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Microsoft for business

Is Microsoft software essential to your business? For example, are you using Windows on your company’s PCs and do you work with Microsoft Office? Or do your project managers have a need for Microsoft Project? Then you’re probably aware that outfitting your PCs with Microsoft software comes with quite a price tag. SoftwareLicense4U offers you the chance of saving money on Microsoft software for your business. Meanwhile, you’re still operating legally and avoid the risks that come with illegally downloading software.

Essential Microsoft software for your business

Some companies, especially in creative fields, works with Macs. When your company’s using PCs, Linux is technically an option, but not always a workable one. Many companies need to use branch-specific software that’s only available on the Windows platform. So at the very least you’ll need to use Microsoft Windows for your business. Every computer needs a separate license, and businesses don’t get the discounts that, for example, students receive from Microsoft.

Pretty much every office also needs to use Microsoft Office. The free alternatives are not always an option. They can cause compatibility problems or may not offer all the features you need. Your project managers might prefer to work with Microsoft Project and Visio.

Summarily, it can be said that Microsoft software is often essential for a business to function properly. SoftwareLicense4U is here to provide Microsoft software licenses at discounts you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

It’s unwise to use Microsoft software without valid licenses

Most companies keep it a secret, but it happens: the initial investment on Microsoft software is considered too high, so they download the software illegally. It might come pre-cracked, or a crack is applied to make the software work without a valid license key.

It cannot be overstated how unwise this decision is, for multiple reasons. First we can mention that anti-piracy organizations are actively searching for companies with pirated software. We’re not being hyperbolic when we say companies have gone bankrupt by getting caught with software they aren’t licensed to use.

Also, you hear a lot about sensitive data being leaked to the outside world, and about ransomware infections that lock up all PCs in a company. Not seldom is illegally downloaded software the culprit here. The sites where this software is offered are not trustworthy, and neither are the downloads themselves. A lot of problems can arise by illegally downloaded Microsoft software for your business.

Microsoft software for your business is cheaper than you think

We hope your company has decided to stay safe, by paying for valid Microsoft licenses. You can be the person that saves money for your company, by recommending SoftwareLicense4U as the provider of Microsoft licenses for your business.

We understand you might have some questions, when you compare our prices to what other vendors charge you for these licenses. However, we can set your mind at ease. Our licenses are completely legal. They come in the form of unused licenses we purchased from consumers and companies. As long as these licenses aren’t being used, they’re allowed to be bought and resold.

You can download Windows, Office or other Microsoft software from your business directly from Microsoft’s server. Your unique and unused license key is e-mailed to you directly after purchasing a license. You’re able to download, install and activate the software in the usual way. If you experience any problems, our support team will help you free of charge.

Microsoft recognizes the validity of the licenses sold by SoftwareLicense4U. This means you’ll receive all the updates to the software you bought. This helps your company to stay safe, because the updates often patch leaks in the software. The updates also often implement new features, which you’ll be able to benefit from.

Windows and Office

As we’ve said before, Windows and Office are often essential Microsoft software for a business. Windows 10 and Office 2016 are the newest versions, at the time this article is written. You can save a lot of money on these licenses, even on the Professional version of these software products. These discounts are a result of our method of operating, which we’ve described earlier, and are not found virtually anywhere else.

Even more money can be saved by choosing older versions of Microsoft software for your business. For example, many employees might prefer to work with Windows 7 instead of Windows 10. Or maybe you’ve decided that Office 2110 offers all the features you’ll need for your company. These licenses may be hard to get elsewhere, but they’re still available at SoftwareLicense4U.

Project and Visio

Not all employees at your company will need these products, but Microsoft Project and Visio might be very useful for managers. Because of the fact that these are business software products, the price is higher than the price of consumer software products. However, SoftwareLicense4U provides these licenses at similar discounts as other Microsoft products. We offer several versions, with older versions being even cheaper than the most recent versions. Take advantage of our offer and buy these licenses as cheap as possible.

Summary of our Microsoft offer for your business

  • Save money on Windows and Office licenses
  • The newest versions as well as older versions available
  • Both consumer and Pro versions
  • Business software like Project and Visio also available
  • Avoid all the risks of downloading software illegally
  • Huge discounts on all Microsoft products for your business
  • Your licenses are deemed valid by Microsoft, so you’ll get all the updates
  • Download, install and activate right away
  • Free support when necessary

Microsoft software for your business doesn’t have to be as expensive as you thought. SoftwareLicense4U helps you save money, while still operating in a legal way.

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