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Microsoft Project 2013

The standard application for project management on the Windows platform is Microsoft Project, also called Microsoft Office Project. Project leads and people in similar positions can manage projects, make project schedules, write reports, evaluate completed projects and many other things. Microsoft Project 2013, while not the newest version, offers plenty of possibilities for effective project management. Working with MS Project means that all the work that’s done in your department can be done much more efficiently.

Microsoft Project 2013 is considered business software. The cost of software for businesses is regrettably much higher than the cost of consumer software, in many cases. Purchasing a license will normally cost you multiple hundreds of dollars.

However, it’s possible to purchase a license at a much cheaper price, thanks to the services of SoftwareLicense4U. We offer you a Microsoft Project 2013 license at a very big discount. And do you need other Microsoft software for your company’s computers? There’s a large chance we’re able to help you with that as well.

You can use Microsoft Project 2013 for years

Project 2013 is not the newest version. Project 2016 has since come out. Still, you can use Microsoft Project 2013 without any problems for many years. Unless you need the newest features, only available in Microsoft Project 2016, you can save a considerable amount of money. MS Project 2013 also integrates well with the newest Office versions, like Office 2013 and 2016.

SoftwareLicense4U provides licenses for the Professional version of Project 2013. A client license for Microsoft Project Server is included with this package. Furthermore this version provides several new features and improvements, compared to Microsoft Project 2010. In fact, the difference between Project 2013 and 2016 isn’t even that great. We do recommend examining whether Project 2016 offers new features your company can’t do without. In that case you can buy an MS Project 2016 Professional license at SoftwareLicense4U. As you may understand, this license is a little more expensive, because Project 2016 hasn’t been on the market that long.

Which version you choose is up to you. We do feel we must tell you that MS Project 2010, if you’re interested in that version, isn’t compatible with Office 2016. MS Project 2013 does offer Office 2016 compatibility.

Don’t download Microsoft Project 2013 illegally

Microsoft Project is officially part of the Office suite. Still, it’s not included in even the most comprehensive Office suite. You’ll have to buy a separate license for Microsoft Project. It has to be said it does integrate very well with the other Office programs.

The fact that Microsoft Project 2013 alone is more expensive than the rest of Office combined provides a stumbling block for many companies. Some companies then proceed to look for an illegal version.

We can’t discourage this strongly enough, and not only because we have a commercial interest in this. We strongly recommend everyone to purchase legal licenses for the software on their computers. This is even truer for Microsoft Project 2013.

This has to do with the fact that companies are being actively checked on owning legal licenses. Companies can be scrutinized by anti-piracy organizations. Such an organization will check if you can produce proof of the legality of your licenses. The fines for infractions are very high, and such organizations can even take you to court. In the most extreme case, the costs can lead to bankruptcy.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that companies need to be careful about handling their own sensitive data and that of their clients and suppliers. Downloading from an illegal source increases the risk of malware infections. More than once it’s happened that this had led to sensitive information being leaked to the outside world. It’s important to be sensible and make sure you have a legal license to use Microsoft Project and your other software. This doesn’t have to cost as much as you might’ve thought, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U.

A legal Microsoft Project 2013 license from SoftwareLicense4U

If you’ve made the sensible choice of purchasing legal software, you might be taken aback by the costs. However, this isn’t necessary, when you look at SoftwareLicense4U’s selection of software licenses. Of course, consumer software is still cheaper than business software. This is because the retail prices of consumer software are lower. But even an important business software product like Microsoft Project 2013 won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.

How are these low prices even possible, you might wonder? Our attractive pricing level is possible because of our unique business strategy. We buy unused licenses and sell them to our customers. Sometimes individuals or companies buy software they don’t end up using, or the licenses are bundled with new hardware. SoftwareLicense4U is always looking to purchase these unused licenses. According to the law, the resale of unused licenses is permitted, enabling you to own a legal license at a lower price.

Another factor which influences the price is our digital way of doing business. You’ll download Microsoft Project 2013 yourself, from Microsoft’s server. That means you don’t have to wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail, you can get started right away. The license key is e-mailed to you after purchasing. This means we don’t have to spend money on maintaining an expensive warehouse full of software boxes or DVDs. As you can understand, this has a positive influence on our prices.

Your license is guaranteed to work

SoftwareLicense4U exclusively works with licenses which haven’t been used yet. This is why it never happens that we have to disappoint a customer, because his or her license doesn’t work. You can see our high degree of customer satisfaction reflected in our high TrustPilot satisfaction score, which you can find on our website. You’ll also find several reviews of our customers here.

We’re happy to help you get a legal and functioning license of Microsoft Project 2013. This means that if you run into any problem while installing the software or activating your license, we’ll provide free support. Using the program TeamViewer we can remotely look at your desktop and solve the issue for you. You’re guaranteed a correctly functioning software product.

How you’ll use Microsoft Project 2013 after you’ve correctly activated it is completely up to you. Your whole company can benefit from using this versatile and useful software package.

Do you need any other software?

Microsoft Project 2013 is not the only software package that needs to be installed on your company computers. To even be able to use it you’ll need Windows. The rest of Microsoft’s Office suite is also invaluable in most offices.

SoftwareLicense4U provides those software products at attractive prices too. For example, you can buy cheap, legal Windows licenses at our webstore, where you have the choice between several versions. Windows 10 Pro is exceptionally well suited for any company. Would you rather buy the more streamlined Windows 7 instead, we give you the option.

We even sell Windows Server licenses for your company. The discount you’ll receive compared to when you buy it in a store or online vendor is not found virtually anywhere else.

Microsoft Project 2013 can also be integrated very well with Office 2013 and 2016. You can get licenses for those software products as well. A combination of Windows 10, Office 2013 and Project 2013 will be very convenient for your company.

Is your company working in a creative field? When there’s a need to use Adobe software products, you’re probably aware of their Creative Cloud licensing model. While it is a convenient model, the monthly subscription costs can add up quickly. SoftwareLicense4U brings you the possibility of purchasing stand-alone versions of the Adobe programs. This requires a modest initial investment, which will save you money in the long run.

A summary of our services

Below you’ll find the most important aspect of our services concerning Microsoft Project 2013 summarized.

  • Microsoft Project 2013 Professional, the most comprehensive version
  • Also contains a Microsoft Project Server client license
  • You’ll pay considerably less than elsewhere
  • You’ll receive a fully legal, unused license
  • Prevent malware infection by purchasing legal licenses
  • Prevent problems with anti-piracy organizations
  • Download, activate and install the software right away
  • No need to wait for a package to arrive in the mail
  • Free support in case of problems
  • Safe and convenient payment options
  • Microsoft Project 2016 also available
  • Large selection of other Microsoft licenses

Please contact us if there are any further questions

The services of SoftwareLicense4U can be called quite unique. We operate in a fundamentally different way to other companies offering Microsoft Project 2013. That’s why we understand if there are questions remaining. Please feel free to contact us, so we can answer these questions for you.

Microsoft Project 2013 and other Microsoft software doesn’t have to cost as much as you thought, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U!

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