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A standard Windows theme is set when you install Windows 10 for the first time. Although this dark and light blue theme has a professional appearance, it will not appeal to everyone. Fortunately, you can easily change the themes and colours of Windows 10. Discover quickly how you can personalize the appearance and give this most popular operating system in the world a personal touch!

Customize theme from Windows 10

Although the standard theme of Windows 10 looks fairly modern, the blue colour scheme does not look very cheerful. Or you might prefer a dark theme, and would prefer to set up a grey or black user interface. Fortunately, you can easily change the colours and themes.

  • Right-click the Start Menu and click Settings.
  • Go to Personal Settings.
  • Go to Themes in the left menu.
  • Select a theme under “Apply a theme”

The theme is then immediately activated and the appearance of your Windows 10 user interface changes.

Download Windows 10 theme

By default, only a few themes are supplied by Microsoft that you can easily activate. As a solution, Microsoft offers to install official themes from the Microsoft Store. Moreover, it is possible to download a Windows theme from unofficial sources, but this is not recommended. They regularly do not function correctly, or adware or even a virus is added unknowingly. You can download a theme from the previously indicated Theme menu:

  • Then click Download more themes in the Microsoft Store
  • Select a free or paid theme that matches your needs
  • Press Download
  • Then click Install
  • Then click Apply

The downloaded theme is now set. You can also find this theme under the Theme menu.

Microsoft regularly issues appropriate themes for the holidays. Think of Halloween, Christmas or Easter themes. You can find these holiday themes for Windows 10 in the official Microsoft Store. The matching colours, sounds and mouse cursors are often included as standard.

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Restore default theme Windows 10

You may be dissatisfied with your personalized theme after a while. Or do you want to use the “default” theme again? You can then easily set the standard Windows 10 theme again via the Theme menu.

Adjust Windows colours

In addition to the theme, it is also possible to change the colours of Windows 10. Follow the following steps:

  • Right-click the Start Menu and click Settings.
  • Go to Personal Settings.
  • Go to Colours in the left menu.
  • Choose from the standard Windows colours or choose a custom colour.

The Windows 10 colour scheme is then automatically adjusted to your favourite colour. In this menu you can further select options such as “Start, taskbar and action centre” and “Title bars”. By checking these options, the colour you select will be even more prominent in Windows 10.

Windows 10 settings for colour blind and visually impaired people

If you are visually impaired or colour blind, you may have difficulty using the standard themes of Windows 10. Microsoft has developed special settings for this, so that you can continue to use all the functionalities.

To follow this High Contract theme you must follow these steps:

  • Right-click the Start Menu and click Settings.
  • Go to Personal Settings. Go to Themes in the left menu
  • Select High Contrast Settings from the menu on the right
  • Check “Switch on high contrast”
  • Under “Choose a theme” choose the high contract colour scheme that fits your needs.

The user interface will now be automatically adjusted to a theme that is suitable for people who are colour blind.


Get started with Windows 10 themes yourself?

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