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Adobe Illustrator CS6

For people who like to draw on their computers, or are being paid to do so, Adobe Illustrator needs no introduction. It’s by far the most widely used vector drawing program, used by professionals and drawing enthusiasts alike. Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the most recent stand-alone version, which you can purchase at a discount at SoftwareLicense4U. This eliminates the need of subscribing to the Creative Cloud. A one-time investment at an attractive price is all that’s required to be able to use Adobe Illustrator CS6 for many years.

The trifecta – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

The Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are often used together in the world of graphic design. Photoshop is used for editing bitmap images. Illustrator is used to design logos and other graphical shapes. Because these shapes are vector based, the quality will not decline, no matter how much such a shape is enlarged. Nor will any compression artifacts occur. Drawings made in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6 can be combined in InDesign CS6, which can be used to design business cards and stationery, for example. You can import Illustrator files directly into InDesign.

Files made in Adobe Illustrator CS6 can also be exported to the EPS format. These files are not only compatible with Adobe products, but also with software by many other companies. So you’re not strictly bound to using Adobe software exclusively.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 and the alternatives

Of course, using these other two programs is not required. People who are into drawing can just use Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create the most fantastic drawings. With Adobe Illustrator CS6, once you’ve mastered its many possibilities, you’re only limited by your own skill.

There are some alternatives to Illustrator, like Inkscape. Honestly, not many people believe any of these alternatives are better than Adobe Illustrator CS6. It’s just that they’re either free or cheaper, and that’s why people use them.

What if there was a way to buy Adobe Illustrator CS6 at a large discount, so it becomes affordable for you to use? You make a single modest investment, and then you won’t have to settle for an inferior alternative.

SoftwareLicense4U offers you such stand-alone licenses for sale. We provide legal, unused Adobe Illustrator CS6 licenses at a discount you’re probably not going to find anywhere else. And if you need any other Adobe programs, we offer those for sale as well.

No need for a Creative Cloud subscription

As you might know, Adobe has changed their licensing model. Instead of buying stand-alone versions, you now have to subscribe to the Creative Cloud. This means you pay monthly for every Adobe program you’d like to use. If you’re only using one program, the monthly cost isn’t that high. However, remember that you’re paying that amount of money each month. It doesn’t take long before you’ve spent more money than one of our stand-alone licenses for Adobe Illustrator CS6 costs.

The same is true for a stand-alone version of Photoshop. If you’re using both programs, you’d spend twice as much on your Creative Cloud subscription. An investment on two of our licenses quickly pays off.

If you want to use more than one or two Adobe products, we advise to look into the possibility of getting a complete CS6 license, instead of licenses to all the separate programs. You might just find out a complete CS6 license is cheaper when you buy it at SoftwareLicense4U. It’s certainly cheaper than the Creative Cloud subscription cost will be, spread out over many months.

The reason for our low pricing level

By now you might be wondering how our large discounts are even possible. Doesn’t Adobe set standard prices for Adobe Illustrator CS6, Photoshop and their other products? Well, in fact they do, but we don’t buy our licenses at Adobe or standard retail or online vendors.

Instead, SoftwareLicense4U seeks out unused licenses, once bought by individuals or companies. In the case of companies, they sometimes buy more licenses than they end up needing. Or it’s possible they’ve made the switch to the Creative Cloud, and aren’t using their stand-alone versions of Adobe products anymore.

We buy these licenses at cheap prices. By operating this way, we’re able to offer our customers high discounts as well. We’re making a profit by doing things this way, while also offering an attractive service to you. You can buy Adobe Illustrator CS6 for far less than the standard price.

We offer a fully legal service

Doing business the way we do is not only possible, it’s also completely legal. You don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with anti-piracy organizations. Buying an unused license and offering it for sale again is legally allowed, as long as the original owner isn’t using it.

Not only will you prevent problems with these anti-piracy organizations, you’ll also prevent the possibility of malware infections. The sites on which illegal versions of Adobe Illustrator CS6 are hosted are not reliable, and neither are the downloads themselves. Getting legal licenses from a trustworthy source will contribute to the safety of your computer system.

The fact that we offer a legal, unused license is also recognized by Adobe. Your license will activate without a problem. This is because Adobe can see that the license is not already in use by another person. Your license key will be accepted, and you’ll also receive all past updates to Adobe Illustrator CS6. If more updates are released in the future, you’ll receive those as well.

Online service, so you can install Adobe Illustrator CS6 immediately

SoftwareLicense4U doesn’t ship software boxes or loose DVDs to its customers. Instead, they can download software products themselves, after they purchase a license. This can be directly from Microsoft’s or Adobe’s server, or it can be from another location we provide. After you purchase a license, we’ll e-mail you the details, as well as the unique product key.

This means you can get started with downloading Adobe Illustrator CS6 right away. You can install the software and enter the product key. Following that, you can use it for as long as you like. The license will never expire, because it’s not a subscription based license.

Most likely you’ll be able to do all of this without any problems. In the rare case that one of our customers does encounter a problem, we’re here to help them. We offer free support to solve the issue for any customers with a problem.

SoftwareLicense4U provides working licenses a hundred percent of the time. We’ve always been able to make the purchased licenses work for any of our customers. As long as your PC or Mac meets the minimum system requirements, you’ll receive a working version of Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Availability can be limited

We’ve explained our business model to you. We buy unused licenses from consumers and businesses. Because of the way we work, we’re dependent on the amount of licenses we’re able to buy. This means availability of any given license might be limited. This is also the case for Adobe Illustrator CS6. PC or Mac licenses might be available, but from time to time it’s possible that we’ve run out.

If you see that your preferred version of Adobe Illustrator CS6 or other Adobe program is available, we advise to buy the license while it’s still there. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a bigger discount elsewhere. SoftwareLicense4U provides the most affordable alternative to the monthly cost of a Creative Cloud subscription.

Take a look at our Microsoft deals

Are you working on a PC and are you looking for a Windows 10 or Microsoft Office license? Or how about an Office for Mac license? SoftwareLicense4U offers these Microsoft licenses at similar discounts as our Adobe licenses. These Microsoft licenses are also unused licenses, bought from individuals and companies. In the same way, they’re completely legal and recognized as valid by Microsoft. The software will activate correctly and you’ll receive all past and future updates.

SoftwareLicense4U provides the cheapest way of getting legal Microsoft software, just as we do with Adobe software.

Our offer summarized

Buying an Adobe Illustrator CS6 license at SoftwareLicense4U means you can expect the following from us:

  • The newest version of Illustrator, before Adobe switched to the Creative Cloud
  • The most popular vector drawing program on the market
  • Available at a discount not found anywhere else
  • No need to settle for inferior alternatives
  • Full compatibility with other Adobe CS6 programs
  • Also compatible with many other graphic software, because of the ability to export to EPS
  • Avoid all the problems caused by pirating software
  • A fully legal, unused license
  • License recognized by Adobe, so you’ll get all the updates
  • Download, install and activate right away
  • Free support if you encounter a problem
  • Other Adobe CS6 products also available
  • We also offer attractive Microsoft license deals

You can get a legal Adobe Illustrator CS6 license for a very attractive price at SoftwareLicense4U. Benefit from our discount on Adobe software!

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