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Student software

Students need the right software in this day and age. Not only do they like to use their computers, they also need them for their academic studies. Are you a college, university or high school student? And do you feel deterred by the high price of student software? Students of any kind usually don’t have large amounts of money to spend on software. That’s why you see them proceeding to download the software illegally. Often they don’t realize the risks they’re taking by doing that.

However, that’s not the way it has to go, thanks to SoftwareLicense4U. Anyone in academics can benefit from completely legal software at attractive prices. We offer cheap student software, like the newest and older versions of Windows and Microsoft Office. If you’re taking creativity classes, you might like our cheap Adobe software products deals. Aside from that, you can protect your computer by buying state-of-the-art security software by ESET and BitDefender. In this article, we’ll explain how it’s possible to spend far less money on student software, by taking advantage of our offer.

Illegally downloaded software comes with severe risks

First we will talk about the risks and downsides of illegally downloaded software. The only advantage is that it’s free. However, it comes with a major risk factor. For example, you might be infected by viruses or malware. If you’re not infected on the download sites themselves, it might be bundled with your download. You might get a functioning piece of software, but malicious programs are installed on the background. Think of a key logger, for example. It registers all your keystrokes and intercepts your passwords and credit card number.

It’s also possible that a company like Microsoft notices that you don’t own a legal license to the software. In that case you might not receive the updates. Given that updates often solve security issues, your computer might become vulnerable.

Lastly, we have to tell you about the possibility of getting into trouble with anti-piracy organizations. In some countries the individual downloader is not prosecuted. If you live in the USA, this is different. An out-of-court settlement or full-blown lawsuit can come with high costs.

In many ways as a student you’re better off buying legal student software. The good news is you don’t have to pay full price for this at a retail store, because it’s possible for you to use the services offered by SoftwareLicense4U.

Affordable student software at SoftwareLicense4U

You might ask how it’s possible to buy legal student software at SoftwareLicense4U at such low prices. This is a result of our business model, which works by buying unused licenses. These might be OEM-licenses, which are bundled with new hardware. Or they might be licenses purchased and subsequently not used by consumers or businesses. According to the law, it’s legal to buy and resell these licenses, as long as they’re not being used. This means you’re operating within the bounds of the law by buying software at SoftwareLicense4U.

We also offer our student software over the internet. That means we don’t have to spend money on maintaining a warehouse full of software boxes. We don’t have to send anything to you by mail, because everything happens electronically. This method of working results in lower prices for students, when they buy student software at our webstore. In summary, SoftwareLicense4U offers cheap software, completely within the boundaries of the law.

Windows, an absolute necessity

Are you not a Mac owner, or a Linux minded person? Then you’ll need the operating system Windows. When the support for Windows XP ended, Microsoft temporarily allowed a free upgrade to Windows 10. Maybe you didn’t take advantage of this offer, or maybe the update didn’t work, which happened regularly.

In any case, if Windows wasn’t bundled with your computer, you’ll have to buy it. It certainly isn’t cheap in any retail store and most webstores. Is the price of Windows a problem for you as a student, but neither do you want to download it illegally? At SoftwareLicense4U you can buy a cheap Windows 10 license. We provide the Home edition, but for a couple of dollars more we also offer a Pro edition.

Older Windows versions available as well

There’s a broad difference of opinion about Windows 10 among Windows users. Certainly this operating system has been improved through updates, since its release. Still, some people prefer to stick with Windows 7. Worldwide it’s still installed on more computers than Windows 10. However, it’s not for sale anymore in many stores. As part of our selection of student software, SoftwareLicense4U can still provide you with a cheap Windows 7 license.

In a few years, the support for Windows 7 will end. We’ve seen this before with Windows XP. Using Windows 7 after this point is very unsafe. But our licenses are priced so low it’s easy to use Windows 7 until then, and then buy a Windows 10 license when the support for Windows 7 ends.

Microsoft Office is very important student software

Next to Windows, Microsoft Office can also be called essential software for students. There are free alternatives, but they don’t always collaborate well with Office. Do they use Office at your school and are you asked to make a PowerPoint presentation? If you do this at home using OpenOffice, for example, chances are it’s going to look different at school than at home. Working with Office by Microsoft is easiest in most cases. Additionally, if you learn to work well with these programs, it will benefit you later in your career. In the professional world, Microsoft Office is the standard.

That’s why you should choose our cheap Office suites. We offer the most comprehensive version of Office 2016 at an affordable price. For even less money you can choose an older Office version. For most students, Office 2010 offers everything they need.

How does purchasing our student software work?

Are you looking to buy student software at SoftwareLicense4U, and are you wondering how this works? Let’s use Windows 10 as an example. After purchasing a license you can download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s site, using the Media Creation Tool. You’ll receive the license key in an e-mail directly after purchasing. You can enter the license key before installation, and install Windows in the usual way.

With other software, it’s possible you have to enter the license key after installation. It’s also possible that the student software is hosted on another reliable website. In all cases, however, it’s a legal download and a valid license key. You’ll prevent all the negative effects that may result from illegally downloading software.

We guarantee you’ll get working student software

SoftwareLicense4U has many satisfied customers, resulting in positive reviews and a high satisfaction score. You can find these reviews and this score on our website. Our licenses for student software always work. You can find clear instructions on our website. If it’s unclear to you what to do, our support team is available to help you for free. Using the program TeamViewer we can remotely look at your desktop and solve any problem you might run into. It’s never happened that we couldn’t get software purchased by a student to work. Students of any kind can comfortably buy software at SoftwareLicense4U.

Secure your PC or Mac with our software

Choosing legal software is step one of responsibly using your computer. But you might still be infected by viruses, malware, spyware or ransomware in another way. You don’t want to lose all your music, photos and school documents, or have to pay in order to get them back. You can prevent this with security software by ESET and Bitdefender.

SoftwareLicense4U has entered into a partnership with these companies, and offers their state-of-the-art security software at affordable prices. By taking advantage of these attractively priced deals, you’ll protect your PC or Mac against harmful infections. Your student software and important documents will be adequately protected. Of course you’ll always have to be mindful to what you’re doing on the internet. However, this software greatly reduces the risk of an infection.

What you can expect from us

  • Wide variety of useful student software
  • Choose from Windows, Office and other programs
  • Both the newest versions available, as well as older versions
  • Completely legal licenses
  • You’ll avoid the risks of illegally downloaded software
  • Buy our software at a huge discount
  • Completely digital service
  • You can download, activate and install the software immediately
  • Free support, if necessary
  • Our software always works

Feel free to look at our selection

Please feel free to look at our software discounts and choose what you need. Choose your favorite Windows and Office version, or take a look at our Adobe software deals. Don’t forget to check out our attractive offer for security software, in order to always remain protected.

It’s also recommended to look at our customers’ reviews. You’ll see that our service is completely reliable.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions

Do you have any further questions concerning our student software? Feel free to contact us. Because our services are different from most other webstores offering software licenses, it’s understandable that some questions remain. Please contact us to have your questions answered.

At SoftwareLicense4U, you can get student software cheaper than anywhere else!

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