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Office for students

When you’re studying at a college or university, Microsoft Office can be called an essential software suite. You can write reports in Word, do calculations in Excel and make presentations for your teacher and fellow students in PowerPoint. These are just a couple of examples, a student can do a lot more with Office. Are you looking for a cheap version of Office, because you think the regular price is too high? SoftwareLicense4U offers completely legal and very cheap versions of Office for students.

By taking advantage of our offer, you avoid the pitfalls of downloading illegal versions of Office. Neither do you have to pay through the nose for Office, or have to make do with a free, inferior alternative to Microsoft Office. Choose your favorite version of Office and buy it at a huge discount. You can then download, activate and install the software immediately.

Office is the standard for students and in the professional world

Because Microsoft Office costs money, it can be tempting to go with a free alternative, like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. We’re not going to say these programs are no good at all. On their own they’re perfectly functional. However, we recommend getting Microsoft Office for students, and we’ll explain why.

At your school or university they’re most likely using Microsoft Office. Suppose you’re writing a big report on a science project, or have to present your findings in a presentation. Writing the report or making the presentation is perfectly doable in these free office suites. But they’re a large chance your report and your presentation will not look the same when you open them on a school computer. This is the result of conversion problems between the free office suites and Microsoft Office.

Aside from that, when you’re no longer a student it’ll benefit your career to be able to work comfortably with Microsoft Office. In the professional world, Microsoft Office is the unchallenged standard. For these reasons we recommend working with Microsoft Office for students. We’re here to help you along, with a huge discount on Office for students and other home users.

An illegal download is not recommended and not necessary

Now, some of you may be thinking: why not get Microsoft Office for free? You should be aware of the risks, however. Firstly, there’s the risk of getting into trouble with an anti-piracy organization. These organizations work on behalf of the copyright owners of software like Office. When caught, you’re usually faced with a lawsuit or an expensive out-of-court settlement.

Then there’s the risk of an infection with malware, a virus or a similar piece of malicious software. This can happen on the site you visit to download Office, maybe by clicking a fake download button. Or malicious software can be bundled with the download, and installed on the background, without you knowing about it. An infection can be merely inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. Consider a key logger that registers all your keystrokes and intercepts your password. Or an infection with ransomware, which encrypts all your files and asks money for renewed access to your documents.

SoftwareLicense4U offers a version of Office for students for such a low price that you don’t have to bother with either a free alternative or an illegal download. We’ll explain how that’s possible and how our services work.

How does purchasing Office for students work?

First you choose the edition of Office you’d like to purchase. We offer the choice of Office 2016 very cheaply. For even less money you have the option of choosing an older version. Aside from several PC versions, we also offer Mac editions.

After purchasing, you’re given a location to download Office. Often this will be Microsoft’s own server. The license code is e-mailed to you immediately after purchase. You can download, install and activate Office in the usual way.

The reason for our low prices is the fact that we buy unused license keys from consumers and businesses. The fact that the license code is unused will cause Microsoft to accept your license key and deem it as valid. You will therefore receive all the updates to your chosen Office version.

Your license is guaranteed to work

SoftwareLicense4U has amassed a large group of satisfied customers. This is a result of our low prices, but also because of the fact that our licenses always work. Installing Office for students is very easy, but should you run into a problem, you can count on our free support. We can remotely look at your desktop and solve the problem for you. Since our existence it’s never happened we couldn’t get a license to work for any of our customers.

Because of our services, you can benefit from working with Microsoft Office, without experiencing any of the downsides of using an illegal version.

Summary of the advantages of using our services

  • Microsoft Office is the standard in academics and the professional world
  • Office for students is offered at low prices
  • You don’t have to use an inferior alternative
  • You’ll avoid the risks of downloading Office illegally
  • Office 2016 available at an attractive price
  • Several older versions offered even more cheaply
  • Mac editions also available
  • Download, activate and install immediately
  • Free support, if necessary

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SoftwareLicense4U is the place to buy Microsoft Office for students, without paying more than you need to.

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