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Windows 10 for students

Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest operating system for consumers, is usually bundled with new computers. However, are you a student and are you stuck on a computer running an older Windows version? Then you’re faced with the considerable costs of buying a separate version of Windows 10. Thankfully, SoftwareLicense4U offers another option regarding Windows 10 for students. Any student can get a completely legal license at a huge discount. Even students on tight budgets can easily afford our licenses, because of our unprecedentedly low pricing levels.

Windows 10 for students in various forms

There are several versions of Windows 10 available, such as Home and Professional. At SoftwareLicense4U, the choice between Home and Pro is yours. The difference in price is minimal. That means that if you think you’ll benefit from the extra features of the Pro version, it’ll only cost you a couple of dollars more.

Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll get an unused, legal license. Because of this, you’ll receive all current and future updates to Windows 10, and avoid problems with anti-piracy organizations.

Available for download and installation immediately

When you buy a license at SoftwareLicense4U, there’s no need to wait for a DVD in the mail. Our services are offered digitally. You can download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s own server, which provides a secure download. You’ll receive the license key via e-mail directly after purchasing your license. You can download, activate and install Windows 10 in the usual way. If this causes any problems, we offer free support to make your license work for you. Since our existence, it’s never happened that any student received a license that didn’t work.

SoftwareLicense4U has the best legal Windows 10 deal for students you’ll find anywhere!

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