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Office for business

Microsoft Office is essential for any business, big or small. However, Microsoft is not giving it away for free. You’ll need a separate license for each computer in your company. This means high monthly costs for your Office 365 subscription. Alternatively, you can choose a large one-time investment on stand-alone versions of Office. SoftwareLicense4U can help you cut costs on Office licenses for your business. We provide these licenses at huge discounts to home users as well as companies. You’ll make a much smaller investment, and you’re free from paying every month.

Legal Office licenses for your business

SoftwareLicense4U offers you the chance of purchasing Office licenses for your business at much lower prices than found at virtually any other reseller of Microsoft Office. You might wonder how this is possible, when Microsoft sets a standard retail price for Office. Our low prices are a result of our unique business method, which we’ll explain to you here.

SoftwareLicense4U is always looking for unused licenses to buy and resell. In the case of Windows, these are often licenses that were bundled with new computers. However, Office licenses are usually not bundled with hardware. But sometimes they’re bought by home users or companies, who never use them or stop using them. We then buy these licenses at low prices, enabling us to sell these licenses at low prices at well. We make a profit by doing this, while still offering Office licenses for your business at a discount not found elsewhere.

The added advantage here is that the law allows unused licenses to be resold to a third party. This causes our services to remain squarely within legal limits. You’ll avoid all the risks that come with illegally downloading Office for your business. We’ll talk about this in detail, so you’re aware of the problems you’ll avoid when you choose to do business with us.

The validity of your licenses might be checked

Many average home users might not have any qualms about pirating software. They think that if they cover their tracks, they won’t get caught. They know of the considerable penalties when they do get caught, but they think it will not come that far.

However, businesses cannot afford to take this risk. Businesses, more than consumers, are being actively checked on whether they have valid, legal licenses. Microsoft and other software companies have joined forces in anti-piracy organizations, specifically to catch companies using illegally downloaded software.

The costs you face can be tremendous and can lead to bankruptcy in extreme cases. This is an important reason to choose legal Office licenses for your business. However, there are other reasons as well, equally as important.

Prevent cyber-attacks by choosing legal licenses

A company that illegally downloads software is exposed to the possibility of cyber-attacks. The download sites might spread an infection, either the sites themselves or by clicking a fake download button. Or malware might be bundled with the download. You’ll think your software installed correctly, but you don’t know which malicious programs were also installed in the background. Or the little program that’s used to crack the software does a little more than it should. Things like a key logger that intercepts and transmits your keystrokes, or ransomware that locks up your files, can be devastating to any company. Our legal Office licenses for your business help you prevent these problems from occurring.

Any Office version also comes with updates. They can be updates that fix bugs, but also updates that patch critical security leaks. An illegally downloaded version of Office for your business might not receive these updates, which leaves you vulnerable to attack.

The alternatives to Office

Then there are the alternative office suites, some of which are free. We’re not saying these suites are terrible and can’t be used at all. For a home user, they’re perfectly serviceable. However, it’s important to realize that Microsoft Office is the professional standard for companies. Companies you exchange files with are most likely using Microsoft Office as well. Opening files made by Microsoft Office in another office suite might cause compatibility problems. Vice versa the same is true. When you’re making a document in another office suite, it can’t be guaranteed to look the same when someone in another company opens it in Microsoft Office. A plain text Word file will be fine, but PowerPoint presentations will convert wrongly more often than not.

Is your company using an Exchange server for your e-mail and calendar? This always works best with Outlook, and the free alternative suites often don’t have a suitable replacement.

It’s up to you, but while a free office suite saves you money, it can be more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily you don’t have to pay as much for Office for your business as you might’ve thought, thanks to the services of SoftwareLicense4U.

Your choices concerning Microsoft Office for your business

Now, if you’re choosing to buy legal licenses for the genuine Office suite by Microsoft, what are your options at SoftwareLicense4U? You have a lot of choices, both for PC and Mac.

Would you like to be optimally prepared for the future, as well as benefit from the best integration of Office with Windows 10 and OneDrive? SoftwareLicense4U offers a huge discount on Office 2016 Professional Plus. Not only is this the newest version, at the time of writing, it’s also the most comprehensive edition of Office 2016. The standard applications are all present of course, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Furthermore, this edition also includes Access and Publisher.

Office 2013 is also well-integrated with Windows 10 and OneDrive. If you’d prefer to buy this version of Office for your business, SoftwareLicense4U has the legal licenses you need. We even offer Office 2010, though availability may be limited. For use with Windows 10 and when your company uses OneDrive, we recommend at least Office 2013. An Office 2010 license does save you the largest amount of money, of course.

Mac versions of Office also available

If your company uses Macs, we offer the choice between Office 2011 and Office 2016 for your business. For our Mac licenses, similar discounts are in effect as for our PC licenses. The versions offered are the Home and Business versions. They include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, with the 2016 version also including OneNote.

Work with Office immediately

In this digital age, you don’t want to wait for a DVD with Office to arrive in the mail. SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity to start working with Office immediately after purchasing a license. You’ll be given a reliable download location right after we receive payment. This is often the server of Microsoft itself. The license key is e-mailed to you at the same time. This means you can download, activate and install Office for your business immediately. Since your license is unused, Microsoft will recognize its legitimacy. You’ll receive all the updates soon after installation, and will continue to receive any additional updates in the future.

The above process goes without a hitch for most of our customers. However, we want our licenses to work for everybody. Therefore, we offer free support if any customer, home or business, has a problem activating a license. If needed, we can remotely look at your desktop and solve the issue for you. We’ve existed for quite some time, and in our existence we’ve never had to disappoint a customer. You too will get working Office licenses for your business, we guarantee it.

Various other Microsoft licenses

You might have need for other Microsoft software, aside from Office. For example, if you need to upgrade Windows, you’ll need Windows 10 licenses. Or your project management staff might need Microsoft Project or Visio. SoftwareLicense4U has all these software products for sale at similarly large discounts as our Office licenses. The same goes for Adobe software. Our stand-alone versions of Adobe products eliminate the need for Creative Cloud subscriptions. Look at our available licenses and find the software you need, for less money than elsewhere.

Our offer to you

Below we’ve summarized the main features of our Office licenses for your business.

  • Multiple Office versions available
  • We offer Office 2016 Professional Plus, the newest and most complete version of Office
  • Office 2013 and 2010 licenses also available
  • Office 2016 and 2011 available for Mac
  • Save a lot of money, regardless of which version you choose
  • Completely legal licenses
  • Avoid all the risks of illegally downloading software
  • A license recognized by Microsoft ensures you’ll get all the updates
  • Download, install and activate Office immediately
  • Free support if there’s a problem
  • You’re guaranteed to get working licenses
  • We sell other Microsoft software licenses as well

Please be sure to check our customer reviews and our high customer satisfaction score. If any of the above is unclear to you or you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

SoftwareLicense4U has the best deal on Office licenses for your business you’ll find anywhere. We hope to provide your company with cheap, legal licenses as well!

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