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Software license

Are you looking for an affordable software license for the operating system Windows, or for Microsoft Office, the office suite that’s essential for many people? It’s possible that you consider these software products to be too expensive at retail prices. Maybe you’d like to do everything the legal way, but you don’t want to pay full price for this software.

At SoftwareLicense4U you’re given the opportunity to purchase a legal software license at an attractive price. We offer licenses for multiple versions of Windows and Office, as well as for Adobe software and security software by ESET and BitDefender. You’ll prevent problems which can arise by illegally downloading software.

A cheap software license lies within your reach

Windows is often bundled with new computers. But that doesn’t help if you want to upgrade an older computer, or convert your illegal version of Windows to a legal software license. The period during which you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free is over. Normally, you’d face substantial costs of more than a hundred dollars or euros. The same goes for Office, which is usually not supplied with computers.

SoftwareLicense4U offers you a solution, with attractively priced software licenses. You’ll pay a lot less and you’ll still own completely legal software. This offers several advantages, which we’ll discuss below.

Escape the downsides of illegal software

A lot of people think software like Windows or Microsoft Office is too expensive, so they choose the illegal road. However, this comes with multiple downsides. Anti-piracy organizations actively prosecute software pirates. You might be taken to court, or have to agree with an expensive out-of-court settlement, at great financial cost to you.

The sites which offer the illegal downloads can be tricky to navigate as well. There’s one legitimate download link, among a lot of other buttons marked ‘download’. These fake download buttons can lead to spam sites, but worse, they can also lead to sites trying to infect your computer with malware.

Apart from that, you can’t always trust illegal downloads. Sometimes the software itself will function correctly, but malicious software has been added to the download. Consider the so called key loggers, which register anything you type. More than often, bank usernames and passwords, as well as credit card numbers, have been intercepted this way. Or the software itself is clean, but the program used for cracking the software will install malware on your computer.

It’s also possible that you won’t receive updates to your software, because Microsoft or Adobe sees that you don’t own a legal license key. That means you don’t benefit from the newest updates that patch leaks in the software, which can cause a security risk. In other cases, new features are added through updates, or bugs in the software are fixed. If you don’t receive updates, you won’t be able to benefit from these new features and bug fixes.

How does a software license purchased at SoftwareLicense4U work?

You might wonder how it’s possible that SoftwareLicense4U can offer a valid and legal software license so cheaply. This is possible because of our unique licensing model. We are always looking for unused licenses. These might be bundled with new hardware, or bought by consumers or businesses that didn’t use these licenses. We buy these licence keys for low prices, and sell them to our customers. We’re able to offer such a software license for a very affordable price, and still make a profit. The law allows an unused software license to be distributed to a third party. This makes our method of operating completely legal. You won’t get into trouble with an anti-piracy organization, and will benefit from all the advantages of being a legal software user.

Another reason for our low prices is our digital method of distribution. You’ll download the software yourself, from Microsoft’s server or another location we provide. The software license, in the form of a unique product key, will be e-mailed to you. You’ll receive this key in the mail immediately after your purchase. You will also receive clear instructions, so you’ll know what to do to download, install and activate the software. Because we don’t have to maintain an expensive warehouse filled with big software boxes or piles of DVDs, we can keep our prices at a low level.

Choose your favorite Windows or Office version

Are you a PC user? In most cases, you’ll need Windows, unless you prefer Linux. Many PC and also Mac users also need Microsoft Office. These are, respectively, the most used operating system and the most widely used office suite. Many people think a legal software license for these products is too expensive.

At SoftwareLicense4U, you can receive a legal software license for these products at a much lower price. You can download, install and activate the software immediately. We offer the newest versions, at the moment that’s Windows 10 and Office 2016. With these versions, you’ll be optimally prepared for the future.

Would you like to save even more money? Or are you one of the many people who still prefer Windows 7 over Windows 10? A software license for older Windows or Office versions is also available at SoftwareLicense4U. As can be expected, the prices for these products are even lower.

Adobe software without a monthly subscription

Aside from Microsoft software, you can also buy an Adobe software license. Adobe currently works with a licensing model called the Creative Cloud, which means you pay a monthly subscription fee for the Adobe products you want to use. Previously they worked with stand-alone programs, part of the Creative Suite. Would you rather not pay a subscription fee every month, which can add up to a substantial amount of money?

SoftwareLicense4U offers an Adobe software license, for a fraction of the price asked by other vendors. As with Microsoft software, you download the software yourself and receive the license key by e-mail. Adobe will recognize our license keys as unused and therefore valid. This means you’ll receive all the updates to your Adobe software products. You’ll pay a one-time amount of money, which is far less than the added cost of subscription over a couple of years.

Protect your computer with our security software

Having legal software licenses for all the software you use is the first step towards being a responsible computer user. However, it doesn’t end there. A compromised site, an e-mail with malware or a flash drive infected with a virus can still cause trouble for you, among other things. For that reason we have entered a partnership with the leading digital security companies ESET and BitDefender.

SoftwareLicense4U gives you the option of buying their state-of-the-art security software. This software protects you against viruses, malware, spyware, spam, ransomware and other harmful influences to your computer. A legal software license is the beginning of responsible computer use, but these products will keep you protected.

At all times however, there’s the need to be vigilant. Online you can find plenty of information about responsible and safe computer use.

Your software license will always work

SoftwareLicense4U is proud to say we sell licenses that work in all cases. Using the accompanied instructions almost everyone can install the software bought at our site, and activate it using their license key. We hope this will also be the case for you. However, if you should run into problems, you can count on our support team, which will help you free of charge. We will be glad to help you solve the problem. If necessary, we can connect to your desktop using the program TeamViewer. We will then be able to solve the problem for you, and give you a software product which functions as it should.

Our high satisfaction score and the reviews from our customers, which you can find on our site, show that we have built a large base of satisfied customers. You can purchase a software license at SoftwareLicense4U without worrying, because you’re sure to receive correctly functioning software.

A summary of the advantages you’ll receive

Below you’ll find a summary of what we have to offer, should you buy a software license at SoftwareLicense4U.

  • Completely legal software licenses for you to use
  • Choose from Windows, Office or Adobe software
  • The newest versions available, as well as older versions
  • You’ll prevent problems arising from the use of illegal software
  • Very attractive prices, much lower than elsewhere
  • You can download, install and activate the software immediately
  • Our licenses work in all cases
  • Free support, if you should need it
  • Protect your computer with our security software

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us

It’s possible that you still have questions about our licensing model, or another aspect of our services. In that case, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, and to resolve anything that’s still unclear to you. Our goal is to help our customers get legal software for low prices, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Buy your legal software license as cheap as possible at SoftwareLicense4U!

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