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Windows for business

Does your company use PCs, and are you not among the few companies working with Linux? Then you’ll need Windows licenses for your business. Often they’re bundled with new computers. However, if you bought second-hand computers or you need to upgrade to a new version of Windows, you’ll need to buy separate licenses. For a single PC the costs won’t be too much of a problem, but often companies need licenses for a lot of PCs at once.

SoftwareLicense4U can help you cut costs on Windows licenses for your business. We offer consumer versions of Windows 10, but also Pro versions for just a couple of dollars more. Older Windows versions, such as 7 or 8.1, are also available. You can even buy Windows Server licenses from us. Understandably, these costs a bit more, but they’re still cheaper than almost everywhere else.

Windows licenses for your business

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s operating system for the future, and they’re sticking with it. It continually gets updated with new features, and security holes are being patched. It’s a versatile operating system which provides all the features most companies need.

These software licenses usually aren’t cheap, and companies don’t get the discounts that apply to students, for example. However, SoftwareLicense4U is here to help you out. When you compare our prices to those of other vendors, the differences are staggering.

Windows 7 is also an option for companies. In a few years the support will end, but if you prefer to work with Windows 7 at your business until then, SoftwareLicense4U offers you the option of doing so. In a few years you can still make the switch to Windows 10.

Unused licenses, to be activated immediately

The reason for our low prices is that we buy unused licenses from consumers and businesses. The law allows a software license to be bought and resold, as long as the original owner isn’t using it. This makes our services completely legal, which can prevent you a lot of trouble.

Your product key is e-mailed to you immediately after purchasing Windows for your business. You can download Windows directly from Microsoft’s server, or another location we provide. This means you don’t have to wait for a DVD in the mail, you can install and activate Windows immediately. Almost anyone can do this without a problem, but free support is available in case a problem does arise. We guarantee your license will definitely work, because SoftwareLicense4U has never had to disappoint a customer.


  • We offer discounts not found anywhere else
  • Fully legal Windows licenses
  • Choose between Windows 10, 8.1, 7 or Server editions
  • Consumer and Pro versions available
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • In case of problems we provide free support

Legal Windows licenses for your business are nowhere cheaper than at SoftwareLicense4U!

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