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Reset Windows 10 in 5 simple steps!

Sometimes it is necessary to reset Windows 10. For example, because you have installed a virus on the PC. Or because serious hardware and software problems have arisen due to incorrect use. You may be wondering how exactly you should perform a Windows 10 reset. Follow the manual below and perform a reset in a few simple steps!

How to reset Windows 10?

There are different ways to perform a Windows 10 reset. Which method you perform depends on various factors. For example, it may be impossible to completely reboot or boot the computer. Or that you do not have access to an external installation medium. Does your computer still function "correctly" and you have access to most functionalities? Then follow the following steps:

1. First navigate to the Start menu in the taskbar

2. Select Settings

Windows 10 settings

3. Select Update and security

4. Select System Restore

5. Under "Reset this PC", click Get started

Windows 10 will then be reset. You have several options during this recovery process. You can "Keep my files" or "Delete all". If you select the first option, all installed programs and your own data will be retained on the PC. You can mainly use this option if there are minor problems with the computer or laptop.

All files and applications will be deleted from your computer via the second option. Do you want to save certain documents, photos or videos? Then it is important to first back-up all files. If you do not do this, it is impossible to retrieve these files in the future. The "Delete All" option is also useful to use when you sell the PC or give it away to someone else. Personal documents will therefore be completely deleted, so that they are not visible to the new user.

Restore Windows 10 from the login screen

Sometimes the Start Menu of your PC is not available, for example due to a virus or a software problem. In such cases it is impossible to use the "standard" method above. Fortunately, there are various other methods for resetting your Windows 10 computer or laptop.

Do you still get to the Login screen after you have started the PC? Hold down the Shift key and select On / Off > Restart. The computer will then be restarted. When this is completed, a screen with multiple options appears. Choose the Troubleshooting > Reset this PC option.

You can then follow the steps as described in the normal reset method.

Factory settings Windows 10 with CD or USB?

In some cases the computer does not even reach the login screen. Rest assured again. Even then there is a way to reinstall Windows 10:

Press the F11 key several times while starting up the computer.

NOTE: depending on the brand of your computer or laptop, this may be another key to. The above method works for HP computers. You can reach the same menu on Acer computers using the Alt + F10 key combination. Use the F9 key for the Asus brand. View the manual of your computer or laptop for the correct keys (or key combination).

• Then, while holding down the Shift key, click the Start button and select On / Off > Restart.

• Keep the Shift-Key pressed constantly while the computer is restarting.

• The Choose an option menu appears

• Select Troubleshooting

• Select Reset this PC

You can then follow the steps as indicated in the normal Windows 10 reset method.

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