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SoftwareLicense4U collects the latest information and developments about software for you. Keep up to date with all the latest developments and innovations through our blog when it comes to software. Our articles deal with questions about operating systems, office software and security software. These articles are interspersed with general articles about the questions we receive when it comes to software. Read our blog articles and always stay informed.

  1. General
    07 Oct 2020

    What version of Windows do I have? Check it yourself!

    Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for computers and laptops. Windows regularly introduces new versions and also carries out regular software updates. It is therefore perfectly understandable that you are...
  2. General
    23 Sep 2020

    Top 3: The best antivirus for Windows 10

    In order to be able to use your Windows 10 PC, it is important that you remember the next points well. Make sure that you perform regular backups, delete files and software you no longer need, perform all recommended updates...
  3. General
    09 Sep 2020
    Answers for the 7 most frequent asked questions about Excel!

    Answers for the 7 most frequent asked questions about Excel!

    For many people, Excel is the #1 favourite program of the whole Office 2019 package. However, not everyone is familiar with the useful features within the calculation program. Do you also have a question about Excel or are...
  4. General
    26 Aug 2020
    Enable and disable Fast Startup of Windows 10

    Enable and disable Fast Startup of Windows 10

    Fast Startup is a feature of Windows 10 that ensures that your PC starts up much faster. Ideal, you would think. But there are still people who prefer to disable this feature in Windows 10. Are you also curious about how you...
  5. General
    12 Aug 2020
    Defragmentation of Windows 10

    Defragmentation of Windows 10: this is how you do it!

    Once in a while, it is recommended to give your PC a thorough cleaning—not only on the outside, but also within the software. Delete files you no longer need, empty your trash and organize the files you want to keep using...
  6. General
    23 Jul 2020
    BitLocker Windows 10

    Use BitLocker on your Windows 10 PC!

    "What is BitLocker," you wonder? Microsoft BitLocker is an encryption tool that allows you to protect data on your hard drive. This tool makes it possible to encrypt confidential files on your Windows 10 PC, so that they are...
  7. General
    08 Jul 2020
    System requirements for Windows 10

    What are the system requirements for Windows 10?

    Is your PC still running on an older Windows license? And would you like to upgrade to Windows 10? Then it is important to map out the system requirements of your PC. Especially when your PC has been around for several...
  8. General
    01 Jul 2020
    Do you want to buy Microsoft Word online? Download the license now!

    Do you want to buy Microsoft Word online? Download the license now!

    Microsoft Word is the most popular program from the Microsoft Office series, and that is not without reason! You can process texts online using Microsoft Word. From letters to invitations, and from reports to records: with...
  9. General
    23 Jun 2020
    System recovery in Windows 10

    System recovery in Windows 10? This is how you do it!

    Have you recently experienced a problem with your Windows 10 PC, but do you not know exactly what is the cause of this? Then it can be difficult to find the right solution. Do you know when the problem started? Because than...
  10. General
    03 Jun 2020
    Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

    How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

    Do you have problems with your PC? And would you like to find out where these problems are coming from? Then (re)starting your Windows 10 PC in Safe Mode may offer a solution. Windows 10 (re)booting in Safe Mode means your...

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