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Microsoft Office for business

Small and large businesses alike, it makes no difference - Microsoft Office for your business is essential software. Chances are you’ll need Office licenses for almost every computer in your company. You basically have two choices. You’ll either have to subscribe each computer to Office 365 and pay for Office each month. The other option is to buy stand-alone versions of Microsoft Office for your business.

SoftwareLicense4U offers Office licenses for home users as well as business users. You’ll pay far less than at most other vendors, while still owning completely legal licenses.

Choose your version of Microsoft Office for your business

Even within our selection of Office licenses, there’s plenty to choose from. SoftwareLicense4U provides a license for Office 2016 in the most comprehensive edition, the Professional Plus version. This edition features the usual programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, but also programs not found in the home edition, such as Access and Publisher. You can get Microsoft Office 2016 for your business at a substantial discount on each license.

Are you looking to save even more money? Office 2013 and 2010 licenses are also available at even larger discounts. However, for working with Windows 10 and OneDrive we recommend buying at least Office 2013. Availability of older license may be limited, and if you wish to be prepared for the future, Office 2016 might be a wise investment. An investment that will save money in the long run. Because not only do we offer Office 2016 more cheaply, you also don’t have to spend money on Office 365 subscriptions each month.

A legal license which can be used immediately

SoftwareLicense4U operates by buying unused licenses from home users and companies. If the license is not being used, the law allows it to be resold. This means all licenses bought at SoftwareLicense4U are completely legal. Microsoft also recognizes these Microsoft Office licenses for your business as legitimate, meaning you’ll receive all the updates.

You can start using Office immediately. You can download it from Microsoft’s server and enter the product key, which is e-mailed to you immediately after purchase. Almost everyone can activate their license without any trouble. However, in the rare case that a customer encounters a problem, SoftwareLicense4U gives free support to solve the problem. You have our guarantee that your licenses will work.

Our Microsoft Office offer for your business

  • No need for an Office 365 subscription
  • Save money on stand-alone versions of Office
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus available
  • Older versions are even cheaper
  • Legal software licenses
  • You’ll receive all updates
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • We provide free support in case of problems

SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity to save money on Microsoft Office licenses for your business!

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