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Windows 7

Most computer owners are aware of the fact that Windows 10 is the newest operating system by Microsoft. Microsoft is pushing this version heavily and they would like to see everyone making the switch to Windows 10. Temporarily they even offered a free upgrade from an older version of Windows.

Still, Windows 7 still has a large share of fans. Windows 10 comes with all kinds of bells and whistles, and not everyone appreciates that. There are also concerns about privacy. Which information are you unwillingly sharing with Microsoft? Windows 7 is a bit simpler by nature. It’s very convenient to use and it’s extremely stable.

Where to buy Windows 7, what’s the best place to get a license? At a lot of stores, both retail and online, you won’t be able to find this Windows version anymore. But at SoftwareLicense4U, you will. We still offer Win 7 for sale. And not only that, this operating system is also very cheap. You’ll be surprised by the price asked for versions like Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

Downloading Windows 7 doesn’t have to be illegal

With the large focus placed by Microsoft on Windows 10 you might ask where you can purchase Windows 7. Not rarely do people give up the search, and proceed to download a free, illegal version. However, by doing this they’re taking a considerable and avoidable risk.

To start with, a lot of these sites are filled with fake download buttons, spread around the real download link. It can be hard to identify the genuine link among the fake buttons. One click on a fake button can lead you to a spam site, about casinos or erotic material. That’s the best case, because other buttons might lead to sites which try to infect you with all kinds of malware and viruses.

That last thing can also happen when you proceed to download an illegal version of Windows. Often these versions of Windows 7 work fine. In some cases malware has been put into the download. Consider a key logger, which registers all your keystrokes. Such a program is used to steal credit card data or passwords for online banking.

All of this can easily be avoided. SoftwareLicense4U offers you a fully legal, reliable version of Windows 7. You can buy this license at very attractive prices. Please keep reading as we explain our business model, and check our prices to see how much you’ll pay.

How our services work

If you look well, you’ll be able to find more places where Windows 7 is offered for sale. However, they’ll often charge the full price to you, except maybe in the second-hand market. You might wonder how it’s possible that SoftwareLicense4U offers this version of Windows so cheaply.

Our cheap prices are a result of our business model. We buy unused licenses and sell them to our customers. Sometimes these licenses are bundled with new computers, or they’re bought by individuals and companies, but remain unused. As long as they’re unused, these licenses are allowed by law to be resold to a third party. This causes your purchase of a valid Windows 7 license to fall within the bounds of the law.

Our good deals are also a result of the fact that we offer a purely digital service. You’ll download Windows yourself, from a location specified by us. The license key is e-mailed to you directly after purchasing. The only exception is when we ship a license sticker by mail in some cases. These cases are labeled clearly, and in all other cases everything happens digitally.

This digital way of operating means we don’t have to maintain an expensive warehouse. We don’t have to store a big software box for you, or even a loose DVD. As you can understand, this has a positive influence on the price of the deals we offer our customers.

You can get to work immediately

Our digital service means you don’t have to wait for anything. We don’t have to send a DVD by mail, and you don’t have to wait for it to arrive. You can download Windows directly from the trustworthy source we provide.

Activating Windows by entering the product key can also be done immediately. We provide you this key in an e-mail within 5 minutes after you’ve purchased a license. This means we offer you not only a very cheap deal on Windows 7, but also a very convenient one.

Your product key will always work

SoftwareLicense4U makes sure we sell you an unused license in all cases, no matter which product you choose. This is also the case for each edition of Windows 7 we offer for sale.

Your license key will therefore work without a question. You can activate Win 7 in the normal way, and Microsoft will recognize your product key as legitimate. In the unlikely case when there is a problem, our support team is here to help you. Using the program TeamViewer we can remotely look at your desktop and help you download, install and activate Windows 7.

At our website you can see our high TrustPilot satisfaction score. You’ll also find the reviews by our satisfied customers there. These are a result of the fact that we’ve never had to disappoint a customer. All our customers receive working and legal software products, among which Windows 7.

Choose your favorite version

Are you choosing to buy Windows 7 at SoftwareLicense4U? We’re happy to add you to our base of satisfied customers. You’ll only need to make a choice for your favorite version of this operating system. We’re not offering the very simple Starter version at this moment. We don’t consider this a full version and don’t think this version is suitable for most users. For example, it cannot handle more than 2GB of memory, while almost all computers nowadays have more than that.

You can choose the Home Premium version, however. This version is suitable for most home users. It optimally uses the capabilities of your system.

Do you wish to go a step beyond this? The Professional version, or Pro version, and the Ultimate versions are offered to you by SoftwareLicense4U. At our website you can learn the differences between these versions. More information can be found elsewhere on the internet. In any case, we provide the cheapest possibility to get a Pro or Ultimate license.

How much does your favorite Windows 7 version cost? The prices are surprisingly low. Do you think the extra features of the Professional or Ultimate version are of use to you? For a small extra amount of money, one of these editions is yours, and in a completely legal way.

When is Windows 7 not a good choice?

You have your own reasons to choose Windows 7. The reasons for choosing this operating system are understandable in most cases. Still, we would like to give you some general information. There are cases where Windows 7 isn’t always the best choice.

Do you own a very old desktop PC or laptop? On a system that’s a couple of years old, Windows 7 performs fine. For even older systems, however, Windows 10 can be a better choice. Even though Windows 10 is newer, it performs better on old systems, because of optimizations applied by Microsoft. Windows 7 asks a bit more of your system.

If you own a modern computer with more than 4GB of memory, be sure to get the 64 bit version of Windows 7, to utilize this extra memory.

Aside from that, we feel obliged to mention that the support for Windows 7 will end at a given time. This has happened fairly recently with Windows XP. During that time, Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. Whether this will happen again can’t be said for sure.

Our prices are so low it’s easy to use Windows 7 for several years, until the support ends. After this happens it’s no longer safe to use this version. However, you can easily buy a cheap Windows 10 version by then. The low cost of such a license at SoftwareLicense4U makes this an attractive possibility.

Is everything clear to you?

Do you have any questions after reading this article? We understand this, because our services are notably different from most other retail stores and webstores. Maybe you have questions about the software products we offer, or about technical aspects of our services. Our team is fully prepared to answer your questions, so please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to provide information and clear up anything that’s unclear to you.

A summary of our Windows 7 offer

Below you’ll find a summary of the services we offer. You can expect the following from us:

  • Windows 7 still available for sale at SoftwareLicense4U
  • Benefit from the advantages of this popular operating system
  • Illegal downloads and the accompanying risks can be avoided
  • Fully legal selection of licenses
  • The best price you’ll find anywhere
  • The comprehensive Home Premium version is available
  • Get even more features with the Pro or Ultimate versions
  • Directly download Windows from a trustworthy server
  • You’ll immediately receive the product key by e-mail
  • You can start the download, installation and activation right away
  • Your license is guaranteed to work
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • Use Windows 7 comfortably for several years
  • When the support for Windows 7 end, buy Windows 10 at a discount

We hope to have convinced you of the fact that we charge the lowest price on legal and convenient Windows 7 licenses. SoftwareLicense4U hopes to see you soon as one of our satisfied customers.

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