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Microsoft for students

Microsoft software for students is essential for almost any student. Of course, Linux is an alternative, but you’d have to be technically minded, and there’s a limited software selection. There are also Mac fans, but going that way requires a larger investment. And even then, there’s a good chance you’d need Microsoft Office, because they use it at your school.

For a student, the costs that come with Microsoft software for students can be a problem. Microsoft sets a standard retail price for its software packages, and a discount can be hard to find. Maybe you’d find an offer for a ten dollar discount on the price, but that’s about it. Or so you’d think. You came to the right place. SoftwareLicense4U employs radically different business strategies. This enables us to make attractive offers on Microsoft software for students at any college or university, as well as any other home user. You can buy a Microsoft software package at discounts not seen anywhere else. Nevertheless, our deals are completely legal, thus avoiding the various risks of downloading illegal software.

Various Microsoft software for students available

If we’re talking about software by Microsoft for students, Windows and Office immediately come to mind. While Windows is normally bundled with new computers, you might not own a new computer or you might wish to upgrade. Office is almost never bundled with new computers.

The pricing level of these Microsoft packages is considerably high. Luckily, at SoftwareLicense4U you can buy a Windows or Office license for a low price. You can choose the newest version, such as Windows 10 or Office 2016, but older versions are also available. Choosing the newest version will better prepare you for the future, but choosing an older version will save you even more money. With some packages, like Windows 10, you even have the option of choosing between multiple editions, like Home or Professional.

An unused license you can start using right away

SoftwareLicense4U operates by buying unused licenses and reselling them to our customers. Because these licenses aren’t being used by anyone else, they’re allowed to be sold to a third party. This makes our deals fully legal by American, Canadian and British laws.

Once you buy a license for any Microsoft package for students, you can use it immediately. We offer you a download location and a license key via e-mail, right after you make the purchase. It’s as easy as downloading the software, installing it and entering the license key. This almost always works without a problem. However, in the rare case when there is a problem, we offer free support. Together we’ll make it work for sure. SoftwareLicense4U has never failed to provide a working license to any of our customers.

Our offer summarized

  • Both Windows and Office available
  • The newest versions, as well as older versions
  • Very large discounts, not found elsewhere
  • You receive a completely legal license
  • The validity of your license is recognized by Microsoft
  • Available for use immediately after purchasing
  • In case of a problem, you’ll receive free support
  • Your license is guaranteed to work

Microsoft software for students is never offered more cheaply than at SoftwareLicense4U!

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