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Microsoft Office 2011

Everyone knows about Microsoft Office for Windows. They release a new version every few years, and provide updates for older versions. Not everyone knows Microsoft also releases Office versions for Mac computers, such as Microsoft Office 2011. While Apple also has its own office suite, many people prefer to work with Microsoft Office on their Macs. Especially because the files are interchangeable with Windows versions of Office. Opening files made in the Apple office suite on Windows can cause problems with compatibility.

Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016 for Mac computers are hardly cheap packages, however. Luckily, SoftwareLicense4U offers both versions at a discount. You’ll benefit from a completely legal license at the lowest cost possible.

The benefits of Microsoft Office for the Mac

The question is: why should you choose to work with Microsoft Office on the Mac, instead of Apple’s office suite? We’re not going to say that Apple’s suite is bad overall, because that’s simply not the case. On its own it’s perfectly fine. However, if you wish to share files, like text documents or presentations, with people using Microsoft Office on their PC, you might encounter problems. The files might not open at all, or incorrectly. Unless the recipient also works on a Mac and has Apple’s office suite, it’s less than ideal trying to share files with them. You’d have to convert them to PDF in order for them to see the files as intended. Vice versa the same problems might occur.

Of course, it could also be that you’re simply used to the way Microsoft Office works. Learning another office suite takes time to adapt. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to work with Microsoft Office on your Mac. You don’t have even to spend as much money as you might’ve thought, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U.

Microsoft Office 2011 offers full compatibility

Microsoft Office 2011 is available at SoftwareLicense4U at a generous discount compared to other vendors. That is, if those other vendors even sell this version anymore. Some of them only sell Office 2016 for the Mac, and you’d have to pay full price for it.

Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac is fully compatible with the Mac version of Office 2016. Files made in Microsoft Office 2011 open without a problem on Office 2016, because it uses the same file format. The other way around poses no problem either.

Furthermore, Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac is also fully compatible with Windows version of Office. You being on OSX or MacOS and the recipient or sender being on Windows doesn’t cause any problems. At the most, they might not have the same fonts installed as you, but that’s it. The same file format is used by Microsoft on both the PC and Mac versions of Office. You’ll be able to exchange files without any problems.

This is one of the greatest advantages of choosing Microsoft Office on your Mac over Apple’s office suite.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Business

The version of Microsoft Office 2011 offered by SoftwareLicense4U is the Home & Business version. It contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This means you can make text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and you get an e-mail program. While OSX and MacOS have a decent standard e-mail application, you might prefer to use Outlook. However, if you’d rather stick to the standard e-mail program provided by Apple, you can just use the other Office programs without using Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Business offers enough for most home users and owners of smaller companies. Alternatively, SoftwareLicense4U provides Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac licenses.

You can also choose Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 for Mac has the same programs as Microsoft Office 2011, with the addition of OneNote. OneNote is a valuable application to use in companies. For example, you can distribute tasks and general workplace notices easily with OneNote. When you’re working at a larger company, you might consider getting this version instead.

Of course, every new Office version comes with several new features and improvements. You can find information about Office 2016’s new features elsewhere on the internet. It’s up to you to decide which version is best for you. Office 2016, being a newer product, costs a little more than Office 2011, but not by much. You still get a comparable discount as you do with Microsoft Office 2011.

One of the advantages of Office 2016 is that it’s fully ready for the cloud. Especially when you’re using Microsoft’s cloud storage platform OneDrive, you’ll find it’s very easy to store your documents in the cloud with Office 2016. It’s not mandatory however. Storing your documents in the cloud can also be done with Microsoft Office 2011. It’s a matter of saving your files in a folder that’s designated to be uploaded to your cloud platform of choice, such as Dropbox or Apple’s own iCloud.

Our low prices explained

As you might’ve noticed, we keep talking about the discount you’ll receive when you purchase one of our licenses. We haven’t explained how these discounts are even possible, so we’re going to do that now.

SoftwareLicense4U doesn’t buy their licenses directly at Microsoft or in retail stores. If we did, we would be bound by the standard prices set by Microsoft. Instead, we buy unused licenses from consumers and businesses. They bought these licenses without using them, or they don’t use them anymore. As long as such a license isn’t being used, it can be freely bought and resold. Since we buy these licenses at low prices, we’re able to offer such large discounts and still make a profit.

You don’t have to worry about the legal aspect of doing business with us. A license is allowed to be bought and resold to a third party, as long as the original owner isn’t using this license. The fact that your license is unused also means it will be recognized as valid by Microsoft. Your product key can be activated without any problem.

Start using Microsoft Office 2011 immediately

We don’t like to keep our customers waiting. When you buy an Office license at SoftwareLicense4U, you’ll immediately receive a location from where you can download Office. After we receive payment from your purchase, the product key is e-mailed to you within 5 minutes.

This means you can download, install and activate Microsoft Office 2011 or 2016 right away. Shortly after installation, you’ll receive all the updates to your version of Office. You’ll also receive any updates Microsoft will release in the future. These updates will be provided to you, because Microsoft can see by the product key that you have a valid license.

Most likely you’ll be able to install Office without a problem. However, SoftwareLicense4U aims for 100% customer satisfaction. If you should encounter any problem, please contact us. We provide free support for any customer with a problem and solve the issue for them. In the end, a working license is guaranteed.

With our price level, software piracy isn’t necessary

When discussing licenses for PC software products, we often warn about the dangers of pirating software. While a virus or malware infection is less likely on a Mac, the risks don’t stop there. Anti-piracy organizations don’t only check for software piracy on PCs. Mac users are also investigated. This can lead to severe financial consequences, for home users as well as companies.

We feel that because of our low prices, no one should have to resort to illegally downloading Office. A legal Office license is within anyone’s reach, thanks to our high discounts on these licenses.

Summary of our Office for Mac offer

When you purchase Office for your Mac at SoftwareLicense4U, you can expect the following:

  • Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Business for Mac at a large discount
  • This version is often not available elsewhere
  • Contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Cheaper than virtually anywhere else
  • Completely legal license
  • Download, install and activate right way
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • We guarantee your license will work
  • Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac also available
  • Office 2016 also contains OneNote

Please contact us if you have any questions

Do you have any questions remaining? If there are still aspects of our products or our services unclear to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to provide the needed information for you to make an informed decision.

Microsoft Office 2011 is still available at SoftwareLicense4U, and at a much lower price than at almost any other vendor. Choose this version or the 2016 version now, while licenses last. The availability of licenses depends on how many licenses we’re able to buy, so get one now while we still have them. We hope to see you soon as a satisfied customer!

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