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Windows server 2012

Is your company choosing Windows Server over Linux based server solutions? This is a decision that more and more companies are taking. Windows Server has matured into a very usable and versatile platform for multiple uses, such as offering web content or hosting an internal company server. With Windows Server 2012 you can take advantage of new technologies. This platform is fully ready for the cloud. Unless you need the newest features available in Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 is a smart choice for your company.

SoftwareLicense4U offers legal licenses for several versions of Windows Server. Windows Server 2012 is available in the improved, fully featured Standard R2 edition. You can get this version at a discount not found anywhere else, because of our unique business strategies, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

Our business strategy saves you money

Despite the availability of Windows Server 2016, the pricing level of Windows Server 2012 is still quite high. We too would be bound by the prices Microsoft sets, if we bought our licenses directly from them or in retail stores. However, we’ve found another way to do business, which is beneficial to our customers.

SoftwareLicense4U buys unused licenses from consumers and businesses. Suppose a small business buys a Windows Server 2012 license and doesn’t use it, we can buy it from them and sell it to one of our customers. This happens with consumer versions of software, but also business software like various versions of MS Windows Server.

As long as a license isn’t being used, it can be bought and resold. Not only is this technically possible, it’s also allowed by the law. This means that if you buy a Windows Server 2012 license at SoftwareLicense4U, you’re not doing anything wrong, but you’re still saving a lot of money.

Choose your version of Windows Server

If you’ve decided to buy Windows Server at SoftwareLicense4U, there’s still the choice between the different versions. Windows Server 2012 is fully ready for the cloud. You can host web content, but you can also use Windows Server 2012 for internal file hosting or setting up an Exchange server. The full list of features that this platform offers can be found online.

Of course, Windows Server 2016 is the newest edition. Because of this fact, it’s a little more expensive, but not by much. Unless you need the Datacenter version, Windows Server 2016 Standard can be bought at our webstore for about the same amount of money as Windows Server 2012. The Essentials version is even cheaper than that.

It’s up to the management and the server administrator to choose which version suits your company the most. Maybe Windows Server 2016 Essentials offers more than enough for you. If you choose the Standard version, you have the choice between 2012 and 2016. For large companies hosting a lot of data the Datacenter version might be better suited. Each of these versions is available for far less money than you’d pay elsewhere.

Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 is fully featured

When you’ve decided on Windows Server 2012, you can be pleased to know that SoftwareLicense4U offers the updated R2 version. Several new features, as well as security updates, are bundled with this version. Furthermore, we provide the Standard version, which is more comprehensive than the Essentials version. This edition provides more than enough for any small business, as well as most larger companies.

The decision which MS Windows Server edition to choose is not an easy one to make. Despite our low prices, we still recommend to discuss this with your server administrator and other people who possess technical knowledge of server platforms.

Available to download, install and activate immediately

SoftwareLicense4U gives you the opportunity to start using Windows Server 2012 immediately after purchasing your license. The operating system can be downloaded from Microsoft’s server itself, or another location we provide. These are reliable downloads which contain only the software itself. There’s no need to ‘crack’ the software, because it can be activated with the provided license key. This license key is e-mailed to you directly after buying a license.

When you enter your license key, you’ll notice that Microsoft will recognize it as valid. MS notices that your license key is unused, so it will accept it without question. This also means you’ll receive all past and future updates to Windows Server 2012. Installing these updates is important to keep your system safe. This version of Windows Server can be safely used for many years to come.

It’s most likely that you won’t encounter any problem installing and activating Windows Server. However, in the rare case that one of our customers does encounter a problem, we have a support team to fix the issue free of charge. We guarantee your license will work.

Our Windows Server offer summarized

  • Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 available
  • Optionally, you can choose between three editions of Windows Server 2016
  • Huge discount on the version of your choice
  • Our pricing level is lower than anywhere else
  • A fully legal, unused software license
  • Download Windows Server immediately
  • Your license key is e-mailed to you right after purchasing
  • A license which is guaranteed to work
  • Free support in case of a problem

Take a look at our other Microsoft licenses

Most companies need more Microsoft software than just Windows Server. Any employee’s computer needs a version of Windows, for example, and Office is often also a bare necessity. SoftwareLicense4U offers these programs at similar discounts as Windows Server. For an absolute minimum price your company can benefit from legal Microsoft licenses.

Windows Server 2012, 2016 and other Microsoft software can be bought at SoftwareLicense4U, at the lowest price possible. Take advantage of our offer while licenses last. We hope to see you soon as a satisfied customer!

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