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Last month Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac. This freshly released Office software package has tons of new features which makes it even easier to create, adjust, share and present professional documents. Do you wonder if you should upgrade from Office 2016? And do you want to learn everything you need to know about all Office 2019 improvements? Then simply keep reading!

Office 2019 or Office 365?

You might notice Microsoft now has two different Office-packages: Office 2019 and Office 365. Microsoft positions both software packages next to each other. The main different between the two is the way you purchase the Office applications. With Office 365 it is mandatory to subscribe to an annual or monthly subscription. This is not the case with Office 2019. You simply buy Office 2019 once and then you can make unlimited use of all new applications and features within this software package. You can install an Office 2019 license on one PC or laptop.

There is one slight disadvantage though with Office 2019 when you compare it with office 365. Thanks to the annual subscription fee, Office 365 receives periodic upgrades that improves the software applications. When buying Office 2019, you will only receive the new and improved functions that are available during the release date. However, both versions receive periodic security updates. So you can always use both Office packages without having to worry about security issues.


What are the new Office 2019 features?

You might wonder how Office 2019 was improved in comparison to Office 2016. Some applications received a major update from Microsoft. SoftwareLicense4U lists all the most important upgrades:

Word 2019

Microsoft Word is probably the application you will use the most from the Office-package. New within this word processor is the ‘Focus Mode’. With this feature you can easily remove UI elements of the interface.  Thanks to this, you can focus on what is the most important part of the Word-document: your content.

Furthermore, different ‘Learnings Tools’ are integrated within Word 2019. A useful part is the text-to-speech function. Word automatically reads aloud sentences within the document, so you can focus on other activities at the same time. Another very useful feature is the built-in and integrated Microsoft Translator. Now you can translate words or complete sentences to a wide range of languages within the document.

PowerPoint 2019

The brand-new PowerPoint 2019 release contains several improvements that are aimed at the visual possibilities. From now on it is possible to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in your presentations. SVG’s are static and dynamic vector images that don’t decrease in quality when you resize them.

Furthermore, the optimized Morph-function is implemented in PowerPoint 2019. Because of this feature, transition from one slide to another happen much smoother. Also, it is possible to add and alter 3D-models within a PowerPoint 2019 presentation. Lastly, it is possible to export your PowerPoint presentation into a 4K UHD video.

Excel 2019

A range of functionalities is added in Excel 2019. Adding, organizing and presenting professional statistics has never been easier. This is mainly due to countless amounts of new diagrams, formulas and charts. But also using (existing) formulas is much more simple within this new Excel-version.

New and improved features within PowerPoint 2019 are the Power Pivot and the Power Query. The Power Query contains parameters, conditions columns and transformations that make it easier to analyze data. The Power Pivot is ideal for persons or organizations with huge datasets. Thanks to the Power Pivot you can create models, show relations between data and make calculations within seconds.

Outlook 2019

In Outlook 2019 the ‘@-mentions’ are added. You might know these mentions from applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp. When you insert and ‘@’ in front of the name of a person in an Outlook message, you can ‘tag’ this person. Thanks to this you can, for example, tell a person to perform a certain task.

New within Outlook 2019 is the ‘Focused Inbox’. Thanks to this feature it is much easier to see which e-mail messages are important. Your new inbox is split into two segments: focused and other. Though, you can also decide to use one ‘standard’ lay-out. Also the voice-to-speech function is improved. Do you want to send an e-mail and are you, for instance, driving a car? Then simply ‘write’ and send the message with your voice. How simple and useful is that?

Other improvements are aimed at the calendar-function within Outlook 2019. Persons from different time zones could find it hard to schedule a meeting in previous versions of Outlook. Now you can add different time zones to ‘one’ calendar. This makes it easy to see what time it is in the time zone of different contacts and at what time they are available.

OneNote 2019

OneNote received a major update in this most recent version of Outlook. In fact: OneNote 2019 almost looks like a new Office application. The interface received a very modern look and feel. Also new is the possibility to transform handwritten words into text. Furthermore, the compatibility between hardware and software is improved within this area.

Different improvement are added which are aimed at the Ribbon-menu. For instance, a symbols-gallery is added to this menu structure. And via this menu you can add (online) videos to the document fast and easy. Also, in OneNote 2019 you can make use of Microsoft translator to translate text fast and easy.

System Requirements Office 2019

Do you want to use Microsoft Office 2019 on a Windows machine? Then there is one important thing you should know about the system requirements: Microsoft Office 2019 is only available on computers and laptops Windows 10. On computer with an older Windows version you can use other software packages such as Office 365 or Office 2016.

Are u a macOS user? Then it is possible to install Office 2019 on the three most recent versions of macOS: the newest version and the two previous released versions.

Start using Microsoft Office 2019!

Do you want to use all the brand-new features and applications of Microsoft Office? And don’t you want you pay a monthly subscription to do so? Then Office 2019 is all you need! At SoftwareLicense4U you can buy a 100% original Microsoft office 2019 license. You will receive the product key + digital download within 5 minutes via e-mail!

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