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Office students 2013

Microsoft Office is an essential software suite for any student, be it a high school, college or university student. However, it’s not free and it’s not cheap, either. The full retail price and the price in most webstores are quite steep. How to get around this, if you don’t want to download Microsoft Office illegally either? You just came to a website that offers the answer. SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity to get a cheap Office for students 2013 license, in a completely legal way. You’ll pay far less than virtually anywhere else, and still operate within the bounds of the law.

How our low prices are possible

You might wonder how it’s possible that we offer Office for students 2013 so much cheaper than other software vendors. This is because of our unique business strategy. We have employees who are constantly looking to buy unused software licenses. These can be Windows licenses, Office licenses or licenses to Adobe products. Sometimes these licenses were bundled with new hardware. Other times, they were bought by consumers or businesses. If a consumer or business doesn’t use their license, it can be bought and resold. We’re buying these licenses at very low prices, so we’re able to charge you a low price as well.

If you’re worrying about the legal aspect, put your mind at ease. A license is allowed to be resold, as long as it isn’t being used by the former owner. Both anti-piracy organizations and Microsoft itself will recognize your license as valid. That means you’ll avoid all the pitfalls of illegally downloaded software, which we’ll talk about further.

No need to download Office illegally

Downloading Office illegally can be tempting, but is no longer necessary. With our low price levels, even students on a tight budget will be able to afford a legal Office license. Our business model makes a larger discount possible than you can find anywhere else.

This means you’ll avoid all the risks that come with downloading Office 2013 by students illegally. You won’t get into trouble with anti-piracy organizations, for starters. The costs of an out-of-court settlement can be tremendous, a risk which you’ll avoid completely.

Choosing a legal Office license is also safer, as far as the security of your computer is concerned. The sites which offer illegal downloads can give you a malware infection, for example by clicking one of the many fake download buttons. Aside from that, the download itself can be compromised. You might get a working version of Office, but other malicious programs might have installed themselves on the background. Or you have to crack the software using a little program, which might install all kinds of malware or spyware on the background.

Microsoft Office for students 2013 is the best choice

Illegally downloading MS Office is not a wise choice, as we’ve established. However, you still have the option of going with a free, alternative Office suite. Examples of these suites are OpenOffice and LibreOffice. We’re not telling you these suites are terrible, they’re perfectly serviceable on their own. However, Microsoft Office for students 2013 can be preferred for multiple reasons.

First we can say that being able to work comfortably with Microsoft Office will benefit you in your career. We don’t have to tell you the fact that Microsoft Office is the uncontested standard in professional offices.

That’s not the only reason however. What makes Microsoft Office for students 2013 the most convenient choice, is the fact that you’ll avoid compatibility problems. Most likely they’re using MS Office at your school, college or university. You might write up a report or make a presentation in another office suite at home. They’re a significant chance your report will not look the same when your teacher opens it in Microsoft Office at school. The same goes for the presentation you’re going to give to your fellow students. It also works the other way around. Unless the school documents are in PDF, they might not look as intended on your own computer. That’s why it’s recommended you use Microsoft Office as a student.

Download, install and activate Microsoft Office for students 2013 immediately

The version of Microsoft Office 2013 available for students is the Professional Plus edition. This version includes all the Office apps. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are of course included. You can also benefit from OneNote, Access and Publisher. This is not the trial version, it’s the full version you can use indefinitely.

Once you’ve purchased a license, you can download Office 2013 for pc directly from Microsoft’s server. This guarantees the integrity of the download. The product key is e-mailed to you directly after purchasing. This means you can install Office and activate your license immediately. Your product key is recognized as valid by Microsoft, so you will also receive all the updates.

In almost all cases, this will happen without a hitch. However, if you run into any problem, please contact us. We take pride in the fact that our licenses always work. In the rare case of a problem, we offer free support to fix the issue for you. This method of operating has resulted in a large group of satisfied customers, reflected in our high TrustPilot satisfaction score.

Other versions also available

Thus far we’ve talked about Microsoft Office for students 2013. Would you rather buy the newest version of Office? We’ve also got MS Office 2016 available. And if you’d like to save even more money, you can buy a license to MS Office 2010, with a very large discount. It’s up to you, but in any case you’ll spend far less money than with virtually any other vendor.

Our offer summarized

  • Legal license for Office 2013 Professional Plus
  • Contains all Office apps
  • Office 2016 and 2010 also available
  • Largest discount you’ll find anywhere
  • Avoid all the risks of illegally downloading Office
  • Download, install and activate Office immediately
  • Free support, in case of a problem

SoftwareLicense4U has the best Office for students 2013 deal available anywhere. Take advantage of our service and don’t pay a dollar more than you have to. Also check out our Windows and Adobe software deals. We hope to see you soon!

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