
  • PC and Mac versions available for sale
  • No monthly subscription costs
  • A single license to use for an extended time
  • Avoid the risks of pirated software
  • Download Photoshop yourself, from a reliable source
  • The license key is e-mailed to you right after purchasing
  • You’ll receive all updates
  • Secure payment
  • Free support if there’s a problem

Do you also need other Adobe software?

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At SoftwareLicense4U you can purchase a legal Adobe Photoshop CS6 license as cheaply as possible!

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