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Microsoft Office 2013

There are plenty of office suites available, both free and commercial. Few people will contest that Microsoft Office is seen as the standard office suite. By far it’s the most used suite, both by home users and companies. Microsoft Office 2013 is a popular and widely used edition, which you can use very well in tandem with Windows 10 and the cloud storage service OneDrive.

As you most likely know, Microsoft Office 2013 isn’t available for free. If you’re looking to buy this office suite, it’s wise to find the vendor which offers it to you for the lowest amount of money. At most vendors however, you’ll be stuck with the standard price, set by Microsoft. Where to buy Office 2013 then, if you’re looking for the best deal? Because SoftwareLicense4U operates in a fundamentally different way from other vendors, we’re able to offer Microsoft Office 2013 very cheaply. In fact, we’re the cheapest provider of legal licenses.

Microsoft Office 2013 and the cost of a license

In stores and at most online vendors, Microsoft Office 2013 is quite expensive. An alternative is offered in the form of a subscription service called Office 365. You’ll be paying monthly subscription costs. You have to realize that these costs quickly add up over the years. On the long term, purchasing a stand-alone license is much cheaper. You can use this license for as long as you want. Microsoft keeps supporting Windows 10, and Microsoft Office 2013 integrates very well with that operating system. You’ll be able to use MS Office 2013 for many years, without having to worry that it stops working after a while. You won’t have to upgrade for a very long time.

The cost of a stand-alone license is usually substantial, causing many people to hesitate. Luckily you’ve arrived at the website of SoftwareLicense4U. Here you’ll pay a lot less for Microsoft Office 2013. If you’re wondering how this is possible, please read on.

The reason for our attractive prices

It’s understandable if you’re wondering why our prices for Microsoft software like Office 2013 can be so much lower. Are we not bound by the aforementioned standard prices set by Microsoft? And is a license bought at our webstore even legal? You don’t have to worry. We can set your mind at ease, by telling you how the business model of SoftwareLicense4U works.

Sometimes a license for a software package is bundled with new hardware. In other cases individuals or companies buy such a package, but proceed not to use it. SoftwareLicense4U is constantly looking for these unused licenses. We buy them at prices much lower than what you’d pay in a store. You can buy such a license at our webstore, at an equally attractive price. We make a profit, and you can get a license for the best price available.

These business practices fall squarely within the limits of the law. Furthermore, because the license is unused, Microsoft will recognize your Microsoft Office 2013 license as legitimate. You’ll receive all past and future updates, without any warnings about non-activated software or any such thing.

The benefits of a legal license

We just told you one of the benefits of legal licenses: correctly receiving all updates. Since updates patch security holes, your system will remain properly secure.

This is not the only reason we recommend choosing legal software licenses. Of course, we have a commercial interest in this, but that’s not the only reason of our recommendation.

First we’re going to talk about the illegal downloads themselves. These are often obtained at untrustworthy sites. You’ll have to locate the read download link to Microsoft Office 2013, hidden among fake download buttons. If you click one of these fake buttons by mistake, you’ll have to wait and see where you’ll end up. An infection with malware or spyware is definitely one of the possibilities.

Then there’s the download itself. It’s quite possible you’ll be able to find a working copy of Microsoft Office 2013. However, what cyber criminals sometimes do is add extra, malicious software to the download. Or the program used to crack Microsoft Office 2013 will install malware along with it. People are glad they’ve found a free version of Office, but meanwhile all kinds of garbage is being installed. You’ll not get a notice of this, but maybe you’ve got a key logger running, registering all your keystrokes. This is a means of intercepting password and credit card data. Various other malicious programs can also be installed with your free version of Microsoft Office 2013.

The importance of legal software for companies

For companies, the risks of contamination with malware are even greater. You wouldn’t like to think of sensitive information being released to the outside world. Or your computers becoming unusable until a large sum of money has been paid, due to an infection with ransomware.

Another risk you run is the hefty fines of copyright holders. A home user has a decent chance of getting away with pirating software, though we still don’t recommend doing so. Companies, however, are actively being checked on the legality of their licenses, and the resulting fines are sky high.

Taking these risks as a company is highly unwise. Thankfully you can cut costs on legal licenses for software like Microsoft Office 2013. You can do this by purchasing these licenses at SoftwareLicense4U. If you’re being checked, you can show your ownership of legal licenses, and no fines will be given to you.

Should you need any other software, please look at our selection of licenses. You can take advantage of our attractive offer for legal Windows 10 licenses. Or get a license for MS Project or Visio, widely used software programs within the professional world.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

The version of Microsoft Office 2013 offered by us is the Professional Plus version. This is the most comprehensive edition of Microsoft’s Office suite. The standard version contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. The Professional Plus version contains Access and Publisher as well. Maybe you think this makes this edition quite expensive. When you look at the price, you’ll see this is not the case. You can buy this version cheaper than what the standard version normally costs.

Moreover, we also offer other MS Office versions, like 2016 and 2010. For optimal compatibility with Windows 10 and OneDrive we recommend at least Microsoft Office 2013. Maybe the latest version, Office 2016, prepares you for the future a little better. As you might understand, Office 2016 is a little more expensive, because an Office 2016 license is more expensive to purchase for us as well. We still provide the cheapest licenses you’ll find anywhere.

Several Mac versions are also offered, like Office 2011 and 2016.

Our digital service

When you buy a Microsoft Office 2013 license at SoftwareLicense4U, how do you proceed? It’s simply a matter of downloading the software, running the installer and activating the software. We don’t let you download Microsoft Office 2013 from an obscure torrent site, but from Microsoft’s server itself. This guarantees the reliability of the download. After we receive payment, the license key is e-mailed to you within 5 minutes. You can install the software in the usual way and enter the product key. Microsoft will check the license key online. They’ll see it’s unused, and therefore valid.

The above procedure can be followed by most people without a problem. Sometimes it happens that one of our customers isn’t able to do this. Should you encounter any problem with downloading the software, running the installer or activating your Microsoft Office 2013 license, we don’t leave you in the cold. In that case you can count on our free support. Using the program TeamViewer we can remotely look at your desktop and guide you through the necessary steps.

The licenses supplied by SoftwareLicense4U work in all cases. You can tell this by our high TrustPilot satisfaction score, which you can find on our website. There you’re also able to read the reactions of our satisfied customers.

The advantages summarized

Below you’ll find a summary of what you can expect when you buy a Microsoft Office 2013 license for your PC at SoftwareLicense4U.

  • The most comprehensive Professional Plus version of Microsoft Office 2013
  • Optimal integration with Windows 10 and OneDrive
  • All Office applications present
  • A completely legal, unused license
  • You’ll prevent an infection with malware, spyware, viruses etc.
  • You’ll also prevent problems with anti-piracy organizations
  • Very attractive price, much lower than elsewhere
  • Reliable download, directly from Microsoft’s server
  • Your license is guaranteed to work
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • The latest version, Office 2016, is also available
  • Save even more money with Office 2010
  • Aside from PC versions, we also provide Mac versions of Office

Do you have any questions? We’re happy to answer them

Because our services are markedly different from other Office vendors, we can imagine there might be some questions remaining. We operate in a different way from other companies where you can purchase Microsoft Office 2013, so it’s understandable if some things are still unclear to you.

Do you have any questions about our selection of licenses or certain technical aspects of our services? Please feel free to contact our support team. We’re happy to take the time to be of service to you, by answering your questions in a clear manner.

Microsoft Office 2013 is available for the best price at SoftwareLicense4U! Be sure to take advantage of our offer!

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