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Windows 8

Windows 10 is the newest Windows version, and Microsoft is pushing it heavily. New features are being added and security leaks are being fixed. This doesn’t mean it’s the only version that’s safe to use. Windows XP is no longer safe to use, and support for Vista has ended as well, but Windows 7 and Windows 8 can still be used safely.

Would you rather use Windows 8 instead of another version? Maybe you’re having trouble finding a license in a shop or webstore, or you think the price is too high. SoftwareLicense4U offers you a full version at a huge discount. Not only do we still provide these licenses, we’re the cheapest license seller you’re likely to be able to find online.

Windows 8 – a full version with the 8.1 upgrade

As you might know, an upgrade called Windows 8.1 was released a while after 8 came out. This update was free for every owner of Windows 8. It was then sold separately with the update already applied. Pretty much everyone agreed that the update was a significant improvement of this operating system.

The version you can buy at SoftwareLicense4U is the updated Windows 8.1 version. It comes with improved touchscreen support and several other new features. Windows 10 and Windows 7 are both being used more widely than 8.1. If for some reasons you’d rather use 8.1 regardless, SoftwareLicense4U gives you that option. It will be several years before Microsoft stops supporting Windows 8, and you can safely use it until then.

How to buy and use a licence

Buying a license at SoftwareLicense4U is quite easy. We offer a streamlined buying process and multiple convenient and safe paying methods. There is also no waiting period, you can get to work immediately.

After you purchase a license, you can download Windows 8 immediately from Microsoft’s own server. The product key is e-mailed to you within 5 minutes after we’ve received payment. This activation key can be entered when prompted. This causes Microsoft to recognize your key as legitimate, meaning you’ll receive all the updates and don’t get into trouble with anti-piracy organizations.

Free support is offered to anyone encountering a problem. We’ve never had a problem we couldn’t solve. SoftwareLicense4U takes pride in the fact that we never have to disappoint our customers.

Why can we offer the best price?

By now you might have noticed the cheap price we ask for a Windows 8 license. You might wonder how this price can be so low, compared to other vendors. That is if they even offer this version of Windows for sale.

Our pricing level is so low because we operate differently from other suppliers of Windows licenses. We buy unused licenses from consumers and companies. These can be licenses that were bundled with computers, or they can be bought in stores and online. If the licence owner isn’t using the license, it can be bought and resold. You can rest assured buying such a license, because this practice is completely legal. You’ll avoid the numerous risks coming from illegally downloading Windows 8.

We’re buying these licenses at low prices, enabling us to maintain an attractive pricing level for our customers. Hence we offer the best price you’ll find for a Windows 8 license.

Get the Pro version of Windows 8

The price you pay for a Windows 8.1 license becomes even more attractive when you consider you’ll get the comprehensive Pro version for this low amount of money. The Pro version offers full-disk encryption to keep your files safe, among other things. Elsewhere on the internet you can read more about the differences between the Home and Pro versions.

Even if you’re not going to use the extra features of the Pro version, it’s still available for less money than you’d normally pay for the Home version. The cost of a license is so low there’s no need to look any further.

When to choose Windows 8

When it is a good idea to choose this version over other Windows versions? This is mostly about personal preference, but a few things can be said about it. When you’re using an older PC with perhaps a Vista installation, this version can make your PC perform significantly faster.

A reason for choosing 8.1 over Windows 10 can be concerns about privacy. Windows 10 sends more data to Microsoft than many users feel comfortable with. Windows 10 does bring the classic Start Menu back, which Windows 8.1 lacks. As we’ve said, it’s mostly a matter of which version you prefer to use, but SoftwareLicense4U is here to give you the entire range of choices.

What can you expect of us?

  • Full version of Windows 8 Pro
  • 8.1 update already applied
  • Runs faster on older systems than Windows 7
  • Doesn’t send as much data to Microsoft as Windows 10
  • Huge discount, not found elsewhere
  • Unused product key, recognized by Microsoft
  • You’ll receive all past and future updates
  • Fully legal software license
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • Free support if necessary
  • We guarantee a working license

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SoftwareLicense4U helps you obtain Microsoft software as cheap as possible!

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