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How to fix a BSOD (Windows 10)?

Help, a blue screen in Windows 10! Often a blue screen - also called "blue screen of death" (BSOD) or "stop error" - indicates that something is seriously wrong with your computer or laptop. Fortunately this is not always the case. In many cases, a blue screen is even relatively easy to solve. Does your Windows 10 computer suffer from a BSOD and are you looking for a solution? Then read on and discover how the tips below can help you!

What is a BSOD exactly?

To begin with, it is important to know what a BSOD is. A blue screen appears when Windows 10 detects a serious error that cannot be corrected immediately. As a result, the operating system shuts down automatically and the computer is restarted, or an attempt is made to restart the computer. During this procedure a blue screen with an error code and a message appears within Windows 10. Hence the term: Blue Screen of Death.

In the most favorable case, a blue screen only appears once and you will not be bothered again after the restart. It is of course more annoying if Windows 10 no longer comes out of a BSOD "loop" and you only see blue screens. As a computer user you must then investigate for yourself what causes this error message.

Solve BSOD Windows 10

Causes blue screen in Windows 10

A blue screen can be caused by an endless amount of errors or damage. These can be broken down into hardware errors and software errors. Hardware errors include:

  • Internal or external devices that have been installed incorrectly.
  • Components such as the processor, SSD, HDD or main memory that suddenly malfunction or malfunction.
  • New hardware that has been added but does not work in combination with the rest of the equipment or software.

Software errors that cause a BSOD can also be very diverse:

  • There may not be enough free space on the hard disk on which Windows 10 is installed.
  • An illegal and unstable version of Windows 10 is being used.
  • Malware or virus on the computer.
  • System files that are damaged.
  • Errors in the BIOS.
  • Dated drivers.

As you can see there are many types of errors. Now you may be wondering: how do I know what is causing the error? Fortunately, Windows 10 often offers the solution. The error code that appears at when the blue screen pops-up, says a lot about the cause. A first tip is therefore to take a picture of this error code. Error messages may differ. For example, you have the technical indication such as "IDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT_DETECTED" or "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED". But there is also a message with a hexadecimal code such as 0x000000D1 and 0x0000000A ".

First type the error message via Google and see what the cause is. Or simply visit the website to learn more about the error message.

Solve popular BSOD notifications

Logically we cannot name all error codes in this article. That is why we have highlighted a number of frequently occurring reports. The reports below occur regularly and can be solved by yourself:


This error message indicates that a driver of the NTFS file system has experienced an error that could not be processed immediately. The cause is almost always due to damaged data on the hard disk, damaged data in the memory or when there is no more memory available.

  • Resolving this BSOD message always starts with a check of the memory and all data cables. This excludes that it is a hardware error.
  • Then perform a full System Diagnosis to check the memory and hard drive.
  • Then carry out a complete check of the file system. This can be arranged via the "Recovery Console" (chkdsk / f / r).
  • Are the above actions unsuccessful? Then reinstall Windows 10.
  • Does this also not solve the blue screen? Then replace the hard drive.


This is a typical error message that appears after you have installed new hardware and drivers. On the one hand, good news can, because you often know immediately what the cause is. On the other hand, sometimes bad news, because of course you don't want new hardware to cause immediate problems. The solution for this 'blue screen / notification' is fairly simple:

  • Use a program such as CCleaner to scan your computer.
  • Uninstall the recently installed drivers.
  • Then carry out a complete check of the file system. This can be arranged via the "Recovery Console" (chkdsk / f / r).
  • Then install other drivers that do function,
  • The above actions do not help? Then your working memory or hard disk may be defective and these components must be replaced.
BSOD Windows 10


 This stop code will always be visible during the start-up of Windows 10. The cause can differ. For example, the system may have completed a Power-On Self-Test (POST). Or the kernel is disrupted by the file system. You can take the following steps to identify and solve the problem:

  • First check the configuration of the SATA controller in the BIOS. When the SATA controller is switched from ATA to AHCI, communication between Windows 10 and the SATA controller is not successful. So convert this mode to the BIOS.
  • Have you experimented manually with a RAID setting? Then undo these settings and reset the RAID setting to "Automatic detection".
  • Check the cabling of your computer. Poorly connected data cables can cause this error.
  • Run the Windows 10 internal diagnostics program. This can indicate whether there is a problem with the hard disk.
  • Then carry out a complete check of the file system. This can be arranged via the "Recovery Console" (chkdsk / f / r).

The above solutions do not help? Then there is a good chance that the hard disk or the data cabling needs to be replaced. Replacing these components should almost always solve this blue screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 problems solved quickly

With the above tips you can solve the most common ones quickly and easily. Does a blue screen with a different error code appear? Then visit the Microsoft website to find out the cause. Tip: in many cases an illegal version is the cause of error messages within Windows 10. Do you want to prevent this? Then order a 100% original Windows 10 Professional license from SoftwareLicense4U. Within 5 minutes you will receive a legal product code + digital download of the operating system via e-mail!