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SoftwareLicense4U collects the latest information and developments about software for you. Keep up to date with all the latest developments and innovations through our blog when it comes to software. Our articles deal with questions about operating systems, office software and security software. These articles are interspersed with general articles about the questions we receive when it comes to software. Read our blog articles and always stay informed.

  1. General
    21 Nov 2019
    Windows Server 2019

    What is Windows Server (2019)? A complete guide!

    Windows Server may be unknown to many consumers. Windows Server is the so-called server operating system from Microsoft. But what exactly does this mean? And what can you actually do with Windows Server? In this article we...
  2. General
    08 Nov 2019
    PowerPoint tips

    8 Tips for a professional PowerPoint presentation

    PowerPoint is the most popular tool worldwide to make presentations for business purposes and study projects. In many cases, however, users do not make optimal use of PowerPoint. Because of this the message does not get...
  3. General
    25 Oct 2019
    Excel diagrams

    Which diagram or graph in Excel 2019?

    Charts and diagrams are the ideal way to display data in a well-organized manner. That is, if you use the correct diagram. That's where many Microsoft Excel and Office users go wrong. A graph or diagram is quickly selected,...
  4. General
    11 Oct 2019
    Excel expert tips

    Experts discuss the 5 most important Excel 2019 functions

    Excel 2019 is perhaps the most useful program within the Microsoft Office package. At least, if you know how to apply the most important functionalities. We spoke to three different Excel experts who together have more than...
  5. General
    27 Sep 2019
    make slow laptop fast

    Make your Windows laptop faster in 7 easy steps!

    Do you work on a Windows laptop or do you always have the laptop with you when you are on your way? Then of course you want it to continue to function correctly. After all, nobody likes long loading times or even complete...
  6. General
    13 Sep 2019
    Future of Windows

    What does the future of Windows look like?

    The past decades the life of a Windows user looked very simple. Every few years the operating Microsoft released a new operating system. So you regularly switched from Windows Vista, to Windows 7, to Windows 8 and so on....
  7. General
    30 Aug 2019
    Switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    Switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Learn why & how!

    Still haven't switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Then it is definitely time to do this. You may not know it, but time is running out. After all, support from Microsoft for Windows 7 will completely stop in 2020. Are you...
  8. General
    16 Aug 2019
    Solve Word 2019 problems

    Easily solve problems in Microsoft Word (2019)

    Although Microsoft Word is by far the best and most popular word processor in the world, you sometimes encounter minor errors. Although these errors are not always caused by the program itself, it can still be annoying. Do...
  9. General
    02 Aug 2019
    Find files easier Windows 10

    Manage files efficiently in Windows 10

    It is always annoying if you cannot find what you are looking for. Does it always take a lot of time before you find a file on your Windows 10 computer? Or do you sometimes have no idea where you have saved a certain file?...
  10. General
    26 Jul 2019
    Holiday online security

    Improve online safety during the holidays (7 Tips)

    Are you also going on holiday to a warm country? Then there is a good chance that your phone, tablet or laptop will go with you in the suitcase. You may not be thinking about it yet, but this puts your digital security at...

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