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In order to use a computer, you need an operating system, like Windows or Linux. An office suite is also software needed by many computer users. Now, the operating system Linux is free, but it requires quite a bit of technical knowledge. Aside from that, not all programs work on Linux. It can be said that most people need Windows. If Windows wasn’t bundled with your computer, you will face the high cost of purchasing Windows. The same goes for Microsoft Office. The available free office suites are not suited to everyone’s needs. Many people prefer or need to work with Microsoft Office. This software is quite pricy, and is usually not bundled with computers.

Thankfully, you can benefit from the cheap software licenses offered by SoftwareLicense4U. In a completely legal way you can purchase a license for Windows 10 or Office 2016 at a discount, among other software. This will save you quite a lot of money, compared to the prices asked by other websites and in retail stores. We currently have the best offer for these products you’ll find anywhere. In addition, you will benefit from the advantages of owning legal software, and avoid the downsides of using illegal software. We will talk about this in detail later.

The high costs of software

Windows is not a cheap operating system. Thankfully, most of the time it’s bundled with new computers. But do you want to upgrade an older computer to Windows 10? Or is your copy of Windows currently illegal, and do you have second thoughts about that? In those cases, you will face considerable costs, when you’re looking to buy Windows in a store or online.

The same goes for Microsoft Office or, for example, Adobe software products like Photoshop. Contrary to Windows, Office is usually not bundled with computers. You’ll have to buy it yourself or pay a monthly subscription fee, which can add up over time.

This is the reason why many people seek their refuge in illegally downloaded software. However, it must be said that this is not without its risks.

The risks of illegal software

Illegal copies of software are often delivered in a ‘cracked’ form, thus bypassing the need to enter a valid license key. Or you’ll have to crack the software yourself after installation, with a certain little program. The downside is that sometimes Microsoft or Adobe can see that the product is cracked. In some cases, you won’t get any updates. That means you don’t benefit from new features and bug fixes, and you won’t get any updates that fix leaks and exploits. Your computer can become vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Anyone who illegally downloads software needs to know what he’s or she’s doing. Untrustworthy sources sometimes add malware to the package. For example, the package can contain a so-called key logger. Such a program registers every keystroke and sends it to a server, where it’s examined by cyber-criminals. In this way, it’s possible they can get their hands on your bank password or credit card number.

Would you like to avoid these risks, but also not have to pay a premium price for legal programs? Where to buy your software then? SoftwareLicense4U offers you the solution.

Legal software at low prices

The online services of SoftwareLicense4U are a solution for people deterred by the hefty price tag of software like Windows and Microsoft Office. Our price level is much lower, even though our licenses are still completely legal. We make this possible by selling unused licenses we’re purchasing from consumers or businesses. These licenses were sometimes bundled with hardware. In other cases, they were bought in stores or online, but the buyer didn’t use the license. If a license isn’t being used, it can be bought by us and sold to one of our customers. This practice doesn’t violate any laws. In all cases SoftwareLicense4U offers legal software, at lower prices than you’ll typically find.

This means you won’t have the problem of not receiving the updates to your programs. For example, in the case of Windows or Office, Microsoft recognizes the license key as legitimate. You’ll receive all the new features, bug fixes and security patches.

Aside from that, the downloads supplied by us will not contain harmful elements. With an illegal download, you can’t be sure of that. At SoftwareLicense4U you’ll benefit from a legal download from a trustworthy source, together with a valid license key.

Choose your favorite Windows version

Let’s use Windows as an example. In a store you’ll pay more than $100. Only a student license is cheaper, but only if you’re currently studying at a college or university.  At SoftwareLicense4U you pay far less for this operating system.

If you choose to buy Windows 10 at our webstore, you can simply download this operating system from Microsoft’s server. You will receive the license key by e-mail, immediately after purchase. You can enter the license key and install Windows the usual way. Whether you choose to install the 32-bit or 64-bit version is up to you.

Windows 10 is the newest Windows version, which is continually being updated. But there are also a lot of people who still prefer to use Windows 7. In retail stores and webstores Windows 7 is often no longer available to buy. However, SoftwareLicense4U still offers valid Windows 7 licenses, which you can purchase at an even greater discount.

Watch the end-of-life date of older Windows versions

When choosing Windows 7, you should be aware that the support for this operating system will end at a certain time. We’ve seen this before with Windows XP. Using Windows 7 after this date is a severe security hazard. If you wish to be prepared for the future, maybe Windows 10 is a better choice.

Would you like to upgrade an older PC with a new operating system, Windows 7 might seem attractive to you. But it should be noted that Windows 10 runs better than Windows 7 on older hardware. Windows 10 is better optimized and runs more smoothly on older machines. Of course, the choice is all yours. We offer the choice of buying the version of Windows you prefer for your computer.

Cheap Microsoft Office licenses

Aside from Windows, computer users often also need other software. Microsoft Office is considered essential for many computer owners. Office is usually quite expensive. This causes some people to choose a free office suite like OpenOffice, or take the illegal road by pirating Microsoft Office.

Illegally downloaded software poses some severe risks. And the drawback of suites like OpenOffice is that they often don’t collaborate well with Microsoft Office. Are you working with Microsoft Office at your job and do you want to continue working on your documents at home? You’ll notice that OpenOffice and similar office suites can cause problems when viewing and editing the documents you made at work. This especially happens with PowerPoint presentations.

Choose the Office suite you need

SoftwareLicense4U offers Microsoft Office suites at affordable prices. As with Windows, this is completely legal software, with valid license keys. Office 2016 Professional Plus is available, so you can benefit from the newest version. Would you like to spend even less money, or install Office on an older machine? In this case, you might prefer Office 2010, which offers almost the same options.

No matter which edition you choose, we offer the most comprehensive version of the Office suite, which contains all Office applications. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, it’s all available. At an attractive price you can do everything with Microsoft Office you’d like. The standard version is even a little cheaper, in case you don’t need applications like Access.

Our software always works

SoftwareLicense4U can say with pride that our license keys always work. If you run into any problems, free support is available. We can use the program TeamViewer to look at your desktop and correct the problem. In the end, you will always have a functioning product.

Our high satisfaction score and the reactions of our satisfied customers are available to view at our website. We’ve never had to disappoint a customer.

Our service in a nutshell

Below you can find a summary of the strong advantages of choosing the services of SoftwareLicense4U.

  • You’ll pay a lot less for Windows, Microsoft Office and other software
  • Completely legal licenses
  • Our license keys always work
  • You will prevent harm from downloading software illegally
  • Multiple versions available
  • You can download the software immediately
  • The license key will be e-mailed to you immediately after purchase
  • Free support in case you have a problem

Please feel free to contact us

We hope we’ve been able to make everything clear to you. If you have any questions however, please contact us for an answer to your questions. We’ll be happy to clarify any element of the services we offer.

SoftwareLicense4u provides legal software licenses at low prices!

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