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Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 is the newest version of Microsoft’s project management software product. Normally buying a legal license comes with a considerable cost. However, SoftwareLicense4U offers you the chance of getting a license at a discount you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. The version we provide is the Microsoft Project 2016 Professional version. This version offers several extra features compared to the standard version. You can buy a legal license, which you can start using immediately.

Benefit from Microsoft Project 2016, the most modern version

Are your company’s computers using Windows 10, combined with Office 2016, perhaps in an Office 365 subscription form? Microsoft Project 2016 works very well with this operating system and this Office version. You’ll also benefit from all the new features offered by this version.

The Professional edition of Microsoft Project 2016 also comes with a client license to connect with a Microsoft Project Server. It can be used as a stand-alone software product, but also in combination with a Project Server. However, the product Project Server itself is not included. If you’ve bought a separate license for this, you can easily connect to it with Microsoft Project 2016, bought at SofwareLicense4U.

Start using Project right away

SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity of getting to work immediately. You can download Project from a location specified by us. You’ll receive the license key by e-mail within 5 minutes after we’ve received payment. This means you can download, install and activate Microsoft Project 2016 right away. If something should go wrong, you can count on our free support. A working license is guaranteed by us.

Fully legal version

SoftwareLicense4U procures its licenses by buying unused licenses from companies and individuals. These licenses are allowed to be resold, because the original owners aren’t using them. This means you’ll receive a fully legal license. Microsoft will recognize the validity of your license when you’re activating it, because it can see the license is unused. This means you’ll receive all updates. It also means you’re not going to get into trouble with anti-piracy organizations.


  • Get all the newest features with Microsoft Project 2016
  • The Professional version offers several extra features
  • Very large discount, seldom to be found elsewhere
  • A completely legal license
  • Proceed with downloading, installing and activation right away
  • Free support if there’s a problem

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Save money on the Professional version of Microsoft Project 2016. Buy a license now at SoftwareLicense4U!

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