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Microsoft Office Project

Microsoft Office Project offers limited benefits to the average home user. For medium-sized or large companies however, it’s all the more valuable. You can manage and budget projects, distribute tasks, write reports and evaluate finished projects. A further explanation of what you can do with Microsoft Office Project isn’t necessary. If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably looking for this useful business software package. This means you probably know what MS Project can do.

Microsoft Office Project isn’t a free software product. In fact, it’s quite expensive. The prices of business software are usually higher than those of consumer software. Maybe you’re taken aback by the price that’s being asked for this package. But MS Project is considered the standard as far as project management software for Windows systems is concerned. If you have a need to use MS Project, it’s wise to look for a place to buy this package at the cheapest price possible.

Save money on Microsoft Office Project

Most webstores and retail stores charge a standard price for MS Project, set by Microsoft. You might get a small discount of $20 or $30, but that’s about it.

You can be glad to have arrived at the right website. SoftwareLicense4U has a fundamentally different business model, compared to other webstores. We will tell you more about this later. Thanks to our unique business strategy you can save a substantial amount of money on the purchase of Microsoft Office Project. You’ll receive a legal version at a fraction of the price that’s normally being charged for this software product.

Don’t download Microsoft Office Project illegally

“Microsoft Project free” is a popular search term in Google. Companies are startled by the price and try to download MS Project for free. They figure consumers are often doing this with Windows and Office as well. We can’t stress enough how risky and unwise this is.

Let’s leave the moral aspects out of the equation. The reason why consumer software is often being downloaded illegally is, next to the aspect of saving money, the fact that consumers are often able to get away with it. When you know what you’re doing, chances are you won’t get caught. When you’re distributing illegal software yourself, they might come after you, but only downloading software often goes unpunished.

For companies it’s a completely different story. Getting caught with an illegally downloaded copy of business software like Microsoft Office Project can cost you dearly. Companies are actively being monitored and checked. The penalties are sky-high and can even lead to bankruptcy.

First of all it’s prudent to install legal versions of Microsoft Windows and Office on your company computers. At SoftwareLicense4U you can get legal licenses at attractive prices. The same is true for Microsoft Office Project. As you can understand, this package is a little more expensive. On the other hand, there’s no need to install it on every PC in your company. Microsoft Office Project is not relevant for every employee. You’ll spend a little more for a license, but you don’t have to buy a software license for every PC.

The name is misleading

Microsoft Office Project is officially part of the Office package, as the name implies. However, when you buy a Microsoft Office license, MS Project is not included. Some people think that when they buy the Professional version of Office, Microsoft Office Project will be part of the package. This is not the case, however. Nowadays Microsoft Office Project is often just called Microsoft Project. You’ll need to buy a separate license. Thankfully SoftwareLicense4U makes you an attractive offer.

Why is MS Project so cheap at SoftwareLicense4U?

Microsoft Office is more expensive than a Windows 10 license. Still, we offer this software at substantially lower prices than our competitors. How is this possible and is this even legal, you might wonder?

It’s not necessary to worry. The reason we can offer our software licenses so cheaply, has to do with our business model. SoftwareLicense4U is always looking for unused licenses for Windows, Office, MS Project and other software. These can be licenses which were once bought by individuals or companies, who didn’t use them. They can also be licenses which were bundled with new computers. If these licenses haven’t been used, they’re allowed to be bought and resold.

This means you can purchase a Microsoft Project license at a much lower price. The fact that the license hasn’t been used causes Microsoft to deem the unique license key as valid. Furthermore, you’ll operate completely within the boundaries of the law.

Aside from this, our services happen strictly digitally. We don’t need to maintain an expensive warehouse, full of big software boxes and stacks of DVDs. You’ll download the software yourself, from Microsoft’s server or another location specified by us. The license key is delivered to you by e-mail, within 5 minutes after purchasing a license. This method of doing business cuts costs for you. You also don’t have to wait for a package to arrive in the mail. You can directly proceed with download, installing and activating the software.

Free support in case of a problem

SoftwareLicense4U has been rewarded by its customers with a high TrustPilot satisfaction score. You’ll find multiple positive customer reviews on our site as well. This is not only the result of our low prices. It’s also the result of the fact that our license keys always work. Since our foundation we’ve never had to disappoint a customer.

Should you run into a problem when trying to download, install or activate Microsoft Office Project, our support team will help you free of charge. We’ll certainly solve the issue for you. As we’ve said it’s never happened that a customer of SoftwareLicense4U wasn’t able to activate a software license, even with our help. This is true for consumer software, but it’s equally true for business software like Microsoft Office Project.

Choose the version you prefer

When you’ve chosen to buy Microsoft Office Project at our webstore, you still have plenty to choose. There’s still the matter of which version to choose, before you proceed with purchasing and downloading your chosen package.

Among other things, SoftwareLicense4U offers Microsoft Project 2016 in the most extensive Professional version. This version has some extra features, compared to the Standard version. For example, MS Project 2016 Professional can connect to Microsoft Project Server. The 2016 version is backwards compatible with Microsoft Project Server 2013 as well. Aside from that, the Professional version offers tools for team collaboration.

Are you looking to save even more money, it’s possible to buy a license for Microsoft Project 2013. We also sell the 2010 version, though availability might be limited. When it’s available, it’s the cheapest version you can buy. However, we must mention that Microsoft Office Project 2010 can’t be used in tandem with Microsoft Office 2016.

The system requirements for Microsoft Office Project are modest. Most company computers are easily able to run MS Project 2016. For example, only 2GB of memory is required for the 64 bit version and MS Project runs well on monitors with a low resolution.

You might consider spending a little extra money, in order to be well-prepared for the future. Another advantage of Microsoft Office Project 2016 is the ability to use touchscreens very well. However, a touchscreen is not mandatory. You can also use all the functionality of MS Project 2016 with a mouse and keyboard. In order to use a touchscreen well, at least Windows 8 is required, because it’s specifically designed for touchscreens.

Secure and convenient payment

You’re free to purchase Microsoft Office Project at SoftwareLicense4U at a low cost. We offer multiple convenient payment options. We take the utmost care when handling your private information. You don’t have to worry about security, we take adequate measures to protect your data.

Our services summarized

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by this information. This is understandable, because our services are markedly different from most other software vendors. Below you’ll find a brief summary of what we’re offering you.

  • Microsoft Office Project is the standard in project management software
  • Often very pricy, but not at our webstore
  • You’ll avoid the risks of downloading MS Project illegally
  • You’ll receive an unused license key
  • A completely legal license at a low cost
  • Microsoft Office Project 2016 Professional available
  • For even less money you can choose the 2013 or 2010 version
  • Download, install and activate right away
  • No need to wait for a physical package to arrive in the mail
  • Free support if necessary
  • Your license is guaranteed to work

Please feel free to contact us

We hope our offer has been made clear to you. If there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to clarify our selection of licenses and the way our services work. We hope we’re able to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

The most attractive offer for a legal version of Microsoft Office Project can be found at SoftwareLicense4U!

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