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Microsoft Office for students

Studying at a college or university can prepare you for a long and satisfying career in the field of your choice. However, it must be said that it can be quite expensive. Especially so in the USA, but also in other countries. You have to pay tuition, but also things like a computer to work on. It doesn’t help if a student then also has to purchase a lot of expensive software for the PC or Mac. Take Microsoft Office for example, which isn’t a cheap package. Luckily for you, SoftwareLicense4U offers a cheap Microsoft Office solution for students. You can buy a legal license for far less money than elsewhere.

Our Microsoft Office package for students

You may think: how is this offer for cheap Microsoft Office for students even possible? Isn’t SoftwareLicense4U bound by the same price that Microsoft sets? The answer to this is that our business model works by purchasing unused license keys. We then sell those keys to college and university students, as well as other home and business users. This is an uncommon, but completely legal business practice. Any student on any university or college anywhere can take advantage of the discount we offer. You even have a lot of options, as far as your preferred edition of Microsoft Office for students is concerned.

Choose your favorite edition of Microsoft Office for students

As we’ve stated, we provide a generous discount for your preferred edition of Microsoft Office for students. This goes for PC versions, but we also offer Mac versions.

If you’d like to buy the newest version of Microsoft Office, we offer it to you for purchase. At the time of writing, 2016 is the newest version. For that edition, we offer the most comprehensive version, Professional Plus. This version offers more programs than the Home and Student version that Microsoft offers. On the Mac, another version of Office 2016 is offered to you, which will be enough for almost any university or college student.

However, if you’d like to save even more money, we have several other editions that you can buy. You can do almost the same with Office 2013 as you can with Office 2016. For even less money we also offer Office 2010 deals. All these editions work with the same file formats, and they are all backwards compatible. So it doesn’t matter which edition is installed on the computers in your college or university classrooms. Your files will work perfectly with any Microsoft Office for students version you buy at SoftwareLicense4U.

Download, activate and install immediately

Buying a license for MS Office and installing it couldn’t be cheaper than at SoftwareLicense4U. It also couldn’t be easier. We offer a purely digital service, where you won’t have to wait for the mail to arrive. You download the package yourself from the servers of Microsoft. Immediately after buying a license, you get the license key via e-mail. Then you just activate and install your MS Office package as usual. All our license keys have never been used, so we can guarantee that your key will work.

If you happen to run into problems with installing or activating your version of Microsoft Office for students, we offer free support. We can look at your desktop with TeamViewer and guide you through the steps. In all the years since we’ve existed, we have never had to disappoint a student or other home user. You are guaranteed a legal and perfectly working copy of MS Office, that you can use as long as you like.

Summary of our offer

  • A large discount on your preferred edition of Microsoft Office
  • Choose the newest version, or save even more money on an older edition
  • Completely legal software
  • Also available for Mac
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • Free support if necessary

We hope you will take advantage of our unique offer, so that SoftwareLicense4U can help you get a cheap, legal version of Microsoft Office for students.

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