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Windows for students

As a student, chances are you’re on a fairly tight budget. You too need to use a computer for your school work at college or the university. That means, unless you’re a Mac or Linux user, you’ll need Windows. In case it did not come with your computer, or you need to upgrade, you’ll have to buy it. If the price of a Windows license is higher than you’d like, SoftwareLicense4U offers you a solution. We bring you the opportunity of a cheap Windows for students license. The discount we offer is higher than found virtually anywhere else. You don’t need to spend a dollar more than you have to, while still owning a legal license. With a legal version of Windows for students, a student can avoid the risks of illegally downloading software.

A full version of Windows 10 for students at any college or university

Windows 10 has matured into a very easy-to-use operating system, which can do anything you need for your studies. It will also be updated continually, instead of becoming obsolete. This means that if you buy a license of Windows 10 for students, you’ll be prepared for the future.

You have the option to buy either the Home or Professional edition of Windows 10. The Professional version isn’t much more expensive than the Home version. If there are any extra features you need in the Professional edition, it’s very affordable to go Pro. The Pro edition can also be called the full version, because it contains all the features available to consumers.

Older versions also available

Despite Windows 10 being the newest version on the market, it’s not everyone’s favorite version. Many people, students or otherwise, still prefer Windows 7. The less bloated, more streamlined nature of Windows 7 still has its share of fans. However, it can be hard to buy a license at many stores and online vendors, because it’s being phased out.

SoftwareLicense4U, however, still has Windows 7 licenses for sale. The Home edition, the Pro version or even the Ultimate version, they’re all available to buy. The same goes for Windows 8.1, although that operating system doesn’t have that many fans.

Download and install Windows for students immediately

No matter which version of Windows for students is chosen, you can get to work immediately. After purchasing, you’ll download Windows from a location we provide. In a lot of cases this will be Microsoft’s own server. The license key is e-mailed to you immediately after purchasing. This means you can immediately download, install and activate your chosen edition of Windows. Most students will be able to do this easily, but we offer free support in case a student has a problem. In all cases we provide a working version of Windows for students.


  • Multiple versions of Windows for students
  • Choose a full version of Windows 10, 8.1 or 7
  • Windows 10 available in both Home and Pro editions
  • Large discount compared to other software vendors
  • You can install Windows right after you make the purchase
  • Free support in case of problems
  • Your license is guaranteed to work

SoftwareLicense4U has the best deal on Windows for students. Be sure to take advantage of our offer!

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