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In the world of apps, bits and cookies not everything is as simple as ABC. Do you often understand anything about complex computer terms that seem the come straight out of a futuristic movie? Don’t worry! SoftwareLicense4U is here to help you. In this ‘computer glossary’ we translate difficult computer jargon into simple language. So quickly keep reading and discover the meaning of 22 commonly used computer terms!

Meaning 22 commonly used computer terms 


Also knows as application. An app is a software program that the user can install on the computer, laptop or mobile phone. Thanks to apps you can expand the possibilities of this device.


A bit is the smallest unit of information. A bit can take two values, a 1 or a 0. This number can have the following meanings: yes or no, on or off, high or low & loaded or uncharged. You can see more about the use of bits in our article “The difference between 32-bit and 64-bit software”.


Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by websites and usually contain a code. Cookies are used for various reasons. They can be used to save certain settings so that you don’t have to adjust them during each visit. Or cookies can save your username so you don’t have to fill in your username each time.


A driver ensures that the hardware and software can function well together. Without drivers, equipment such as your mouse, keyboard or video card would not function with a driver. A driver is almost always automatically installed or supplied by the manufacturer.


You usually don’t want to see an ‘error’ on your computer screen. Errors can have various reasons. For instance viruses, faulty hardware and illegal software can cause an error message.


The abbreviation FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Various websites or programs use a FAQ to quickly solve questions from customers.


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format. GIF files are mostly knows for the animations, or the ‘moving’ images that you often see online.


Hackers are people who want to hack into your computer system via the internet. Hackers usually have the goal of stealing your username, password, bank or credit card data and private documents. Hacking is illegal and hackers can be prosecuted.

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IP Address

The IP Address can be seen as the online identity of your computer or laptop. The IP address consists of a group of four digits (for example 98.122.873.22) and displays the location of the device on the internet. Thanks to the IP Address, computers connected to the internet can find and identify each other.


Java is a programming language that is widely developed by (website) developers. Thanks to Java programs can be integrated into a website, improving user-friendliness and visual representation.


Within the computer world a license is often seen as a code that can be used to install certain software. An official license gives you the right legally install and use certain software. An advantage of buying a software license online, is that it is much cheaper than the software costs in a physical store.


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All the equipment that you use inside your computer is connected to the motherboard. Whether it is your processor, hard disk or video card: it all comes together on the motherboard. Your motherboard also has several plugs such as the USB and HDMI entrance. So also all external equipment such as the mouse, headset and keyboard is connected to your motherboard.


OS is an abbreviations for Operating System. Microsoft is the developer of the most used operating system in the world: Windows. Windows 10 is the latest Operating System. This OS contains numerous modern features that allow you to use the computer in a safe, reliable and personal way.


The PC is a well-knows synonym for a (Personal) Computer. The term PC is usually used to indicate that the computer has a Windows operating system. For computers from Apple, the abbreviation ‘Mac’ is often used.


When you look at your keyboard, you might quickly understand where this abbreviation comes from. QWERTY are the first six letters on the left top corners on your keyboard. In the USA and UK, QWERTY is the most used type of keyboard. In French speaking countries, an AZERTY lay-out is often used.


Ransomware is a type of virus that ‘locks’ files on your computer. Hackers often use ransomware to hijacks your files. You only get access to the files again when you transfer a high sum of money to these internet criminals. If you choose not to pay, there is a chance you might lose these files forever. Sometimes it is even completely impossible to boot your computer when it is infected with ransomware.


Without software your laptop or computer is kind of useless. Software ensures that you as user can perform tasks, can install hardware and that it is possible to control the computer. Different types of software are available. Known software programs are operating systems, games, Office packages and internet browsers.


A trojan is often included in a file or program that initially seems safe, but in the meantime passes on personal information to a third party (often: hackers). Trojans are widely used by internet criminals to infect computers and to steal data. Especially when you download illegal software, there is a high probability a trojan is included ‘for free’. Keep your personal data safe and always buy software from a reliable party!


The URL indicates how the source of information should be reached by default via internet or intranet. Simply stated, the URL is the ‘link’ or ‘address’ to the website as it appears at the top of the taskbar (for example or


A computer virus is a program or script that runs on your computer to cause damage, steal data, send messages or modify files. A virus is nowadays usually distributed via illegal download sources. Do you want to protect your computer and private data against viruses? Then always install a good virus scanner! SoftwareLicense4U has listed the best antivirus software for you.


Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. The first version of Windows was released in 1983. Meanwhile, we are more than 25 years later and much has been changed and improved. Windows versions that are used often nowadays are Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Do you want to install a future proof operating system? Then always choose for Windows 10.

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