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Are you looking for legal licenses for Windows, Microsoft Office or Adobe software products? It’s possible that you don’t want to use illegally downloaded software anymore, but that the retail prices of these software products are too high for you. Or maybe you wish to install Windows on a very old PC, and you don’t want to pay a premium price for a license. Legal software licenses are not free, but at SoftwareLicense4U they’re cheaper than you might think.

SoftwareLicense4U is an online vendor of cheap licenses for Windows, Office, Adobe products and various security software suites by ESET and BitDefender. You can cheaply purchase a legal license, and you can immediately start using that license. This is because SoftwareLicense4U uses an online business model. The files can be downloaded immediately to your computer. The product key will be e-mailed to you right after purchasing a license. You will receive very clear instructions, and we guarantee that our licenses always work. If for some reason you can’t get your software product to work, our support team stands at the ready to solve your problem. We guarantee you’ll receive a cheap software product, which works as it should.

The period of a free Windows 10 upgrade is over

There was a time period during which you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but that period is over. Or maybe you’ve tried to upgrade, but the upgrade failed for some reason. This happened to quite a few people, and the reason the upgrade failed wasn’t always clear. At other vendors you now have to pay the full retail price for this operating system, despite the fact that working with Windows XP isn’t safe anymore. Windows 7 has its share of fans, but in a couple of years the support for this operating system will end as well.

Are you looking to make the switch to Windows 10, the operating system of the future, but are you deterred by the hefty price tag? There’s no need to seek your refuge in free illegal downloads, which can be quite risky. At SoftwareLicense4U you can buy cheap Windows 10 licenses. A Windows 10 license bought at our webstore is cheaper, but is nevertheless completely legal and can always be activated.

The advantages of legal software

At the prices offered by SoftwareLicense4U, there’s no reason to download illegal software, instead of purchasing legal licenses. Illegal software comes with severe downsides. Firstly, you can get into trouble with copyright holders. An out-of-court settlement will come at great financial cost. Even if you think they won’t catch you, that’s not the only risk you face.

For example, when using illegal software products, you may not receive all the updates. Some software companies only distribute the updates to people with legal licenses. That means you’ll not benefit from the new features added by updates. But what’s worse is that you might also not receive the security updates which patch leaks in the software. Your PC or Mac might become vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Illegal downloads are also risky for another reason. It’s possible the software product will function correctly, but malicious software will be added to the download by the people offering the download. For example, without knowing about it, you might have a piece of software installed which registers your keystrokes. This way, cyber criminals intercept your passwords or credit card data.

The legal licenses for the same software products you can buy at SoftwareLicense4U eliminate all these risks. These licenses are so affordable there’s no need to take these risks. You can benefit from all the advantages of legal software, while not spending more money than necessary.

The various licenses offered by SoftwareLicense4U

Which licenses are available for sale at SoftwareLicense4U? At the forefront are the most popular Microsoft software products, Windows and Office. Windows is almost a requirement for any PC owner, except for technical minded people who’d rather use Linux. An illegal Windows version can cause various problems, which we discussed earlier. A legal version, however, is normally quite expensive. SoftwareLicense4U solves this dilemma by offering cheap, legal licenses.

The same goes for Microsoft Office. While programs like OpenOffice are sometimes an acceptable alternative, this doesn’t always work as well as it should. When you receive files made by Microsoft Office and open them in another office suite, problems with conversion can arise. The easiest solution is to simply work with Microsoft Office. SoftwareLicense4U offers a legal license at a very low price.

Aside from that, SoftwareLicense4u has entered a partnership with the security companies ESET and BitDefender. Legal software licenses are a good start. But to keep your PC or Mac safe we recommend using the security products by these esteemed companies. You will prevent theft of your data, access to your bank account by cyber criminals or an attack with ransomware.

A license of your favorite Windows version

Each version of Windows has its own supporters. By now, Windows 10 has matured into an operating system which most people can use comfortably. A lot of people enjoy working with Windows 10 nowadays. However, it’s not a cheap operating system. You’ll save a lot of money by choosing a cheap license offered to you by SoftwareLicense4U.

Other people still prefer Windows 7. This version, however, is not for sale anymore at many stores and online vendors. It’s a good thing you can still buy it at SoftwareLicense4U. We have a substantial amount of Windows 7 licenses, which are for sale at an attractive price.

Are you looking to install a new Windows version on an older PC, for example one that still runs Windows XP? For older hardware we recommend Windows 10. While this operating system is newer than Windows 7, it’s optimized better. This makes it run more fluidly on older hardware.

Microsoft Office, available for low prices

Do you choose not to use a free office suite, but would you like to profit from all the advantages of the most used office suite, Microsoft Office? You can purchase a license of your favorite version of Microsoft Office at SoftwareLicense4U. The newest version, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, is available for purchase at a low price. This software suite contains all Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and OneNote.

Are you looking to spend even less money? We offer the possibility of choosing an older version of Microsoft Office, such as Office 2010. This product is sufficient for most home users. Only heavy users will need the extra capabilities of Office 2016. Also, Office 2016 demands more of your hardware. Office 2010 is older, and that results in an extra low price at SoftwareLicense4U. Office 2013, the edition between the aforementioned two editions, is also offered for sale.

Buying a license at SoftwareLicense4U

How does purchasing licenses at SofwareLicense4U work? After you buy a license, you can simply download the software from a link provided by us. In the case of Windows or Office, this will often be Microsoft’s own server. In other cases, we provide another online location where you can download the software. The product key will be e-mailed to you immediately after purchasing a license. You can enter this key at the correct place. Sometimes you’ll have to enter the key before installing the software, sometimes after. You will receive clear instructions on how to proceed.

We take pride in the face that our licenses always work. If you should run into problems, please feel free to contact us. Together we will make sure your license works correctly. It has never happened that we’ve failed to make a license work for one of our customers. You’ll see this reflected in our user reviews and satisfaction score, which you can find on our website.

Protect your computer after installing the software

Have you purchased cheap, legal licenses of Windows, Office or other software products at our company? By doing this, you have prevented problems which can arise from using illegal software. However, this does not guarantee you will not encounter other problems in another way. That’s why we recommend buying ESET or BitDefender security software, available online at SoftwareLicense4U. This will protect your PC or Mac against viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware, among other things. This software also comes recommended for Android smartphones.

An infection with malicious software is not only inconvenient, it can also cost you money. Consider the fact that your bank account can be compromised. Or consider a ransomware infection, where you have to pay money to access your files again. The security software available at SoftwareLicense4U is state-of-the-art and will protect your computer against harm. You can keep using your PC or Mac with confidence.

The advantages of our service

Below you’ll find a summary of the advantages of purchasing a license at SoftwareLicense4U.

  • Buy cheap Windows and Office licenses, as well as other software products
  • Legal licenses of widely used software
  • You’ll prevent problems which can arise from using illegally downloaded software
  • The software isn’t cracked, so all updates will be available
  • Much lower prices than other vendors
  • You don’t have to wait for the mail, everything can be done online
  • You can start using the software immediately after purchasing
  • Our licenses always work
  • Free support, should you need it
  • Safe and convenient payment methods
  • We also offer older software suites, not available in most stores

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us

Are you looking to buy a license, but do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us, using the support widget. We’re always available to answer any questions you might have after reading this text.

SoftwareLicense4U offers licenses for legal software at very attractive prices. Benefiting from the advantages of legal software doesn’t have to be expensive!

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