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SoftwareLicense4U collects the latest information and developments about software for you. Keep up to date with all the latest developments and innovations through our blog when it comes to software. Our articles deal with questions about operating systems, office software and security software. These articles are interspersed with general articles about the questions we receive when it comes to software. Read our blog articles and always stay informed.

  1. General
    17 Jul 2019
    Beste Windows 10 browser

    De beste browsers voor Windows 10 in 2019!

    Een browser gebuikt u waarschijnlijk elke dag op uw Windows 10 apparaat. Zo gebruikt u een webbrowser thuis bijvoorbeeld om een vakantie te zoeken, online te shoppen of om het nieuws te bekijken. Op het werk start u de...
  2. General
    12 Jul 2019
    Windows 10 reset

    Reset Windows 10 in 5 simple steps!

    Sometimes it is necessary to reset Windows 10. For example, because you have installed a virus on the PC. Or because serious hardware and software problems have arisen due to incorrect use. You may be wondering how exactly...
  3. General
    05 Jul 2019
    Excel 2019 Tips

    7 brand new Excel 2019 Tips & Tricks!

    Excel 2019 is the most recent version of this immensely popular spreadsheet software. The application is packed with new functionalities that make Excel even more user-friendly than all predecessors. However, the question is...
  4. General
    28 Jun 2019
    Windows 10 shortcuts

    The 17 most useful shortcuts of Windows 10!

    Windows 10 is the best and most user-friendly operating system in the world. Although it is already very easy to work within Windows 10, it can be even easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Apply the following 17 key...
  5. General
    14 Jun 2019
    Internet fraude

    7 Forms of internet fraud that cost you a lot of money!

    Internet, nowadays we can't live without it. Whether we order food, buy shoes, look for a new date or rent a movie: the internet is often our "reliable" starting point for various activities. Although the internet provides a...
  6. General
    07 Jun 2019
    Unknown Office apps

    Do you know these ´unknown´ Microsoft Office apps?

    Microsoft Office: which computer user does not know this ´holy grail´ among office packages? Applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are undoubtedly known to the general public. Almost everyone uses this...
  7. General
    31 May 2019
    Most famous computer viruses

    These are the 5 most famous computer viruses of all time!

    Almost everyone has ever had a virus on his or her computer. And because of that, everyone understands the problems that go with it. From computers that no longer want to start up to endless pop-ups and hard drives that are...
  8. General
    24 May 2019
    Tips buy new PC

    6 Essential tips when buying a new PC

    So you want to buy a new computer or laptop? Then there are several decisions that you have to make. After all, without thinking carefully about certain aspects, there is a good chance that the PC will not meet your wishes....
  9. General
    17 May 2019
    What is Microsoft Visio?

    What can you do with Microsoft Visio?

    What is Microsoft Visio used for? Most people may not be able to answer this question quickly. Visio is one of the less famous applications from Microsoft. Especially with most home users and within smaller companies, the...
  10. General
    10 May 2019
    What is Microsoft Project?

    What is Microsoft Project?

    Microsoft Project: you may have encountered the name of this application while viewing Office packages. The program may even be on your computer or laptop, but you have never used the application. Microsoft Project is not a...

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