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Windows 7 for students

Most college and university students own Windows computers. Sometimes Windows comes pre-installed on their computers. If this is not the case, they need to buy a separate license, which is quite costly. In those cases, Windows 10 is not always the preferred choice. Windows 7 for students is still quite popular. However, the availability of Windows 7 in stores and webstores is limited. In addition, the average student does not look forward to paying full price for Windows 7.

You can be glad to have come to the right place. Not only does SoftwareLicense4U still offer Windows 7 for students and other home users, we also offer it at a large discount. After you purchase a license, you can download, install and use your full version of Windows 7 immediately.

Benefit from our low Windows 7 price

SoftwareLicense4U operates by buying up unused licenses from businesses and consumers. Since these licenses haven’t been used, the law allows them to be bought and resold. We pay a low price for these licenses, which enables us to also charge low prices to our customers.

When you buy a Windows 7 license, we don’t send you a DVD. You can download Windows 7 for students yourself, from a location we provide. The license key is e-mailed to you directly after purchasing a license. This means you can download, install and activate Windows immediately. Most students can do this easily. However, in the rare case of a problem, we offer free support to help you get it working.

Choose from various versions

Microsoft Windows 7 comes in various editions. We choose to offer only a full version of Windows 7. This means the Starter version, which has only limited functionality, is not available. You can choose between the Home, Professional and Ultimate editions. For most students, the Home edition will be sufficient. However, the Professional and Ultimate versions aren’t much more expensive. If you think you’ll benefit from the extra features, choosing the Pro or Ultimate versions will only cost you a small extra amount of money.

This is what we offer you

Below you’ll find a summary of our Windows 7 for students offer.

  • Windows 7 still available in our webstore
  • You can choose between the Home, Professional and Ultimate versions
  • Huge discount compared to virtually any other store
  • Completely legal license
  • Download, install and activate Windows 7 immediately
  • If there’s a problem, we offer free support
  • We guarantee a working license

Take advantage of our Windows 7 for students offer, while we still have licenses available. Would you also like to buy Microsoft Office at a similarly large discount? Take a look at our cheap Office licenses.

SoftwareLicense4U gives you the chance of owning legal Microsoft software at low prices!

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