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Microsoft Office 2019 for home use

Office 2019 is the latest package from Microsoft and ideal to use at home. Would you like to install the latest version of the Office suite on your home computer? Then you need a license for Office 2019. Take advantage of.


Office 2019 is the latest package from Microsoft and ideal to use at home. Would you like to install the latest version of the Office suite on your home computer? Then you need a license for Office 2019. Take advantage of useful new features and get started with popular programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint!

Would you like to buy Office 2019? When you purchase it via SoftwareLicense4U you will enjoy many advantages. We deliver your download and license to your mailbox within 5 minutes. In addition, our licenses are always 100% original and unused. Buy your license cheaply through our online shop and get started right away! Especially when you work a lot from home, it is important that your software is up-to-date.

Office 2019 programs

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 contains six useful programs for home use, namely:

Microsoft Word

Word is the most widely used word processing program in the world. It is therefore not without reason that it is the most popular program in the Microsoft Office 2019 series. Word offers extensive support in creating reports, letters and other text documents. The program also includes a spelling check. In addition, you can use tables, charts and many other options in Word.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program in the field of spreadsheet software. In essence, the program is intended to make calculations, in the broadest sense of the word. Think of administrative matters, but also, for example, keeping of certain data. With the help of Excel it is possible to type data in the form of words or numbers and to display it clearly in tables or calculations.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a program that allows you to create multi-slide presentations. Get started with one of the standard templates or let your creativity run wild and create your own design. Insert images, videos and music to complete your presentation. The possibilities in PowerPoint are endless, so you can compose your presentation entirely to your own taste.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a personal information manager and email client. The main functionalities of this program are e-mails, appointments, contact persons, tasks / actions and individual notes. From Microsoft Outlook it is possible to send, receive, archive e-mails, etc. You can also create contacts with name, address, e-mail, telephone number and other relevant information. Manage your appointments in the electronic calendar and keep a clear overview of your tasks and actions in the to-do list. Finally, you can also use Outlook to keep separate annotations and notes.

Microsoft Access

Access is one of the lesser known programs from the Office 2019 series. With the help of Access you can easily create your own database app. Get started with a template or create your own custom application. It is possible to integrate multiple data sources and you can also customize your apps at any time. This flexibility is a great advantage, especially when your company is growing strongly.

Microsoft Publisher

Publisher is a program that allows you to create professional and more attractive publications. Think of greeting cards, labels, flyers and more! The possibilities are almost endless. Get started with a sample template or start with a blank page and create your own design.

Working efficiently from home with Office 2019

Do you work a lot from home? Then it is essential that your software is 100% up to date. Obviously, you want to be able to use files at home that you use a lot at work. In addition, you also want your files to be stored securely and that you can continue working on your calculations, text documents or presentations at any time. Therefore, it is important to provide a good foundation and upgrade your PC to the latest version of Microsoft Office. This way you can be sure that you can get started with all your work from home.

Take advantage of other useful software!

In addition to Microsoft Office 2019 Professional, SoftwareLicense4U also features many other useful software licenses. For example, take a loot at our Windows 10 Pro license. But also when you are looking for security software, we are happy to help you with licenses from ESET Internet Security and Bitdefender, among others.

Need help installing Office 2019?

Our specialists are happy to support you during the upgrade to Office 2019. Are you not completely confident during the installation process? Or do you have a specific question that you cannot solve yourself? Please feel free to contact our helpdesk. Even if you are unsure whether your PC has the necessary specifications, you can ask our specialists. They are happy to help you with all your questions, so that you can use your new software as soon as possible.