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Microsoft Office

The software package Microsoft Office can be seen as a widespread standard. This package is not only widely used within companies. Self-employed people also often need to use it, and for home users it’s the most favorite Office suite on the market. The package price isn’t the least bit cheap, however. Luckily you can get a cheap Office license at SoftwareLicense4U, at a discount not found anywhere else. You’ll have the choice between multiple PC and Mac versions, for the best price available. Please read on to find out more about our attractive offer concerning MS Office. We’re the cheapest place to get a legal license.

Microsoft Office is the uncontested standard

Let’s be honest, the use of Microsoft Office is not mandatory. Anyone who needs an Office suite can choose between multiple alternatives, like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Still, those alternatives don’t always meet the requirements.

Especially for companies, it can be said that Microsoft Office is the uncontested standard among the various Office suites. Is a company working with another suite and are they receiving files made in Microsoft Office? Often they will run into conversion problems. And are you sending files made in another Office suite? You can’t be certain that another person using Microsoft Office will be able to view the files as intended. A simple text file will probably be fine, but presentations will often not look the same in different Office suites.

Also, Outlook is the standard e-mail application in companies. You can easily connect with Exchange servers, among other things. Other Office packages have not found a suitable alternative for this, as of yet. The same goes for OneNote, which is being used more and more to distribute tasks within a company department.

Don’t you want to stay behind and would you like to make sure you can always exchange files with people and companies you work and interact with? For this, there’s no better choice than Microsoft Office. Even when you’re working on a Mac you can use Microsoft Office. SoftwareLicense4U makes this package available for Mac as well, at the cheapest price you’ll find anywhere.

The price of Microsoft Office

Have you made the choice for Microsoft Office? Maybe the package price that’s being asked in a shop or online is kind of a letdown for you. You can choose to pay a one-time hefty sum of money for MS Office. Or you can choose to subscribe to Office 365, and pay a smaller amount of money each month. This amount will quickly add up, if you’re paying each month for several years. It would be nice if you could be done with paying a one-time amount of money, but as low an amount as possible. Where to buy Office then?

This possibility is offered to you by SoftwareLicense4U. You’ll pay once for Microsoft Office and from then one you can use it for as long as you’d like. The price is much lower than the price at most other vendors. We’ll explain later how we can offer MS Office at the lowest price possible. But first we’re going to talk about the even cheaper, and for some people attractive possibility of illegally downloading Office.

An illegal version of Microsoft Office is a bad idea

Maybe you’ve seen that we provide Microsoft Office licenses much cheaper than elsewhere. You’ll own a legal license for as little money as possible. However, some people still think: for free is even cheaper. We’re not going to deny this, but you should know that illegally downloading Microsoft Office is not without risk.

We’re going to leave moral objections out of the picture, because everyone feels differently about that. What can be objectively said is that there are risks connected to illegally downloading software. Maybe you’ve been to one or more of the sites offering such downloads. The real download link can be hard to find. There’s one real link, hidden among many fake buttons, which can lead to spam sites, malware or viruses.

People who know what they’re doing can find their way on such a site. But the download itself is not reliable either. In many cases you’ll get a working, English language version of Microsoft Office. But even if the software itself works, you can’t be sure which malicious software has been added to the download. Sometimes the downloaded version of Microsoft Office will work, but malware has been installed behind your back. Or the malware is part of the crack program used to circumvent the need for a valid product key. Many people have heard of ransomware, which holds your entire computer hostage. Another possibility is a key logger. Such a program registers all your keystrokes, and it can be used to intercept passwords or credit card data, for example.

For companies legal licenses are even more important

Consumers getting caught with illegally downloaded software can be brought to court. For companies this risk is even greater, because there are anti-piracy organizations actively looking for companies that pirate software. The fines are so high they can lead to bankruptcy.

Additionally, the aforementioned risks are even more troublesome for companies. An individual’s computer with a ransomware infection is bothersome enough, but for companies it can be a disaster. Or how about sensitive data being leaked to the outside world?

Thankfully, with our low prices it’s not necessary for anyone to download Microsoft Office illegally. At the lowest price possible you can supply all your computers with legal licenses. The same goes for Windows, on which we can also make you an attractive offer.

Our low prices for Microsoft Office

What does a Microsoft Office license cost at SoftwareLicense4U? The specific price for which it’s on sale will depend on the version you choose. In any case, the pricing level is much lower than elsewhere. But how is it possible that we can provide MS Office licenses so much cheaper?

The foremost reason for this is that we buy and resell unused licenses. These licenses can be bundled with new hardware, or they can be bought online or in retail stores, by consumers and businesses. If these licenses aren’t being used, they’re allowed to be bought and resold. This does not violate any laws. In this way, you can order a legal Microsoft Office license, for the cheapest price available. This makes us the best place for obtaining legal Office licenses.

Choose your preferred version

When you choose to purchase Microsoft Office at SoftwareLicense4U, there’s still plenty to choose from. Firstly, there’s the difference between Office for PC and for Mac. Aside from that, there’s the choice between Microsoft Office 2016 and older versions.

Office 2016 is the latest package from Microsoft. It works very well in tandem with Windows 10 and can be used for many years to come. An upgrade won’t be necessary for a long time. Of course, the purchasing cost of these licenses is higher for us as well. That’s why this version is a little more expensive than older versions, though still cheaper than elsewhere.

It’s also possible to choose Office 2013 or 2010. In most aspects these versions can do the same as Office 2016. However, if you’re storing files on OneDrive, choosing at least Office 2013 is recommended. This version also works very well with Windows 10. Office 2010 has the lowest cost, as you can understand.

Then there are the different editions. There’s often a choice between the Standard or Professional Plus editions. For home use the Standard version is often sufficient. Companies using many Microsoft Office programs might do well to choose the Pro version. This version offers all the standard applications, as well as program like Publisher and Access. Our Professional Plus licenses are attractive deals for any company.

We provide English language versions of these Office packages. If you’re not sure which pack to purchase, please feel free to contact us.

Download, install and activate immediately

The services of SoftwareLicense4U happen strictly online. You’ll be able to download Microsoft Office yourself, from Microsoft’s server or another location specified by us. The licence key is e-mailed to you right after payment is received.

This means you can immediately start downloading Office, enter the product key and install the software. Should you encounter a problem, please contact us. Together we will certainly solve the issue. Your license is guaranteed to work, because SoftwareLicense4U has never had to disappoint a customer.

Summary of our Microsoft Office offer

If you take advantage of our offer, you can expect the following:

  • Choose between Office 2016, 2013 or 2010
  • Standard and Professional Plus versions for sale
  • We offer Mac versions as well
  • A completely legal, unused license
  • You’ll prevent problems by not illegally downloading software
  • Your license will work, we guarantee it
  • Download, install and activate right away
  • Free support if there’s a problem
  • Available for home users or for your business

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information

Do you have any further questions regarding our products, or certain aspects of our services? Please feel free to contact us. We’d love to see you as one of our satisfied customers, so we’re happy to clear up anything you have questions about.

The best deal for Microsoft Office is found at SoftwareLicense4U!

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