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Windows server

Windows Server is considered business software, which usually comes with higher pricing levels. Does your company want to use Windows as a server platform, but are you deterred by the steep price? You can buy it at SoftwareLicense4U at a huge discount, unlikely to be found elsewhere. After you’ve bought the license, you’ll receive the product key by e-mail. You can download the software immediately and proceed with activation and installation.

Multiple versions of Windows Server available

The editions you can purchase may vary, because of the limited availability of licenses. Often the 2008 Small Business edition is available, as well as the 2012 R2 edition and several editions of the newest version, Windows Server 2016. For example, you can get the Essentials, Standard and Datacenter editions. These aren’t the trial versions, they’re the complete products. Be sure to check the requirements of each version, to see if your hardware is up to the task. If the changes in newer versions contain things you need, it might be wise to invest in a new system.

A thing to remember is that older versions, such as 2008, might not be optimally prepared for the modern internet out-of-the-box. You’d need to make precautions to ensure the safety of your server environment.

Not free, but cheaper than elsewhere

Unlike Linux based servers, Windows Server is not a free platform. More companies would like to use it, but many refrain from doing so, because of the costs. Is this platform your preferred choice, you don’t have to let the price stop you, thanks to our unique offer. You’ll receive a legal license at a fraction of the costs you’d have to pay elsewhere. There’s no need to crack the software, you can just download the iso file, enter the product key and install it.

SoftwareLicense4U makes the Windows Server platform affordable!

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