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“A new update is available, please reboot your computer”… It is very likely you think notifications like these are annoying. Most updates can take quite a while, which makes your laptop or computer temporarily unusable. This is probably the main reason why people postpone these updates, or don’t even install new updates at all. But do you know it is very risky when you choose not to install recent software updates? Do you want to learn more about these dangers and do you want to know why updates are very useful? Then quickly continue reading!

5 risks when you stop installing software updates

Thanks to updates most software on your computer are updated to the newest version. Not only do updates help fight security problems. Thanks to software updates you can also take advantage of all interesting features. Of you choose not to update software, then it is very likely you will face the following 5 risks:

1. Viruses and malware

Let’s start with a warning about the most common risk. When you don’t update the software on your computer or laptop, your machine could be infected with malware quite easily. Outdated software often has security holes that can be easily breached by online criminals. These criminals cleverly consider the fact that many people forget to update their software. Especially when you stop updating your operating system or antivirus software, your computer is in more danger. This is because most viruses and software are developed to breach the security of these two types of software.

When a software update is released by a software developer, it becomes ‘publicly’ known which problems are fixed. This means criminals know quite well on which problems they should focus when developing malware that is targeting certain outdated software. So, if you accidently download an infected file, your computer can be easily infected with malware. Your personal files, bank information or passwords could be stolen by criminals because of this. When you want to keep your personal data save, it is wise to update the software on your computer on a regular basis.

2. Hackers

Another great risk originates from almost the same problem. Since the fact it is known which security holes are fixed in a newer release, hackers can target on very specific security breaches in the outdated software. This makes It quite easy for hackers to perform new hack attempts. When you use outdated software your computer is mainly sensitive to get hacked when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. You can often easily fight these hack attempts by installing the most recent updates. So start protecting your private data and documents by downloading new updates more often.

When your computer is hacked or if you installed a computer virus, not only your data is in danger. Malware and viruses are easy transferable to other computers via external hard drives, e-mail and an internet network. So also your friends, family and colleagues their computers are in danger because you decided to not update your software. Protect your – and other peoples – personal data by installing the newest software!

3. Functionalities

Updating software is not only useful because of security reasons. Also when you consider user-friendliness it is wise to update software on a regular basis. Software developers release updates often for another important reason: to improve and introduce (new) functionalities. Thanks to new software updates the speed of applications is often improved and the user friendliness is improved. Furthermore, the most recent software is often more compatible with the newest hardware and techniques. Do you want to make use of all the shiny new features? Then install the newest software updates!

4. Bugs

Does your computer often freeze or does your machine runs slower when you start an application? Or do you click with your mouse on a button, but nothing happens? Then outdated software might very well be the cause. Developers often release new software to fix known bugs. When you contact the helpdesk of a software developer, the first thing they often ask is whether “you updated to the newest version”. If not, they probably ask to do this first before they can help you. So before you think your computer is broken and it has to be repaired: first check whether there a new software updates available.

5. Updates turned off?

Sometimes you might not even notice that certain applications should be updated. For instance, when there is no notifications popup on your screen and everything seems to work perfectly fine. But looks can deceive. ‘Automatic Software Updates’ are not always automatically turned on. This means you should check manually on a regular basis to see whether a new update is available.

For Windows 10 the most recent updates are automatically installed, unless you decided to switch it off. To check whether the most recent version of Windows 10 is installed, you can do the following. Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom left in the Task Bar. Type the following: “Windows Update”. Click on “Settings for Windows Update”. Click in the left menu on “Windows Update”. Next, you will see if the newest Windows version is correctly downloaded and installed.

Always use the newest software?

When you download illegal software it is almost always impossible to install the newest updates. Because of this, your personal data is in danger and there is a major chance your computer will be hacked. Furthermore, it is likely you will notice a lot of bugs and you can never use the newest features. That’s why you should use the reliable software of SoftwareLicence4U. Our licenses are 100% original ad always receive the most recent updates. Quickly check out our cheap Windows operating systems, virus scanners and Office-software!

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