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Windows Small Business Server

The Windows Server platform is continually gaining strength. A while ago it was seen as inferior to Linux server solutions in almost every way. However, this is rapidly changing. From Windows Small Business Server 2008 and onwards, Microsoft has made great strides on its Windows Sever platform.

The fact remains, however, that Linux servers can be free, while Windows Server is not a free platform. Do you prefer to use Windows Server, but are the costs a problem? SoftwareLicense4U helps you save money on legal Windows Server licenses. As far as these licenses are concerned, you have the choice between Windows Small Business Server 2008, but also Windows Server 2012 R2 and even several editions of Windows Server 2016.

Multiple uses for Windows Small Business Server

Windows Server is a multifunctional platform. You can use it as a traditional server, to host web content. Especially for hosting content created with the MS .NET framework, newer versions of Windows Server hold several advantages. In this case getting a Windows server to work is easier than to get a Linux server working, because .NET is a Microsoft framework.

Windows Servers are also being used for large internal networks. Users on normal Windows versions can login and connect to the network, and can get access to shared drives and their own personal workspace. Windows Server can also be used to set up an Exchange server for all your company’s e-mail.

A lot of companies nowadays see the benefits of Windows Small Business Server or a version for larger businesses. However, some companies stick with Linux because it’s cheaper. SoftwareLicense4U offers you a Windows Small Business Server license, as well as our other versions, for a low price. Keep reading to find out more about our offer.

Windows Small Business Server and newer versions

First we have to talk about the names of several editions of Windows Server. Windows Server 2008 comes in the Windows Small Business Server edition, which is available at SoftwareLicense4U while our pool of licenses lasts.

Windows 2012 is officially not called Windows Small Business Server anymore. It’s simply called Windows Server 2012, which we offer in the improved R2 version. Windows 2016 is available in several editions, such as Essentials, Standard and Datacenter. It can be said that the Essential version most closely resembles a Windows Small Business Server. That is, it offers enough for most small companies, while still being relatively affordable. Microsoft still asks a fairly steep price for this version, but SoftwareLicense4U can help you with that.

Significantly lower prices at SoftwareLicense4U

SoftwareLicense4U sells unused, legal software licenses to businesses and consumers. We provide a wide range of different Windows versions. Your company computers can all be outfitted with Windows 10 Pro at the best price you’ll find anywhere. Older Windows versions are also for sale.

Do you need MS Office licenses for your employees? We can help you with that. For example, Office 2016 Professional Plus is available for the best price you’ll find anywhere.

Aside from regular Windows versions, Windows Server licenses are also offered for sale. As you can see when you compare prices, the difference between us and other vendors is immediately noticeable. This is the case for both consumer versions of Windows, as well as Windows Small Business Server. You might wonder how these price differences can be so high. We’re here to answer this question for you.

The reason for our low price level

SoftwareLicense4U doesn’t buy licenses directly from Microsoft, and neither do we purchase them in stores. We have a team that’s always on the lookout for unused licenses. These can be bundled with new hardware, but that’s often not the case with Windows Small Business Server. Instead, they were once bought by companies, who subsequently didn’t use them, for whatever reason. We buy these licenses at a low price. This provides these companies with some money for their unused licenses, which were just gathering dust, so to speak. In turn, it provides us the opportunity to offer these licenses at a similarly low price, while still making a profit. This is done for consumer software, but it can be done in the same way for Windows Small Business Server licenses.

However, this means we rely on the licenses we’re able to buy. It’s possible that not every license is available at a given time. Have you found the Windows Small Business Server license you’re looking for? We advise you to purchase it while our licenses last. Is the license you’re looking for not available? Check in to our website from time to time to see if it has reappeared.

Our licenses are fully legal

A Windows Small Business Server licenses for the best available price sounds good, right? But some people reading this might wonder about the legal aspects. We’re here to set your mind at ease. Buying and reselling software licenses is completely legal, as long as these licenses aren’t being used by the original owner. If the owner isn’t using their licenses, the law allows them to be sold to a third party.

When you’ve bought a Windows Small Business Server license, you’ll also notice that Microsoft will recognize your license as valid. The software will activate without a problem and you’ll receive all current and future updates to your chosen operating system.

By choosing a license from SoftwareLicense4U, you’ll avoid all problems that can arise from the use of illegally downloaded software. Since MS Windows Small Business Server is business software, we’re going to talk for a moment about the risks you avoid by doing business with us. We feel we must tell you about this, because companies face far greater risks than individual consumers.

Illegal downloading can be disastrous for a company

Even consumers can be brought to court for illegally downloading software. Or they’ll have to agree with an expensive out-of-court settlement. Anti-piracy organizations actively seek out business which pirate software. The financial costs of getting caught can be staggering and can even lead to bankruptcy. Some companies found out the hard way that their instinct they wouldn’t get caught proved untrue.

The illegal downloads themselves are not without risk either. The sites offering them may try to infect your computer with malware. And who knows what kind of malware may have been added to the download? A malware infection can be quite unpleasant for a consumer, but it might prove disastrous for a company. Consider a ransomware infection that locks up all your company’s computers? Or a leak of sensitive company information? This can not only be financially costly, but it might also bring harm to your company’s reputation.

SoftwareLicense4U eliminates the need for any company to seek their refuge in an illegal version of Windows Small Business Server. Our prices make this operating system affordable for nearly every company.

Choose the version you need

Have you decided on the purchase of Windows Small Business Server at SoftwareLicense4U? You still have different versions to choose from. Windows Small Business Server 2008 is the cheapest version we have to offer. If it contains everything you need, you’ll save the most money.

Windows Server 2012 comes next. Of course this version comes with many new features, especially since we sell the improved R2 version. If these are features you’ll need, it’s advisable to spend a little extra money. Of course, you’ll still save money compared to the price asked by other vendors.

Windows Server 2016 is brand new, at the time of writing. This version comes in several editions. SoftwareLicense4U offers the Essentials, Standard and Datacenter versions. For small businesses, the Essentials edition is closest to a Windows Small Business Server. However, be sure to check the differences between the various editions, to find the right edition for you.

Download, install and activate immediately

After purchasing a MS Windows Server license, you’ll be given a download location immediately. Also, the license key is e-mailed to you right away. This means you can immediately start using your version of Windows Small Business Server. If you encounter a problem, free support is available to help you. SoftwareLicense4U guarantees you a working license.

Summary of our Windows Small Business Server offer

You can expect the following from us, when you buy a Windows Small Business Server license.

  • Windows Small Business Server 2008 available
  • We also offer Windows Server 2012 R2
  • The newest version, Windows Server 2016, available in 3 editions
  • The lowest prices you’ll find anywhere
  • Fully legal licenses
  • You’ll receive all current and future updates
  • Avoid the risks of illegally downloading software
  • Download, install and activate immediately
  • Free support in case of problems
  • A working license is guaranteed

SoftwareLicense4U is your Windows Small Business Server license provider. Nowhere else will you find a legal license for such a low price. Take advantage of our offer while licenses last!

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