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Office students 2010

Are you a student and would you like to buy a legal version of Microsoft Office, but spend as little money as possible? The way to do this is to buy Office for students 2010 at SoftwareLicense4U. Of course you can also get a newer edition, like Office 2016. But if you’re on a tight budget, the 2010 version is the cheapest. At the same time, if offers almost the same options as newer versions of Office.

Office for students 2010 is remarkably cheap

MS Office is the uncontested standard office suite for academics and in the professional world. Would you like to work with Office, but you don’t want to download it illegally? That is commendable, but we also understand that as a student you’re on a tight budget. The best choice to save as much money as possible is to buy Office for students 2010 at SoftwareLicense4U. It’s fully compatible with newer versions. You’ll be able to do pretty much the same with it as you can with a newer edition. Office 2010 offers more than enough for virtually any student and other home user.

Download, activate and install immediately

SoftwareLicense4U can offer Office so cheaply because we buy and resell unused product keys. After purchasing, you can download Office immediately from a location we provide. The product key is e-mailed to you right after you make the purchase. Microsoft will recognize your key as valid, because it’s never been used. This also means you’ll receive all the updates to Office 2010.

Do you have some money to spare and would you like to be optimally prepared for the future? For a little extra money, we have licenses for newer Office versions. But in other cases, Office for students 2010 will be all you need. You’ll get the largest discount and receive a perfectly working version of Office.

SoftwareLicense4U is the place to buy Office licenses for students!

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