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SoftwareLicense4U collects the latest information and developments about software for you. Keep up to date with all the latest developments and innovations through our blog when it comes to software. Our articles deal with questions about operating systems, office software and security software. These articles are interspersed with general articles about the questions we receive when it comes to software. Read our blog articles and always stay informed.

  1. General
    02 Nov 2018
    Windows history

    The history of Windows: from Windows 1.0 to Windows 10

    The first Microsoft Windows operating system was released in 1985. Now we are almost 30 years, and many Windows versions, further. Almost every 3 years Microsoft released a new Windows version. It is almost hard to imagine...
  2. General
    26 Oct 2018
    Essential software apps

    10 Must-Have Software Apps for Every New PC

    Have you just bought a new computer? Then you probably want to use it as fast as you can. In many cases software is not pre-installed on your new PC. So, you might wonder which software you should install first on your...
  3. General
    19 Oct 2018
    Office 2019 logo

    Discover all new Microsoft Office 2019 features

    Last month Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac. This freshly released Office software package has tons of new features which makes it even easier to create, adjust, share and present professional documents. Do...
  4. General
    11 Oct 2018
    10 Windows tips

    10 Windows secrets everyone should know

    Almost everyone uses their computer on a daily basis. And the odds are high that your computer has Windows 7 or Windows 10 as its operating system. But do you truly know all useful tips and tricks when using your computer?...
  5. General
    07 Oct 2018
    The 5 best virus scanners

    Top 5: The best antivirus software of 2018!

    According to Microsoft Windows 10 is the “safest operating system ever”. And that might very well be true. All kinds of new security features are implemented is this Windows version, such as the new internal virus...
  6. General
    25 Jul 2018
    SoftwareLicense4u - Get to know our company

    Get to know our company! - Video

      Welcome, and thank you for visiting us! SoftwareLicense4U is one of the largest suppliers of this software worldwide. Ourexperience and large quantity buy-ins ensure that you always pay the best price. Our teamworks...

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