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Use BitLocker on your Windows 10 PC!

"What is BitLocker," you wonder? Microsoft BitLocker is an encryption tool that allows you to protect data on your hard drive. This tool makes it possible to encrypt confidential files on your Windows 10 PC, so that they are even better protected. This is ideal if you have private files or work-related documentation on your computer. With the help of BitLocker you do not have to worry about someone having unsolicited access to these files. In addition, this security program also offers an extra function with which you are even better protected against unwanted malware.

Are you curious about even more benefits of BitLocker? Or would you like to have more information on how best to use BitLocker? Then read on, we will tell you everything that you need to know!

BitLocker for Windows 10 and other licenses

Does your PC have the latest version of Windows 10 Pro retail? Or Windows 10 Pro OEM? Then you can use BitLocker immediately! The same goes for other Windows licenses. Note: BitLocker is not available in Windows 10 Home and other Home licenses. But it is possible to use BitLocker on Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise or Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise.

Is BitLocker 100% reliable and safe?

Windows BitLocker is not an open source program, but a closed source. That is, the code of the program is not accessible to others. It is therefore not possible to check whether Microsoft does not provide access to government agencies and suchlike. As a result, no 100% guarantee can be given that there is no backdoor access possible. However, few people have trouble with this. But, that there is no 100% guarantee should not be a problem if you have nothing to hide. Only if you are seriously concerned about your privacy or if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation this can possibly pose a problem for you.

Download / enable Windows 10 BitLocker

Would you like to take advantage of the many benefits of the Microsoft encryption tool? And are you curious where you can download BitLocker? If you have the correct Microsoft operating system, chances are that BitLocker is already installed on your PC! All you have to do is turn on ‘device encryption’.

You can enable Microsoft BitLocker encryption as follows:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Windows with an administrator account
  2. Click on “Start”
  3. Then go to “Settings”
  4. Then click on “Update and Security” and go to “Device Encryption”
  5. Is it set to “Disabled”? Then set it to "Enable"

Do you want to remove BitLocker for any reason? Then we advise to (temporarily) disable BitLocker. To do this, follow steps 1 to 4 just mentioned. Then set “Device Encryption” to “Disable” instead of “Enable”.

Why is my BitLocker recovery key asked?

Do you have Microsoft BitLocker enabled on your PC? And do you get asked for the recovery key? Then this is because Windows has detected an unsafe situation on your PC, which may have been trying to access your private data. The question for your recovery key is an extra security measure that is intended to keep your data safe. Is the BitLocker recovery key requested when you want to make a change to your hardware or software? This may be because BitLocker cannot always properly estimate whether it is a deliberate change by the administrator or an unauthorized change, for example, malware. Therefore, to ensure that it is a deliberate and desired change, the BitLocker recovery key is requested.

Help, BitLocker is not working on my PC!

Is BitLocker not compatible with the current version of your Windows license? For example, because your PC has a Windows Home license? But would you like to protect your hard drive with BitLocker? Then we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Windows. You can then not only use the BitLocker encryption tool, but you can enjoy even more benefits! Windows 10 has a beautiful new interface, you are guaranteed up-to-date and best protected against viruses. Purchase your new Windows 10 Pro license via SoftwareLicense4U and you will receive it in your mailbox within minutes! This way you can immediately start upgrading your PC and activate Windows BitLocker.