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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is by far the most used operating system. Of course there are the Mac fans, and Linux has an enthusiastic user base. However, most computer users choose Microsoft’s operating system for their PC or laptop.

It goes without saying that Microsoft is a commercial company. Unlike Linux, you’ll have to buy their operating systems in a shop, or online in a webstore. Are you willing to do this, but do you think the cost is quite high? SoftwareLicense4U offers you the opportunity to pay less for your favorite version of Microsoft Windows, while still owning a completely legal license. You won’t pay more than you need to, and you’ll still avoid all the risks and the morally gray area of illegally downloading software.

No free upgrade for the time being

Windows XP was tremendously popular. At a certain moment, however, Microsoft stopped supporting this operating system. To use Windows XP after this date was highly unsafe.

To meet users halfway Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 temporarily. This offer was also available when you used MS Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Sometimes the upgrade wouldn’t work, for unclear reasons. This especially happened to owners of older hardware.

Didn’t you take advantage of this offer, for whatever reason? This means that, if you’re looking to install a new version, you’ll have to purchase Windows in a store or order it online. Thankfully SoftwareLicense4U has an interesting offer for you, concerning Microsoft Windows and other software.

Illegally downloading Windows isn’t necessary

Microsoft Windows is often bundled with new computer systems. Are you not supplied with a Windows licence? Or do you wish to upgrade to another version? People looking to buy Windows online or in a shop are often deterred by the hefty price tag. They then seek their refuge in an illegal download, not knowing the risks involved here.

The risks start with the sites offering the illegal downloads. There’s one download link, surrounded by multiple fake buttons. These buttons can lead to spam sites or even malware. Even if you manage to navigate your way through, you still have to be careful. Sometimes Windows is offered illegally, but there’s something wrong with the download. The download might contain a working version of Microsoft Windows, but with harmful software added to it. An example is a piece of malicious software which registers and transmits everything you type, including your passwords and credit card number.

Then there are the anti-piracy organizations, which are always looking to catch software pirates. Companies, but also individuals, can be taken to court. Or they have to agree with expensive out-of-court settlements.

Are these reasons, or the moral aspects of software piracy, enough to make you decide not to obtain Microsoft Windows illegally? But you’d also prefer not to pay full price for it? Where to buy Windows then? SoftwareLicense4U can help you. Keep reading to find out about our services.

How SoftwareLicense4U operates

You might wonder how SoftwareLicense4U can offer Microsoft Windows so much cheaper than other vendors. If it’s not illegal, why can we provide you a license at such a low cost?

This is mostly because of our unique way of doing business. What we do is buying unused licenses from consumers and businesses, and selling them to our customers. Sometimes these are so-called OEM licenses, which are supplied with new hardware. Other times, they are store-bought licenses that remained unused. Such a license is bought by us and subsequently resold. This business method is completely legal, according to the law.

Another reason for our low prices is the fact that we don’t have to maintain an expensive warehouse. We don’t have to store big software boxes or stacks of loose DVDs. SoftwareLicense4U has a strictly digital means of distribution. You’ll download the software yourself and receive the license by e-mail. This happens in the form of a unique, unused licence key. In some cases we send a license sticker by regular mail. In most cases however, you’ll receive it by e-mail. That means you can start using Microsoft Windows immediately after buying a license.

Low prices for Microsoft Windows

We don’t pay the full retail price for the unused licenses we mentioned. That’s why we don’t charge you the full retail price either. For far less money than in a store you can purchase Microsoft Windows in our webstore. Our prices are much lower than you’ll find almost anywhere else online. A cheap and still fully legal license is available to you.

Another advantage of our services is that you’re not limited to Windows 10. In most other stores and webstores you’re limited to the newest version of Microsoft Windows. If you prefer to use Windows 7, we offer it to you. The same is true for Windows 8.1.

Choose your favorite version

Windows 10 is the most recent version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This means you’ll be continually supplied with security updates, something that’s no longer true for Windows XP. This operating system is also continually being updated with new features. At SoftwareLicense4U you can cheaply buy the Home version. For a couple of dollars more you’ll even own the Pro version. It’s up to you whether you think you’ll benefit from the extra features of the Pro version.

Some people would rather install Microsoft Windows 7 on their PC or laptop. This operating system is more simplified by nature. Some people also prefer this version because they’re worried about privacy. They feel Windows 10 collects and transmits too much data to Microsoft. If you’re looking to buy Windows 7, SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity to do so. We also supply MS Windows 8.1 licenses. This is another aspect in which our service is different from other vendors. These other vendors often only sell Windows 10.

Are you looking for Microsoft Windows Server for the server systems at your business? It’s understandable such a license costs a bit more. However, we provide even several versions of Microsoft Windows Server at a discount.

Windows for the Mac?

How about Mac users? Almost all Macintosh computers, like the iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, run MacOS. Most Apple users are satisfied with the operating systems provided by Apple. Technically it’s possible to run Microsoft Windows on a Mac. For this you can use a license purchased at SoftwareLicense4U. How you should do this technically is a subject too complex to talk about in this article. You can find this information elsewhere on the internet.

For Mac users we do offer a Mac version of Microsoft Office. You can find this software at attractive discounts.

Your license will definitely work

SoftwareLicense4U considers customer satisfaction to be very important. You can see this reflected in our high TrustPilot customer satisfaction score, as well as in the reactions of our satisfied customers. You can find these on our website.

This is a result of the fact that our licenses always work. We offer free support, if someone encounters a problem concerning installation and activation of Windows. If necessary, we can remotely look at your desktop and solve the issue. In the end you’ll always have a working, correctly activated version of Microsoft Windows.

Protect your PC with our security software

We’ve talked about the advantages of a legal Microsoft Windows version. However, responsible computer use doesn’t end there. Even after installing your operating system you’ll need to remain vigilant. A way to do this is through SoftwareLicense4U’s selection of security software.

SoftwareLicense4U has entered into a partnership with ESET and BitDefender, suppliers of state-of-the-art security software. We offer multiple products by these companies. This software protects your PC or laptop against spam, malware, spyware, viruses and ransomware. This helps you to use your computer safely.

This is a summary of your advantages

All in all this is quite a bit to take in. Summarized our services offer the following things:

  • Order fully legal versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Very low prices, multiple times cheaper than elsewhere
  • You’ll avoid the risks of illegally downloaded software
  • Microsoft Windows 10 available for sale in multiple versions
  • Windows 7 and 8.1 also available to buy
  • Unused license keys, which always work
  • Free support in case of problems
  • You’ll download the software yourself
  • The license key is e-mailed to you directly after purchasing
  • No need to wait for a DVD in the mail

Any questions? Feel free to ask them

Our services are markedly different from other supplier of Microsoft software. Therefore we understand if there are some questions remaining. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you out, by clarifying things that are still unclear to you.

A legal version of Microsoft Windows can’t be found cheaper than at SoftwareLicense4U!

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