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Windows 10

Microsoft wants everyone to use their newest operating system, Windows 10. They’re continually adding new features, and they put a lot of effort into fixing security holes. This operating system is often bundled with new computers. On modern computers, even the license key is specifically bound to the processor’s serial number.

However, this doesn’t help you if you need to upgrade from an older version to Windows 10. You’d have to buy it in a store or online, and pay full price for it. Or so you thought, until you came to SoftwareLicense4U. Here you can get Windows 10 at a tremendous discount, not found virtually anywhere else. Despite our low prices, you’ll get a trustworthy download and a legitimate, completely legal license.

We can offer Windows 10 cheaper, and here’s why

The fact that our Windows 10 licenses are so much cheaper, while we still claim to operate legally, might sound a little weird to you. Let us offer some explanation for our claims.

SoftwareLicense4U has a unique way of doing business. Instead of procuring licenses directly from Microsoft or from retail vendors, we buy unused licenses from individuals and companies. These licenses are sometimes bundled with new hardware, the so-called OEM licenses. In other cases, they are bought online or in a store by these people or companies, but remain unused for some reason. As long as the owner isn’t using his or her license, it can be bought by us and resold to one of our customers. This is not only possible, it’s completely legal, according to the law.

Since we pay only small amounts of money for Windows 10 licenses, we can sell these licenses at a large discount and still manage to make a profit. Another factor which cuts costs is that our services happen digitally. You’ll download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s server, which ensures the reliability of the download. The license key is e-mailed to you directly after you’ve purchased the license. This means we don’t need to maintain a costly warehouse, full of software boxes and stacks of DVDs. As you can imagine, this cuts overhead costs and helps us keep the prices at a low level.

Download, install and activate right away

The fact that we don’t ship anything physical to you also means you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. Immediately after purchasing, you can use the license key to activate your downloaded version of Windows 10. You’ll receive instructions on how this is done.

It’s our observation that almost no one experiences any problems with one of our licenses. But because we’re aiming for a 100 percent customer satisfaction, we provide free support in case you do encounter a problem. We make use of the program TeamViewer to be able to look at the desktop of a customer with problems, and we proceed to solve the issue for them. So if you have a problem, please feel free to contact us and together we’ll solve the issue. A working Windows 10 license is guaranteed.

We must note that if your PC has more than 4 GB of memory, you should make sure to install the 64-bit version of Windows, to make use of that extra memory.

Choose between Windows 10 Home and Pro

We offer you the choice between the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10. The difference in price is minimal. If you think the extra features of the Pro version will benefit you, it’ll only cost you a couple of dollars extra.

There’s also the difference between an OEM version and a retail version. The retail version was once bought in a store, while the OEM version was bundled with new hardware. As far as the daily functioning of this operating system is concerned, both versions of Windows 10 work the same.

No matter which version you choose, your product key will be legitimate and unused, and recognized as such by Microsoft. You will receive each update, both the updates from the past and those that will become available in the future. Windows will install these updates by itself, you don’t have to worry about that. Microsoft wants to keep developing and supporting Windows 10, without an end date in sight, so you’ll be optimally prepared for the future.

Our prices make illegal downloads unnecessary

Illegally downloaded versions of Windows 10 are widespread, because people think a license is too expensive. As you might know, this comes with several risks that you should be aware of. You could find yourself in the crosshairs of an anti-piracy organization. Aside from that, the illegal download itself might be compromised.

We could talk in detail about these risks, but we prefer to say it’s easier to just avoid these risks and order a legal version of Windows 10 at SoftwareLicense4U. With our prices, everyone can afford a legal license and sidestep all of these risks.

Our offer summarized

What can you expect from us when you purchase a Windows 10 license?

  • The newest consumer and business version of Microsoft’s operating system
  • Microsoft plans to keep supporting this version indefinitely
  • Get it at a huge discount you’re unlikely to find anywhere else
  • We offer the choice between the Home and Pro version
  • Download directly from Microsoft’s server
  • Your license key is e-mailed to you within 5 minutes after payment
  • Free support in case of a problem
  • You’re guaranteed a working license
  • You’ll receive all past and future updates

We also offer deals on Microsoft Office

Aside from Windows, Microsoft Office is also essential for many home users and most companies. SoftwareLicense4U provides Office licenses at similar discounts as our Windows licenses. From Office 2013 onwards, Microsoft Office cooperates very well with Windows 10 and the OneDrive cloud platform. With this offer, you can save even more money on Microsoft software.

Get Windows 10 at SoftwareLicense4U and don’t spend a dollar more than absolutely necessary. We look forward to seeing you become a satisfied customer!

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