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Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office is a widely used and essential software package for companies, as well as many home users. While there are several alternatives available, using them is not always practical. Often Microsoft’s Office suite is preferred, for multiple reasons. The advantage of the aforementioned alternatives is that they can be free. Microsoft Office costs a hefty sum of money, or you’ll pay subscription costs each month. Thankfully, you can save a lot of money on a license for Microsoft Office 2016. This is possible through the convenient and fully legal service of SoftwareLicense4U.

You can come to us for both Microsoft Office 2016 licenses, as well as other versions of Microsoft Office. We also offer Mac versions of MS Office 2016. Furthermore, are you looking for Windows 10, Windows 7 or other Microsoft software? We’re happy to help you out with that.

Microsoft Office 2016 in the most comprehensive edition

The PC version of Microsoft Office 2016 being offered by us is the most comprehensive Professional Plus edition. Naturally it features well-known programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. But this version also comes with the other Office programs like Access, OneNote and Publisher. This Office suite is perfectly suited to both home users as well as companies. If you’re buying software for your company, you might be interested in our additional MS Project and Visio licenses, available at attractive prices.

Maybe you’re thinking that our Office 2016 licenses must be quite expensive, because these are licenses for the most complete version. With other vendors this is usually the case, but not when you buy such a license at SoftwareLicense4U.

For Mac users we offer the Home & Business version of Microsoft Office 2016. This package contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. This will be more than enough for most users.

Why Microsoft Office 2016 is preferable

Maybe you’re familiar with the alternatives to Microsoft Office 2016, like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. It goes without saying that you’re free to choose one of these office suites. After all, they’re available for free.

However, you should be aware that this can cause conversion problems. Is someone sending you a funny or informative PowerPoint presentation? There’s a significant chance the lay-out will not look the same when this file is opened in a different office suite. Vice versa the same is true. People with PowerPoint may not be able to view your files as intended, when they’re made in a different office suite.

Also, Outlook is the standard e-mail application in companies. It communicates very well with company-wide Exchange servers. Other office suites have not yet found a suitable alternative which meets all the demands that larger companies have for their e-mail.

The downsides of illegal downloading

Even among the people who prefer to use Microsoft Office, there are still those who choose the free version. Of course, Microsoft Office 2016 isn’t free, but we mean the practice of downloading it illegally.

This comes with several downsides, however. We’ll leave the moral considerations out of the equation, because not everyone feels equally strongly about that. It certainly can be said you run a greater risk of being exposed to viruses and malware. People visiting sites where Microsoft Office 2016 is offered illegally know about the real download link, hidden among several fake buttons. In the best scenario, these lead to spam sites, but they can also lead to sites trying to infect you with viruses and malware.

The same is true for the download itself. Maybe you’ll get a working version of Microsoft Office 2016. English language versions aren’t very hard to find. But you don’t know what else has been added to the download. All kinds of other, malicious programs might be installed on the background. For example, consider key loggers, which register everything you type and send it to criminals. In this way, your passwords and credit card data might be intercepted. But even if the download doesn’t contain such malicious programs, there are other risks to consider.

Illegal software and anti-piracy organizations

Then there’s the fact that copyright laws are being more strongly enforced. Individual downloaders were pretty much left alone in the past, unless they distributed illegal software themselves. Nowadays you can be taken to court, or be offered a costly out-of-court settlement when caught with illegally downloading software.

For companies this is even truer, when they get Microsoft Office 2016 illegally. Anti-piracy organizations are actively checking companies, and trying them in court if necessary. More than a few companies have gone bankrupt this way. Aside from that, the aforementioned risks apply even stronger. A key logger on your system, or a ransomware attack, is even more disastrous for companies than for individuals. You don’t want cyber criminals to be able to shut down your computers, or sensitive information to be released to the outside world.

Microsoft Office 2016, legal and at a cheap price

Maybe the above was completely superfluous to you. Maybe you already planned to pay for Microsoft Office 2016. However, it can still be the case that you’re startled by the price. If you’re looking to purchase Microsoft Office 2016 in a retail store or a webstore, the purchasing costs are substantial. For the sake of completeness, we have to say that it’s also possible to choose an Office 365 subscription. Those monthly subscription costs quickly add up, however. This is especially so when you’re choosing a commercial subscription with the full range of Office applications. So where can you best buy Office 2016 at the lowest price?

Thankfully, SoftwareLicense4U offers another way. We provide a legal Microsoft Office 2016 license at a substantially lower price. Maybe you’re wondering how our low prices are even possible. Aren’t we bound by the standard price that Microsoft has set for MS Office 2016? This is an understandable question, which we’ll answer below.

Our services are attractively priced

SoftwareLicense4U’s service works as follows. We’re always looking for unused licenses. These can be bundled with new hardware. In other cases, they’re bought by companies or individuals, but aren’t being used. Especially companies often buy more licenses than they end up needing. We purchase such an unused license and sell it to one of our customers. We pay a lot less than the standard retail price for such a license, so we’re able to offer you this license for an attractive price.

The law allows the purchasing and reselling of unused licenses. This makes our services completely legal. Microsoft will recognize the validity of your serial key as well. This will prevent problems for you and cause you to receive all past and future updates to your software.

Download, install and activate your software yourself

The licenses we purchase come in the form of unique license keys. You will be sent your product key by e-mail after we receive payment. You’ll then download the installer to Microsoft Office 2016 yourself, directly from a link at Microsoft’s site. You have the choice between a 32 bit and 64 bit version. The 32 bit version is the only one that can be installed on 32 bit operating systems. A modern PC most often has a 64 bit operating system, on which you can install the 64 bit version. This version can utilize more memory.

Next you execute the installer for Microsoft Office 2016. You can enter the unique product key for activation, and the whole package will download to your PC or Mac. Your office suite for PC or Mac will most likely work without any problems. In the rare case one of our customers does encounter a problem, they can count on our free support to complete installation and activation. We can remotely look at your desktop, and we’ll solve the issue for you. SoftwareLicense4U never disappoints its customers, a fact you’ll see reflected in our high TrustPilot satisfaction score. You can find this on our website, among the reactions from our satisfied customers.

A short summary of our offer

All in all this is quite a lot to take in. We’ve summarized our offer below.

  • The most comprehensive version of Microsoft Office 2016
  • You can use this version for years without any problems
  • A fully legal, unused license
  • Serial key recognized by Microsoft, so you’ll receive all past and future updates
  • No risk of malware infections from illegal downloads or the crack program
  • You won’t face legal problems from anti-piracy organizations
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • Reliable download, directly from Microsoft’s server
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • Your license is guaranteed to work
  • Mac version also available

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As we’ve said before, our selection of licenses doesn’t end with Microsoft Office 2016. Do you need a legal Windows license for your PC? Or an MS Project or Visio license for your company? On this software we offer similar discounts. As far as MS Office is concerned, next to Office 2016 you can also buy older versions at an even lower price. Of course, Microsoft Office 2016 is best prepared for the future. It also synchronizes optimally with Windows 10 and OneDrive.

Buy Microsoft Office 2016 and other Microsoft software as cheap as possible at SoftwareLicense4U!

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