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Microsoft Windows for business

There are companies working with Linux on their computers, and companies that prefer to work with Macs. Most companies choose to work with Windows, for understandable reasons. However, Microsoft doesn’t give Windows away for free. If it’s not bundled with your computers or you need to upgrade all your company’s PC to a new version of Windows, this will normally cost you quite a bit of money. SoftwareLicense4U can help you cut costs on Microsoft Windows licenses for your business. You’ll get completely legal versions at a fraction of the price, even for the Professional version of Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 for your business – 7 also available

Of course, if you’re seeking to future-proof your computers, Windows 10 is the best choice. A Professional license of Microsoft Windows 10 for your business costs far less than you might think. This is because SoftwareLicense4U operates by buying up unused licenses from consumers and companies. We then resell those licenses to our customers, which is completely legal. Microsoft will recognize the validity of these licenses and provide you will all the updates. Additionally, you won’t get into trouble with anti-piracy agencies.

Microsoft strongly pushes consumers and companies alike to make the switch to Windows 10. However, many people prefer to use Windows 7 to this day still. Windows 7 licenses become harder and harder to get, but SoftwareLicense4U can still provide them to you. It should be noted that support for Windows 7 will end at a certain point, as it did for Windows XP. After that point this operating system becomes unsafe to use in companies. With our prices however, it’s easy to make the switch to Windows 10 by then, and buy Microsoft Windows 7 licenses for your business for the time being.

Our licenses are ready-to-use

SoftwareLicense4U doesn’t like to keep anyone waiting. Buying a license means you can download Windows immediately, and activate it using the provided license key. You’ll receive this product key right after making the purchase. Installing Windows should prove no trouble. In the rare case that a problem does arise, we provide support free of charge. It’s our mission to provide individuals and companies alike with working licenses, and we’ve never failed to do that.

Get Microsoft Windows for your business as cheap as possible, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U!

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