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Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular tools for project management in companies and for demanding home users, particularly self-employed people. While there are other programs available, MS Project can be seen as the standard. It collaborates particularly well with Microsoft Office. For example, if you purchase Microsoft Project 2010, using it in tandem with Office 2010 works very well.

Microsoft Project is considered business software. As you might know, the cost of such software is considerably higher than the cost of consumer software. Still, there’s no need to pay full price for Project 2010, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U. This version, as well as other versions, is available at substantial discounts. This is due to our unique business model, which we’ll discuss later. But first let’s talk about all the possibilities offered by Project 2010.

What you can do with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool for planning, executing and managing projects within your company or home business. It’s possible for multiple co-workers to work on the same project, where collaboration is made as easy as possible. You can execute small projects and manage them with ease, but you can just as well plan your long term company strategy with Microsoft Project.

MS Project makes preparing a project easy. You can allocate personnel and resources and distribute tasks as you see fit. While working on a project it’s easy to see what everyone else is doing, allowing you to collaborate efficiently. Many processes are automated, eliminating your workload. You can also test scenarios before executing them, so you can see if they’re practically and financially feasible.

MS Project 2010, as well as newer versions, can be operated using the familiar Office interface. It takes minimal effort to learn to work with Microsoft Project, and it easily integrates into the rest of the Office suite.

Project 2010 is suitable for smaller teams as well as larger teams.

We offer the Professional version

The version of Project 2010 offered by SoftwareLicense4U is the Professional version. This comprehensive edition has a couple of powerful extra features compared to the Standard version. For example, the Professional edition allows you to connect to a Project Server. This enables multiple people to work on the same project, even at different locations. Task lists and updates can be easily distributed using Microsoft SharePoint.

The aforementioned ability to test scenarios before they’re executed is also only available in the Professional version.

The good thing is, the Professional version of Project 2010 is available at SoftwareLicense4U at a lower price than what the Standard version normally costs. You’ll benefit from these extra features while still saving money.

Project 2016 and 2013 also available

Project 2010 is made to be used in tandem with Office 2010. It’s important to note that it cannot be used well with Office 2016, Microsoft’s newest Office version. If you’re using this Office version, it might please you to know that other Project versions are also available at SoftwareLicense4U.

We offer the Professional versions of Project 2013 and 2016. Both can be used with Office 2013 and 2016, if you’re using one of those versions at your company. Aside from that, new features are available in both those Project versions. Detailed lists of features in each version can be found elsewhere on the internet.

As you might understand, newer Project versions are a little more expensive. At SoftwareLicense4U however, they’re still available at much lower prices than at virtually any other vendor. It’s up to you to decide which version best suits your needs. You’ll find even the newest version, Project 2016 Professional, is well within the affordable price range for most medium sized or large companies.

Why our licenses are so affordable

By now we’ve mentioned our low pricing level several times. You might be wondering how these low prices are even possible, especially since we’re claiming to offer a legal service. We’re here to offer some explanation, by explaining our business model.

We don’t buy Project 2010 licenses directly from Microsoft, and the same is true for our other licenses. Neither are they bought at retail stores or other online vendors. Instead, we purchase these licenses from consumers and businesses that weren’t using them. Sometimes a company buys more licenses than they need, or they have no more use for their existing licenses. As long as a license isn’t being used by the original owner, it’s allowed to be bought and resold.

As you can imagine, we don’t pay full price for such a Project 2010 license. Even for a Project 2016 license we don’t pay nearly the amount of money it costs in a store or online. Because of this, we’re able to sell you Project 2010 at a large discount, while still making a profit ourselves.

The law allows this practice completely, as long as nobody is using the license. Furthermore, Microsoft will see that your Project 2010 license key isn’t already in use. This means you will face no problems with activation, and you’ll receive all updates to the software.

Our prices make illegally downloading MS Project unnecessary

Software piracy among consumers is widespread. A consumer has a fairly large chance of getting away with it. For companies it’s different. Some companies use illegally downloaded software, but it’s a very unwise thing to do.

For one thing, you run the risk of malware infections. This can happen through the sites on which you’re trying to download Project 2010, or it can happen through the download itself. Aside from that, you’re also at risk of being targeted by anti-piracy organizations. Companies, more than consumers, are actively being checked and investigated. Someday it might be your turn to provide proof of the legality of your licenses. If it turns out you don’t have a legal right to use Project 2010 or other software, the penalties you face are tremendous. For some companies these fines have led to bankruptcy.

For more reasons than one, owning legal software licenses is important. As far as Microsoft software such as Windows, Office or Project 2010 is concerned, it’s not necessary either to download those packages illegally. SoftwareLicense4U makes this software available at prices well within the range of most companies. You won’t be at risk of malware infections and you won’t get into trouble with anti-piracy organizations.

Get to work right away

SoftwareLicense4U offers a swift and convenient service. We don’t send a package to you by mail. Everything happens digitally, which means you can start using Project 2010 right away. You can download Microsoft Project directly from Microsoft’s server or another location we provide. We e-mail the unused license key to you within 5 minutes after we receive payment. There’s no waiting period - you can download, install and activate Project 2010 immediately.

Most people experience no problems whatsoever when activating one of our licenses. However, SoftwareLicense4U aims for a hundred percent customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer free support, in the rare case that one of our customers experiences a problem. In that case, we’ll solve the issue for you. A working version of Project 2010 or any of our other software products is guaranteed.

Take a look at our other licenses

As we’re talking about our other software products, the other licenses we can provide may be of interest to your company. Every company computer might need a Windows 10 license and a Microsoft Office license. These licenses are available at similar discounts as Project 2010. These are also unused licenses purchased from companies and individuals. They are fully legal and recognized as such by Microsoft.

Adobe software products are also available at SoftwareLicense4U. You can buy stand-alone versions of Adobe programs, eliminating the need for a Creative Cloud subscription. These licenses are perfect for companies working in a creative field.

A quick summary

Summarized we can offer you the following things:

  • Professional version of Microsoft Project 2010
  • Ability to connect with Project Server
  • Project 2013 and 2016 also available
  • Huge discounts on each version
  • Fully legal license
  • Validity of license recognized by Microsoft
  • Avoid all the risks of illegally downloaded software
  • Start using Project 2010 immediately
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • Windows and Office licenses also available at large discounts

A legal version of Project 2010 is available at the lowest cost possible at SoftwareLicense4U. Take advantage now while we still have licenses, because availability might be limited. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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